Conservative Publisher Götz Kubitschek Brutally Beaten

Yesterday, the book publisher was assaulted by a group of three men while he was dining in a restaurant with his wife Ellen Kositza and a friend. One man suddenly kicked the sitting Kubitschek at the back of his head. The forehead crushed on the dining table. His friend tried to intervene, but got a bottle thrown at his face. Ellen Kositza also got assaulted while she was trying to protect her husband’s bag.

Götz Kubitschek’s Antaios is one out of only three remaining publishers that sell conservative books. Respectable authors like Douglas Murray (The Strange Death of Europe) have to publish their work on Finanzbuchverlag which is a tiny enterprise that used to be specialised on the topics finance and economics. A third publisher is Kopp which is so “alternative” that it also runs books on UFOs. Antaios is more demonized than Finanzbuchverlag, but also more respectable than Kopp.

The incidence happened in Frankfurt, Hesse. Hesse, like Bavaria, is having state elections this month. The police speaks of “serious bodily harm”, but I cannot say whether Kubitschek or his friend or both are characterized as having suffered one. According to a later article in the newspaper JF, the injuries look much less severe. It is possible that NZZ, the Swiss newspaper that broke the story, misquoted the police.

Source Tichy, NZZ, JF

Note: This article was updated with the new information from JF. It previously read that the bottle was slammed into the face when it was thrown. I believe that nobody was left behind with a permanent injury.


Survey of Political Leanings Among Journalists

These polls have stopped since the accusation of partisanship have become too loud. The last one was in 2010. Still the past reveals a lot and it is safe to assume that since then the composition of journalists has moved further to the left.

The Greens (Grüne) had almost 40% support when they were a junior partner in a coaltion with the Social Democrats (SPD) in 2006. After that they lost favors to the communist party LINKE, i.e. the party that ran the Eastern German dictatorship. More journalists are under the illusion that they had no proclivities because the public voices became more and more samish anyway.

Merkel’s party The Union (CDU/CSU) polls on par with the pseudo-libertarians (FDP) at about 10%. Until 2006 it was fair to call The Union a conservative party. Since then they don’t pursue a single conservative policy goal anymore, which is why their support grew again in 2010. I’m sure that it has gone through the roof since. In the general public the development takes the opposite direction and The Union is massively losing ground in the polls. Here are the graphs comparing the surveys with the general public (the diamond symbol).

All the graphics in this post come from Robert Nitsch.

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AfD Leader of Thuringen Björn Höcke Vows to Sue Verfassungsschutz If He Should Become an Object of Observation

The delegate of Thuringen’s AfD have chosen Björn Höcke as the front-runner in the next state election. In his acceptance speech, he warned that the intelligence agency Verfassungsschutz could become a tool of the elites to stigmatise the opposition party. “One stasi was enough. We don’t want to see that ever again,” he says. He accuses Stephan Kramer, the head of Thuringen’s Verfassungsschutz state office, of abusing his power. Höcke asserts that Kramer were speculating about the thoughts of other people, trying to look “behind their foreheads/faces.”

Höcke made clear that he feels comfortable with clean, democratic groups like pegida, but has no affiliation with groups like “Thügida”, which started out as a pegida off-shot in Thuringen [note: The participants, their views and developments are unknown to me]. He denounced right-wing extremism and vowed that he will continue to take action against them when he sees them in his own party. In his opinion we must fight right and left-wing extremism, but also “state extremism,” which I assume is general totalitarianism under whatever is the most palpable label of the day.

He publicly asked a member of his party to not candidate for an office because this [unnamed by the WELT article this post is based on] man shared an entry from NPD on social media. NPD is a small fringe party that has become a cesspool of antisemites and conspiracy theorists. I have no knowledge about the specific post in question.

He dispelled the slander that he were seditious. “I want to topple/change the government of state and federal republic by democratic means.” He wants the country back “as it was before the massive law breaking.” Angela Merkel is accused of having broken a lot of laws, not just when she opened the borders.

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