Activist Kübra Gümüsay Does Not Want To Be Your Cleaner (Ep. 8, The Love-Begging Side of Narcissism)

In this video I discuss narcissism, which, I believe, is the underlying problem of the Social Justice Warrior phenomenon. There are economic and social reasons that culminate in the #craze. So I walk you through the hilariously exemplary activist Kübra Gümüsay and the final section of her equally exemplary speech at the #SJW convention Republica.

It is technically an open series. So I am happy to attend to Kübra again if she comes back with choice material. For now I set my eye on another SJW issue, anyway, because I have just stumbled over the extent of institutionalisation of feminism. I think, I must organise that material a bit. The women “rights” issue is more dangerous and also more imminent than I thought in the past. I had no idea. So I’ll turn my eye on that.


I just decided to kick back and out and write a rather traditional blog post for once. The reason is, of course, that I fell into another research rabbit hole. If you followed my blog, you may recognise the phrase. I tend to look at some topic, get baffled, and then I end up binge reading. At the end of the day, or week, or year, I’m still baffled.

One issue is that I, like most people, still fight for an overview. We saw a dirty change coming up in the past five or ten years and are presented with a fundamentally new challenge. All of a sudden a cult-like ideology had totally taken over all our institutions. The details of the ‘who’ and ‘when’ and ‘how’ are all in these rabbit holes.

When Alice stumbled into her rabbit hole she ended up in Wonderland. I just end up in Merkelland. Which is not that different: The libertarian Cheshire cat becomes invisible, everybody is mad like a hatter and the Queen of Hearts tries to chop off your head.

I try to get a hold on the big boulders rolling over the scene. There is just as much relevance in the latest news item about race-baiting or Islam-appeasement as it isn’t overtalked. By and large we are aware and yet we aren’t. And that is the problem. We wouldn’t have been taken by surprise by all these authoritarian leftists if we had known what’s going on. But there is a difference in mentioning this or that migrant crime and trying to get behind who lets them get away with it, who lets them into the country, who finances whom and all these structural questions.

There is a good German blog digging into the finances of the NGOs and SJW government programs. I had once asked his help for a video series that I planned. And he did, but then an avalanche of boulders came down the hill again and I’m sorry that I had to shelve it.

And the frustration is, of course, also with the nature of the beast. Some of us look at the school children and think that socialism/leftism is only a passing smithereen in the transformation to Islam and that one could jump the topic. But the issue is that this is not how it works. Catholicism has a lot of pagan themes. I also mentioned in passing that Germany has some heathen fibres still in its culture after centuries of Christianity. You just have to look into the Nazi era, for example. Heinrich Himmler was a heathen in the end and married two wives.

One big change in leftism was that they have killed atheism. This was basically what started the ‘Rubin Report.’ On Bill Maher’s TV show, Sam Harris, who is a famous Jewish atheist, got lectured by Ben Affleck on Islam. Apparently, Muslims want what all Americans want, which is hotdogs, which aren’t halal. Following the incidence Dave Rubin had a fallout with his colleagues at the Young Turks and left the show. The rest is history.

Suddenly, G-d is fine. And this helped them to streamline the churches. The Pope is now a weather priest who courts Greta Thunberg and the Lutherans paint vaginas and send ships to assist human traffickers on the Med. If you criticise Islam, “all religion is evil” again, but only really to change the topic.

And the Oprahfication marches on. You believe in G-d. Do you? Don’t you? Uneasy? Oh, don’t sort out what you believe or don’t believe. As long as you believe in “something” and it comes with a lot of bonkers it’ll sure be “spiritual.”

Why is it a big boulder? It isn’t. It is catching my attention. It is relevant. I don’t have to go into much research to point it out. But it’s structural. It matters. Why? Because people kill for their faith. And they also do it when they don’t admit to adhere to a faith. Remember the Nazis!

