Endtimes Doom Reminds Me of Christian Gospel

I made a little cutting error yesterday, but I decided to post it now anyway.


Lamya Kaddor’s Antisemitism Study


Kai Hafez & When Muslims Lecture Us About Democracy

The referred interview:


The Bertelsmann video.

The Controversial Jewish Museum in Berlin

The New York Times article about Bibi’s involvement with the museum: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/23/ar…

After the sh*tstorm the Embassy of Israel in Germany refrains from opining about the activities of the museum.

Because Friday: Muslim Gay Pride

I Cannot Say How Glad I Am Not To Be A Christian These Days

Jesus the Muslim
Jesus, the son of G-d

Subtitle printed twice, upside down: What Islam and Christianity Share and What Sets Them Apart.

Celebrating That Toblerone Is Now Halal – Ideas For New Sweets!