Original Play – How To Protect Children?

After ARD show “Kontraste” aired a report on “Original Play” the game and its inventor, US American Fred Donaldson, are under criticism for allegedly having facilitated child abuse. The states of Berlin and Brandenburg have banned the game from child care facilities. Plans to include the game in the programs of multiple nurseries in the Swiss cities of Bern and Sursee have been shelved as well.

Donaldson’s esoteric concept is not new on the political left and had its heyday in the 60s and 70s when anti-authoritarian child-rearing and Kinderladen (“children’s shops,” i.e. unprofessional supervision) broke down the barriers between adults and minors. The “decriminalisation” of pedophilia even made it into the election campaign platforms of the Green party at the time. But also innocent youth organisations like the Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts of America) attract certain people. How can we shelter our children without over-protecting them?

the mentioned video by Rebecca Hargreave alias Blonde in the Belly of the Beast.

Street Battle Injured Around 40 Policemen – The Riga Street (Rigaerstraße)

On Saturday, the 2nd November, hooligans, Socialist squatters and “pacifist” protesters attacked the police force in Berlin in a crazy street fight. About forty officers were wounded, cars were burnt, windows smashed, and security guards at a nearby building compound physically attacked. While the German media is occupied with their anti-Trump obsession, the feral communists published details of the violence of which they are more than proud. The squatters were the most aggressive of all participants, but their wounded are in the “one digits.” Looking into the squatting scene, it strikes me that they tend to get away with little to no repercussion most of the time. Moreover, their demands are met by a tiring environment. And because violence pays off and cheap rent contracts plus paid janitors and guards are often its result, it comes as no surprise that demands for open borders are a staple, and particularly so since the year 2012. The most infamous squatter occupation is the Riga Street in Berlin (Rigaerstraße/Rigaerstrasse/Rigaer Street) where the street battle took place.

Environment Ministry Spent Over 600 Millions on Advisory Contracts: The Consultancy-Government Sleaze

Reviewing the books of our Ministry For The Environment, our Federal Audit Office (Bundesrechnungshof) found some irregularity. The expense was slightly above the stated zero € and hit slightly above the 600 million € between the years 2014 and 2018. This is emblematic of the consultancy-government sleaze that is entangling multiple German ministries since the wildly over-challenged medical doctor Ursula von der Leyen took over the Ministry of Defence (Note: She is currently the president of the EU Commission.) The boundaries of government and the corporate world blur as “limiteds” get founded by and are 100% owned by the state while “advisors” work full-time for ministries without the mandatory insurances that standard employees are obliged to have. An open door to nepotism was flung open and the corporate world, which used to call out government overreach, serves no longer as a watchdog, but rather as a lapdog.

Once Deported Mafia Boss Ibrahim Miri Arrested Again in Germany

After his return from Lebanon mafia boss Ibrahim Miri claims asylum and sues Germany over the supposed illegality of his first deportation. But he is far from being the only criminal Arab clan leader in Germany. We have an epidemic. And while the laws are strictly enforced on conservatives, known gangs and drug dealing hotspots like the Görlitzer Park in Berlin are left alone. But where does the soft treatment come from? Why does the left have policies in their platforms that ease organised crime? Are the JFK connections only a matter of the past? Is the wall racist because Carlo Slim bailed out the New York Times? And wasn’t the Hillary Victory Fund money laundering plot a tad too professional?

Amazon Claims Delivery of Conservative Book Takes Months

Video blogger Niklas Lotz has published his first book “Mein Weckruf für Deutschland” (“My Alarm Call For Germany”) already on October 16th and his publisher Heiko Schrang insists that he sent more than enough copies to Amazon’s suppliers. Still the online retailer claims that the delivery would take between one and three months. Is a potentially high position on the bestseller lists a concern?

The threat that Niklas Lotz seems to pose to the left and the reason why he was also temporarily banned from Youtube recently is possibly that he is a representative of a demographic the Left claims: He is around the Greta-Thunberg-generation-Z age. That demographic also dared to show its conservative teeth in the recent state election in Thuringen.


Neverforgetniki und sein neuer Bestseller: Kann oder will Amazon nicht zeitnah liefern?

120 “N”GOs Beg Government For Money

Because 200 million Euro tax money ain’t enough, 120 “N”GOs wrote an open letter to the Family Minister Franziska Giffey (Yes, that’s a thing and, yes, NGOs are supposedly part of her responsibility.). The letter reveals a lot about their mindset and gives me the opportunity to talk about the German deep state. A maze of innumerable “projects” and “initiatives” cross-fund each other so that nobody can ultimately tell what way the money goes. Rumors have it that they often make it into the hands of antifa and comparable terror groups that metastasize all around the world.

The open letter:
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The mentioned WordPress blog about the NGO maze:

My video about “The Wave” where I touch on Greta’s “pride”.

Macroeconomics Professor Bernd Lucke Bullied Out of His Class AGAIN

This is now the second time. Macroeconomics is a standard class in the curriculum of economics and not some Nazi propaganda. My last video was about the shut-down of Professor Lucke’s first lecture this semester. Nothing new in the West … only that it is no longer the West.

My previous video on the case.