I am totally confident that Islam and the current heathenism will find a way of coexistence. Novelist Akif Pirincci also pointed that out. In his opinion they can easily get along because both don’t bother to plunder the state. And as you watch the Turkish economy falter, you get an idea how totally irresponsibly Erdogan manages state influence and public spending. There is no conservatism in mainstream Turkish politics despite the ongoing claim from our news media.

Likewise ECB central bank boss Christine Lagarde is ever more desperate to lower the interest rate. The securities she buys went from short-term safe Treasury bills, to southern European government bonds, to long-term securities and now she even announced to purchase corporate bonds with an eye on environmental promises. A recipe for desaster. That is a boulder rolling down the hill. And that hyper-environmentalism which might tank our economy in a split second one day is also a variant of paganism, rooted in Romanticism.

This week I was researching an ‘easy topic.’ Well, that’s what I thought. But then I turned that stone and the worms crawled everywhere. Again. So it’ll probably become a longer video. Which means more research for fewer views. And I need more time for its completion.

Activist Kübra Gümüsay Does Not Want To Be Your Cleaner (Ep 7, The Definition of Democracy)

With so much things going on, too much to research right now, continue with my series on Kübra Gümüsay, the activist who does not want to be your cleaner.

Our favorite social justice warrior is giving her insight on freedom, democracy, justice and nice. Because all these things are now one and the same and mean gay marriage, Islam or migration, it is a chance to talk about that sly shift of meaning. Also the villain of our self-governing system, racism, has a definition journey behind itself, originating in pseudo-genetics it has arrived at today’s system-rattling Halloween-costume and accent-recognition trauma that we are familiar with.

Adidas’s Only Female Executive Resigns Over Racism Controversy

Karen Parkin was the only female executive on the board of sports wear company Adidas. The British national had a career of 20 years at the company touching Sales, Business Development and Supply Chain Management. That’s all gone now. Her last field of responsibility was Human Resources and as such she failed to acknowledge the need for affirmative action and anti-racism hysteria at Adidas.

She should soon be corrected. After being called out by Product Manager Aaron Ture, famous for something, maybe, or not, she made a Stalinesque apology. She ‘stood 100% against racism’ and ‘worked to create a more equitable environment,’ she said. Anyway, she “acknowledged”, as the New York Times and other activist papers emphasize, that she had become a burden. In her own words it was ‘the focus on me.’ Her name is Karen Parkin, just in case you missed the focus.

Anyway the company announced a slew of policy changes to pander to the left.


The Beef Over Meat – The Political Aftermath of The Covid-19 Outbreaks In Slaughterhouses

Slaughterhouses are the gates of hell. The Covid-19 coronavirus thrives in the cold environment. But our elites have found a different set of reasons behind the outbreaks: work conditions, low wages, egg and milk prices, bad accommodations, a lack of supermarket price cartels, a type of service treaties (Werkvertrag) … you name it.

The outbreaks are used as a club against the industry. In this case the left has chosen victims that absolutely deserve it. The companies that have become the focus of attention have pushed every competition out of the market by breaking existing laws. This has been going on for years, but in the past they were spared prosecution, maybe because they are so committed to the ‘fight against the right.’ Why would anybody think that new laws help when old ones were not enforced? The law of the land is loyalty to the zeitgeist and sometimes, even then, you are thrown under the bus anyway.

animal protection contribution tax
obection to work treaty/service contract abolition
abolition of treaties decided
accommodations, zdf
vion case, zdf
Tönnies, antibiotic resistance past
thumbnail picture taken from Andrew Doyle and Sam Gilmore

The Stuttgart Riots – A Plausibly Deniable War Game

In the night from Saturday to Sunday hundreds of feral rogues ravaged the city of Stuttgart. Many used baseball bats even though the sport is not popular in Germany. Where did they come from? Did they fight against racism? For the communist revolution? For Allah? For fun? Possibly all of it. Nobody admits to have organised anything, but their actions clearly look orchestrated.

source, plus additional video material (includes the footage used):

vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4, vid5, vid6, vid7

Why Trump Is Right About Moving Troops Out of Germany

Donald Trump is chasing the bills. Germany is notoriously remiss in spending the promised 2% of its GDP on Defence. The attitude is a mix of ingratitute, anti-Americanism and pseudo-pacifism. Why would anybody take precautions if, on your behalf, American soldiers will put their lives on the line? It is so easy to be a pacifist while the heat is low, particularly if you can rely on others to take it, should push come to shove.

