EU tells social media giants to combat fake news or face new regulations


In a strategy paper published on Thursday, the EU said:

  • Social media giants should sign up to a special “Code of Practice on Disinformation” by July. The Code would include criteria for identifying fake news and contain suggested measures to prevent it spreading online.
  • Suggested measures include: increased scrutiny of advertisement placements and fake accounts, giving users the ability to track where information originated from, telling them how algorithms that spread information work, and steps to stop selling services to groups that want to spread fake news.
  • After July, the Commission would monitor companies’ efforts to put the code into practice and decide in December whether new actions, including regulations, would be needed to effectively fight fake news.
  • An independent Europe-wide network of fact-checkers would also be set up to identify fake news and best practices for the industry.

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Tim Pool on Free Speech

15 Minutes of Fame: German Anti-Antisemitism






It took 15 minutes until the anti-antisemitism protest march in Berlin was ended by thugs who spat, cursed and raided Israel flags. The initiators boldly asked participants to wear a kippa. The dubious lobby group Central Council of the Jews in Germany reiterated its advice to the Jews of Germany not to wear the yarmulke.

Meanwhile the establishment has churned out a new Uncle Tom alibi Jew. David Ranan has written a book about “Muslim Antisemitism.” He admits what he cannot deny and moves heaven and earth to play it down. Ranan interviewed about 70 well-off, well-educated Muslims and, of course, they were also antisemites, but, hey, they could be worse. The intensive interviews are supposed to give a better understanding than the large-scale polls with their misleading questions like ‘Do you hate Jews?’

Ranan emphasizes that what was “wrongly perceived” as antisemitism were in reality “just hatred for Israel” and that is somehow okay. He says that while Jews were constantly catered to by the public, Muslims were neglected. The solution for the remaining antisemitism was “education” and when the left says “education” we know already that they mean indoctrination. They will find another hundred things that reminds them of the Nazis while ignoring the things that ressemble actions of the Nazis.

Germany is still recovering from a lil experiment by an Israeli Arab. He put on a yarmulke and walked through the infamously Muslim borough of Berlin Neukoelln to prove that there is no problem with antisemitism in the Islamic community. After five minutes a moron turned up to beat his fellow Arab with a belt cursing him as “Yahudi.” The attacked victim filmed what happened and honestly brought the attack to public attention (May the Lord bless him!).




Meanwhile the music award ECHO is winding up. After the award for best whatever was given to some Muslim gangsta rappers, an avalanche of current and previous prize winners turned their trophies in. The media faked an outrage over the lyrics which included the sentence, “My body is defined like an Auschwitz inmate.” Goethe is dead, but I cannot bring myself to bicker about a tasteless line when I know that their entire back catalogue was about conspiracy theories and antisemitic insinuations. The artists were published by Bertelsmann, the world’s largest publishing house, which also happens to be dominated by Angela Merkel’s friend Liz Mohn. For years nobody objected to their lyrics. But I’m no expert like Mr Ranan. Maybe they only expressed their hatred for Israel.

We must also take into account that there is really no time for caring about antisemitism when one is busy chasing fake Nazis.



German state orders crosses mounted in government buildings

Because of ever more demands from Muslims who want to be catered to by the German state, citizens have been asking for more secularism and protection of our own culture for years. Now, politicians react and chip away secularism. Marcus Söder, the man behind the move, added to his force-fed cross-decoration legislature the more than questionable explanation that the crucifix were not a religious symbol anyway. It’s pure hatred against the common people and the most absurd twist of logic I’ve seen in a while.

Bavaria’s state premier, Markus Söder, has ordered that crosses be hung up in all state buildings in the southern German state. He called the move an “avowal of Bavarian identity.” Bavaria’s freshly-sworn-in state premier has stamped a Christian identity on the state’s public buildings as one of his first acts in office.

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Italy confirms seizure of German NGO migrant rescue ship

Italy has more illegal immigrants than perhaps any other nation. The government has decided not to allow “do gooder” NGOs and other groups to pick up African migrants near Libya, make a little money and dump them on Italian shores where social services are already strained to the limit…. © AFP | The Iuventa rescue […]

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Berlin Jews Urged to ‘Wear a Kippah’ in Protest Against Anti-Semitic Attacks

A demonstration against anti-Semitism in Berlin is urging participants to wear a kippah on Wednesday in response to an attack on an Israeli man wearing the traditional Jewish skullcap.

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Germans: A Minority By 2060

Germany’s Foundation Germany came into existence when the Prussians unified the provinces previously belonging to the Holy Roman Empire. That only happened in 1871, making Germany a relatively young country. As a new dominant player in Europe, the balance of power was disturbed.

Germany’s fertility rate is 1.45. The average woman is already 29 years old when she has her first child. Unsurprisingly, for many older mothers, the second child never comes. This extremely low fertility rate is the reason Germany’s population is bound to shrink. Despite the waves of immigrants entering Germany, it still shrinks. Moreover, it ages. Germany’s median age is the second oldest in the world, at 47.1 years old.

Muslims in Germany have a fertility rate of 1.9. Although having half a child per woman more than the non-Muslim Germans, it is still below the replacement rate. It is worth highlighting that many Muslims in Germany are Turks that arrived decades ago, or Bosnians that fled during the Yugoslav war. The newly arriving Muslims are mostly African and Middle-Eastern.

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