This is the private blog of Benjamin Goldstein

Goal of this blog is to translate the desastrous political situation in Germany (and the EU) in a way that it can be understood from outside. There are language  and cultural barriers to overcome.

When I write about free speech (freedom of opinion), I mean it. I believe in the definition of the US Supreme Court that polical speech is core free speech and deserves most protection. I don’t believe in the colloquial German definition that a state, a majority, a church or some other authority comes to decide what is ‘still covered’ by free speech and what not.

I want to be transparent about my views. In American English I am a (small c) conservative and that is the way I describe myself in this blog. Europeans may categorise me as pro-welfare libertarian. I want my freedom back!

Most conservative blogs in Germany are a bit too focused on crime, immigration and Islam.  Attention is largely absorbed by the flow of daily news. I am past that stage because I had my triggering moment a bit earlier and at some point the scope is understood.

My focus goes away from the rush of daily news. Instead I will explain the structures of oppression currently in place in Germany. What I write can be tested or checked by most readers (thanks to automatic translation tools).

If you have an underreported story about Germany, well-sourced and written in viable English, let me know in the comments and I will publish it. If the story is really important and your active English does not suffice, I may translate it for you.

Your email address will never be used for anything but getting in touch with you. Your contribution may be under your name or a pseudonym.

I am writing under a pseudonym to protect myself. Some of my work also appears on Writer Beat.


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