Creeping To Power – The Hit Piece Book For The Corona Crisis (Schleichend an die Macht)

“Creeping to power” (German: Schleichend an die Macht) is the title of a new book by political scientist Andreas Audretsch and historian Claudia Gatzka. While you wasted your time pondering about the protection of the public and wondered if the WHO was right in claiming that face masks wouldn’t help anyway, the dream team has compiled their work in no time to update the left-wing narrative to the current corona crisis. To my chagrin, or rather delight, or, more honestly, to their chagrin and my delight I don’t bother to read it. But I run you through an interview conducted by Christian Bangel of ZEIT notoriety. In that they talk about themselves while trying to discuss, well, whom actually? Trump, Orban, Salvini, Martin Sellner of Generation Identity, AfD, the New Right, Nazis…basically everybody outside of Karl Marx plus Karl Marx.


Douglas Murray Discusses Europe With Ben Shapiro

Nanny State Germany Plans To Ban Sugar From Teas

Because babies have to watch their waistline and, also, because Agriculture and Food Minister Julia Klöckner is really bored right now in the midst of an international crisis, she pushes for a ban on sugar and other sweeteners in baby teas. Additionally we will be advised with package labels that parents and other care-givers should not add sugar to this or that product.

“Warning! Danger! Caveat! You are about to eat a spoon of honey!” Is this the future? Pressure group FoodWatch is still disappointed. They would rather abolish freedom of speech so that people no longer say such horrible things like “That tastes sweet. I like that juice.”


Hesse Ends School Cooperation With Islamic Ditib, Rhineland-Palatinate Begins One

While the German state of Hesse has just shelved its schooling cooperation with the Islamic union of Ditib, the state Rhineland-Palatinate has thrashed out a new one. Ditib is the German dependancy of the Diyanet, the Religion Ministry of Turkey, responsible for telling our Turks what they shall believe. In “laicist” Turkey the public is supposed to have faith in the holy, true and eternal creed of whatever the government tells them. In our post-Kemalist age this divine wisdom comes from the mouth and mind of President Recep Erdogan who has stronger ties to other Muslim groups, notably the Muslim Brotherhood, than to Western nations. The shift of the only Islam from the Kemalist pro-European spirituality to the Erdogan pro-Arabic sunna, clashes with the leftist “secular” idea of bullying school children into their own set of believes. Two very “honest,” “secular” and “Western” cultures are struggling for dominance over classrooms and mosques.


What Became of … The AfD?

The AfD is in decline. Pollsters see the popular support for the party at under 10%. The reasons are a mix of hostilities, internalised accusations, infighting and more. But as the Phantom of The Opera knows love never dies, it simply fades. While the party is totally consumed with itself they are barely visible from the outside. For one they are muted and ignored by the big media outlets and only granted attention when the big wigs can be sure that it’s negative. But even conservative (video) bloggers and journalists are not talking much about them. We are yawning. The drive has run its course.

mentioned Youtube channels:
(Beatrix von Storch, The Whole Picture, Das ganze Bild)
(Junge Meinung)
(weighted poll number provided by Jürgen Fritz):
(von der Leyen CO2 spending)
(mentioned court case)

On Face Masks

Health authorities and media loudspeakers have flip-flopped considerably on the matter of face masks. Only a few weeks ago they were denounced as pointless, sometimes even dangerous. People would lower their guards and jump out of the next window if given the false sense of security that ships with cloth on the nose. Endless experts and specialists on TV removed them from their faces with a care that signalled clearly for everybody to see how the mask, once worn, becomes radioactive at least, if not worse. And now you must wear it. This is confusing, but I explain it all in the video.

The immunohistochemistry study:

Click to access 2020.04.18.047951v1.full.pdf

The T-cell study:

Click to access s41423-020-0424-9.pdf

The concentration of virus in nose correspondence:
The RNA sequence database analysis study to identify susceptible tissue:
The relationship of pathogen exposure and disease severity in other viruses:

Germany’s Exit Strategy & The Leopoldina

Small shops, botanic gardens and car merchants open the gates to customers again from Monday onwards. The policies were inspired by a committee of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. The better part of the document is used to wedge in a wish list that has little to nothing to do with health or economic concerns. What is said plainly and between the lines is worth a video, a long one, oops sorry, two videos…. So this is the first half of the discussion. Their document:

Click to access 2020_04_13_Coronavirus-Pandemie-Die_Krise_nachhaltig_%C3%BCberwinden_final.pdf