Patrick Bet-David Interviews Katie Hopkins


Pseudo-Libertarian MPs of Party FDP Do Not Want To Sit Next To AfD Members

Welt has an article on how the “libertarian” party FDP refuses to sit next to colleagues from the AfD in the Bavarian parliament. The played the same theater when the federal parliament Bundestag was seating its MPs the last time. They will suck up eventually.

Dave Cullen Video in Limited State

You can still watch it:

The Left Has No Humor

I just found this rubbish with German subtitles on ZEIT. There are many reasons why the left has no humor, but I come to agree with Ann Coulter that the main one is probably that you need to like the person and/or issue that you ridicule. There must be an element of humanity in it.

Allegedly young people vandalize the historic St. Margarethen collegiate church in Waldkirch in the Breisgau region, Germany

By Fred Medforth Police are currently investigating a case of damage to property to the detriment of the Catholic parish in Waldkirch. Unfortunately, the investigations so far have not yet led to the identification of those responsible, which is why the police are turning to the public. On Wednesday, the 28th of November 2018, around 6:15 p.m. apparently three young people were staying in the St. Margareten church. Among other things, they threw candles and other furnishings around. Subsequently, the three youths who were now being sought burned brochures, a Christmas wreath, candles and a magnificat in the adjoining schoolyard of the Schwarzenberg School. The police are asking for pertinent information, which could lead to the identification of the three responsible persons. Phone: 07681/4074-0.

Controversial Brochure From Tax-Payer Funded Antonio Amadeu Foundation Stirs Outrage

Chinese Huawei Could Build The Country’s New Communications Infrastructure: Spying & Censorship Could Be Baked In

In Germany, meanwhile, security has so far hardly played any role in the debate over the fifth generation of cellular technology. In the terms of reference published last week by the German Federal Network Agency for its 5G auction, security was not even included in the conditions for awarding the contract. In October, the government announced: “A concrete legal basis for the complete or partial exclusion of particular suppliers of 5G infrastructure in Germany does not exist and is not planned.”

That is dangerously misguided. As Australia’s intelligence chief has pointed out: “5G is not just fast data, it is also high-density connection of devices—human to human, human to machine and machine to machine.” 5G will carry communications we “rely on every day, from our health systems … to self-driving cars and through to the operation of our power and water supply.”

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