Laurel Scott Weighs The Pros & Cons of Quarantines

American attorney Laurel Scott weighs the pros and cons of quarantine measures in the corona crisis. Her research found that no society was ever lopsided into an authoritarian regime via quarantine measures. They tend to be granted by the population only for the duration of the actual crisis. But also for the time being the moral dilemma between guarding individual rights and protecting public health must be negotiated. The economy is collapsing, but past epidemics should teach us the dangers of neglecting quarantine efforts.

The Bat, The Pangolin, The Lab, Or All of Them

A virus that shares a whopping 96% of the genome with the novel corona virus, sars-coV-2, which is responsible for the current Covid-19 epidemic has been found on a bat caught in Yunnan Province. A crucial protein on its membrane, the spike protein or S protein, is however too different to consider it as the immediate ancestor. A section of this protein, the S1 section, serves as the receptor-binding domain of the virus, i.e. the key of the mechanism that allows the virus to enter a cell.

The search began for an intermediary host that could have mediated between the bat virus and the sars-CoV-2. The South China Agricultural University SCAU claimed that they found a 99% match with a virus on a pangolin. This was a mistake. The actual match is only around 90% which makes a direct evolutionary jump impossible. But what was the 99% about? The structures of the receptor-binding domain of both viruses were nearly identical.

So we have two viruses. One that matches almost 100% of the entire genome of the sars-coV-2 and a second virus that has a genome section producing the exact key protein for the virus surface.

In 2015 doctor Zheng-Li Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a P4 security laboratory, published a research paper that describes this exact key protein transfer between similar viruses.

The pangolin that carried the almost perfectly matching S protein was not caught in the wild. It was obtained from an unnamed institute which implies that pangolins were used as test animals in China.

The idea that test animals, being very expensive, could have been sold on the black market is harshly dismissed in our media. The WHO is also obsessed with appeasing the Chinese. The reason might be that they have to keep their face in the light that the viruses might have been (possibly involuntarily) produced weapons of mass destruction.

[The research paper]


When Katie Hopkins could not make sense of the conflicting news reports from South Africa, she decided to search for the truth on her own. With a film team and security guards she made a documentary that would ban her from the country for the rest of her life.

What she discovered was a far more complex picture that involves more than just racism. “Witches” are consulted by savage pagans to know when they will be “strong enough” for an attack on a farmer. Stalinist Kulak expropriations lead to food shortage and derelict properties. People within the security forces, both the police and the military, seem to co-operate with the criminals. And the dividing line is not just the skin color, but, more importantly, the party preference.

Activist Kübra Gümüşay Does Not Want To Be Your Cleaner (Ep. 6)

In the sixth episode I explore the weakling side of SJW narcissism. As Kübra Gümüsay presents us with the horror of G-rated nipple free quasi-“nudes” on Twitter, I wonder whether helicopter moms or child neglect in über-large famiiies yield the same result: people who skipped negative feedback for too long. This comes with an overall decline of our culture which drives the return of a long-forgotten, dangerous concept: the Cardinal sins.

Activist Kübra Gümüşay Does Not Want To Be Your Cleaner (Ep. 5)

This week our favorite SJW activist Kübra Gümüsay appeared on TV ostensibly to talk about the Hanau massacre. Mybrit Illner’s epynomous talkshow follows the standard format of political talkshows in German TV. Everybody sits around for more than an hour to make the viewer believe guests were given time to explain themselves. The actual microphone time is usually between 5 to 10 minutes and the attendees, who have often travelled for hours, jump start their prepared talking points. I only discuss the section of the show in which Gümüsay actually says something and whines about how people dare to talk.

When Other Things But Murder Are Judged As Murder – The Disintegration of Our Legal System

On the 17th of February a 22-yrs-old man was convicted of murder for his participation in an illegal car race that resulted in a fatal accident. His competitor who did the exact same thing was sentenced under a completely different law: illegal car race with fatal consequences (§315d StGB of the penalty code). The reason why two people doing the very same thing are punished under different laws is that judges make amends for a pseudo-humanist law which is too lax to dole out adequate sentences the public can accept. A look into similar cases reveal a nauseating pattern of arbitrary law application that can easily be abused by a tyrannical government.


The Killing Spree In Hanau (Hesse)

Yesterday at 10 p.m., a madman has murdered nine individuals in two shisha bars. The number of injured victims are not yet known. After the shooting he returned home where the 43-years-old man killed his mother and himself. He left a letter behind which shows more craze. A Youtube video gives more insights into his mental disorder Still we are bombarded with news about how this was supposedly an ideological act of terror.