Peter Dabrock Tells You Old White Bucks To Die Already

A team of US researchers says to have found the fountain of youth. The study is questionable, but nothing is too dumb to get Germans on high-flying “intellectual” discussions like one about extreme lifespans and equality. How can equality be achieved when incestuous, aggressive cultures die young and well-medicated peaceful ones do not? How long does Greta Thunberg have to wait until she can subdue us under her anti-CO2-terror reign when the old white men just won’t die already?

The original interview:


SeaWatch Captain Carola Rackete Sues Italian Deputy PM Matteo Salvini

Carola Rackete is entering a harbour without permission, hits a boat of the border control, and is now suing over hurt feelings. Salvini would spread “hate” and the feeling (?) of delegitimisation. She ultimately loses her “physical human dignity” while Salvini keeps categorizing her as a rich, spoilt brat commie.


Generation Identity Officially Categorized As Right-Wing Extremists

The secret service agency expands its activity on the Generation Identity. With the new categorization of the group as “right-wing extremists” they are free to install moles within the group and monitor conversations more closely. In the video I speak about the given justification.

The original statement of the Verfassungsschutz:

Former blog posts and videos about secret service agency Verfassungsschutz:

Google Working Towards De-Platforming Breitbart

AfD Gets Number of Potential MPs Limited In Saxony State Election

The committee for the preparation of the election (Wahlausschuss) has announced that the voting list of the AfD is shortened to 18 entries. It means that it is nearly impossible for the party to gain more than 18 seats.

(City of Dresden’s) General Attorney Lorenz Haase Looks For Laws to Punish Protesters Who Spoke to Media

People who are most outspoken about “equality” are hardly ever for equality before the law. Instead of upholding the rules Lorenz Haase chooses targets and looks for weaponizable laws later. “Acceptance of a crime”, “incitement to hatred”, “lack of respect for the dead” … some section of the law will hit the Pegida protesters that talked to TV show Kontraste. Guilty they are.


Pool Fights.

The sources (also containing more incidents):

The video is based on this video by Miro Wolsfeld.