Of course, Germany does have an army, the Bundeswehr, which used to be very respected, at least until the Russians got out of the country and the debilitating cuts began. They see their obligation in assisting NATO partners with mission participations they are poorly equipped and adequate for. The self-set task is to clear the seas with the British and to patrol the African deserts with the French, albeit the partners have a long-standing history and understanding of their territories while the Germans are exhausting themselves as multi-specialised and ultimately unspecialised aides.

The problem is therefore twofold: In addition to the low budget the troops lack focus.

Various weapon systems are in shambles. According to the “Report on the Material Employability of the Main Weapon Systems of the Bundeswehr in 2019”
less than 50% readiness can be expected of the Tornado (jet), the CH-53 (helicopter), the Lockheed P-3c Orien (maritime surveillance aircraft) and tanker ships class 704; less than 40% can be expected of the PUMA (tank), A400M (carrier aircraft), H 145M LUH (helicopter), GTF ZLK (hardshell truck) and NH-90 (helicopter).

And while Germans were so comfortable in their pseudo-moral shirker-parcifism, they whittled down their stable energy system to become ever more reliant on Russian gas.

Additional sources:–gorch-fock–soll-ende-2020-fertig-sein-33791392

Bundeswehr gab 2019 mehr als 430 Millionen für private Wachdienste aus

Wikipedia Bias – The Example of Naomi Seibt

Wikipedia is biased. Water is wet. Nothing new under the sun. Still, I want to present a particularly egregious example.

Naomi Seibt is a talented Youtuber who graduate from College (actually the German equivalent ‘Gymnasium’) at only sixteen years of age. Whilst still in school she competed successfully in widely respected maths and physics competitions, winning second and first place respectively.

#Wikipedia, though, paints her differently, very differently, you know…Nazi.

But, of course, this is not the used word. The innuendo game is well-known already. Random voices are quoted that accuse her of ‘white nationalism’ and ‘antisemitism.’ Outright lies are included. Her poem ‘Sometimes I Keep Silent’ were about ‘nationalism’ when the title already says what it is actually about: the silence.
(The poem. Use an automated translation tool of your choice if you wish.)

She was even inspired by Stefan Molyneux.
– You mean the Canadian Youtuber?
Thank you for asking. I’m not sure because on Naomi Seibt’s Wikipedia entries, both the English and the German one, he is also a Nazi. She also “dismisses” the allegations that she were a “puppet” of the right wing. How dare you! The #Heartland Institute, where she worked, is described as pseudo-scientific. And the culprit behind our lack of scientific knowledge is also found: the old white man.

You find Naomi’s channel here:

My video on Correct!v, the obsessive media outlet trying to dig up dirt on her, is here:

Dave Rubin Interviews Former US Ambassador To Germany Richard Grenell On The Matter of The Deep State

Berlin’s Upcoming Police Anti-Discrimination Law, George Floyd And The Banality of It All

Berlin is preparing a new anti-discrimination law that threatens the effectiveness of the police. As it is written it invites activist groups to take legal actions. Court cases against the police could become profitable and fulfill the prophecy that every good cause begins as a well-meaning intention, develops into a business and eventually ends as a racket. The busybodies are, of course, surfing the wake of the George Floyd case.

The story of the African American, who served five years in prison for armed robbery, is a bit hyped. The noise is still deafening across the ocean. Nevertheless racism does exist. There are sensible ways to deal with it and there are people with bad intentions trying to exploit it for different reasons. Evil will always be with man. We must face the banality of it so that the cure won’t be worse than the disease.