This is the private blog of Benjamin Goldstein

Goal of this blog is to translate the desastrous political situation in Germany (and the EU) in a way that it can be understood from outside. There are language  and cultural barriers to overcome.

When I write about free speech (freedom of opinion), I mean it. I believe in the definition of the US Supreme Court that polical speech is core free speech and deserves most protection. I don’t believe in the colloquial German definition that a state, a majority, a church or some other authority comes to decide what is ‘still covered’ by free speech and what not.

I want to be transparent about my views. In American English I am a (small c) conservative and that is the way I describe myself on this blog. Europeans may categorise me as a pro-welfare libertarian. I want my freedom back!

Most conservative blogs in Germany are a bit too focused on crime, immigration and Islam.  Attention is largely absorbed by the flow of daily news. I am past that stage because I had my triggering moment a bit earlier than most and at some point the scope is understood.

Instead I will try to illustrate and explain the overall structures of oppression currently in place in Germany, the cultural and political situation. Of course, there will also be time for fun. What I write can be tested or checked by most readers (thanks to automatic translation tools).

If you have an underreported story about Germany, well-sourced and written in viable English, let me know through the contact form and I will publish it. If the story is really important and your active English does not suffice, I may translate it for you.

Your email address will never be used for anything but getting in touch with you for the purpose you want to communicate about. Your contribution may be under your name or a pseudonym.

I am writing under a pseudonym to protect myself. Some of my work also appears on Writer Beat.


6 thoughts on “This is the private blog of Benjamin Goldstein”

  1. Has it even occurred to you that Merkel is Jewish….like Fischer the president of Austria…..only in his case you would believe it since he spent time on a kibbutz in the sixties.
    You need to research “crypto Jews” or Marrano’s….15th Century Spain was very familiar with Jews adopting false identities.
    Then you have Merkels previous deputy…also a crypto Jew.
    Infact Trump is a Jew….and this can be easily determined by his family….all of whom are Jews.Trudeau is a Jew,as is Macron,as is the Prime Minister of Australia (Turnbull) as is his deputy,as is the PM of NZ and her boyfriend…..
    All this stuff you write about why Merkel opened the borders….is basically nonsense…..See the notorious you tube video by Barbara Spectre (Sweden)… for once a Jew speaks the truth.
    You would be better advised to warn your readers that under no circumstances should Germans allow their govt to deploy troops abroad…..because another global war is planned by the Jewish elite in order to facilitate the expansion of the state of Israel.


    1. Merkel: Protestant (and the least-Jewish person after Claudia Schiffer IMO).

      Fischer: Haven’t paid much attention to him.

      Merkels previous deputy: Who? Definitely not Sigmar Gabriel. The English word deputy is too vague to link it to a specific person.

      Trump is quite Jewish culturally for a non-Jew. He is not ethnically Jewish and he is primarily following the Christian religion.

      Haven’t paid much attention to most people who you mention.

      Question: If you think that Jews control every country anyway, what is it worth to expand Israel?


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