FB Opens AI Center in Munich Because Germany Is A Trailblazer For Censorship And Autocracy

For years, scientists have raised concerns about the ethical applications of artificial intelligence. Facebook said it chose Germany because of its position “at the forefront of the conversation.” Facebook announced on Sunday that it will help create an independent ethics research center for artificial intelligence (AI) with the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The technology giant said it will provide $7.5 million over five years as “an initial funding grant.”

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New Leak From Verfassungsschutz

This time the report was leaked that assasses reasons to monitor conservative party AfD. I am tired of this. How does one trust an agency that is constantly breaking the law to leak information to the press? I don’t trust them when they say that tapping phones and reading emails were off the table.

There is this very basic problem with the rule of law in Germany. The law does not apply to everyone equally. Some people, groups and institutions are getting away with everything while others are harrassed with police investigations into the most trivial nonsense all the time. But it is the rule of law, maybe even more fundamentally so than freedom of speech, without which a free society cannot exist. If one group can harrass the other without consequences, resentment grows until it erupts into violence.

Eric Metaxas Interviews Milo

I admit that it is a bit off-message, but Milo is European despite his new teeth and that gays are indistinguishable from us. It is a cheap excuse, but a nice interview.

Daniel Günther, Prime Minister of State Schleswig-Holstein, In Nepotism Affair

Niclas Herbst, the father of Daniel Günther’s godchild and a member of the state parliament, received a job in a high-paying function of the administration. The position of a Chief of Staff for Political Coordination is supposed to “facilitate the communication between the prime minister and the fraktion”, i.e. the members of his party in the parliament.

Niclas Herbst’s wife Kristina Herbst won two high-paying jobs, one as a State Secretary for Rural Areas and Integration (yes, that’s a thing) and another one as the Leader of the Interior Ministry (German: Amtschefin, I assume, it is something like a COO in corporations).

Daniel Günther’s brother, Tobias Rischer, became the Vice Director of the State Parliament. When I search this title (German: Vizedirektor des Landtags) with DuckDuckGo I find a lot of articles about Rischer, but no description what the job even is. I don’t even bother to research the patchwork arrangement that leads to two brothers having different surnames.

Conservative Member of Parliament Frank Magnitz Beaten Up

Frank Magnitz is an MP of the federal parliament Bundestag and the leader of the AfD Chapter of the German City State of Bremen. Mulitiple masked men attacked him as he was leaving a party of the local newspaper “Weser Kurier” yesterday. He was first knocked unconscious with a slab of wood and then kicked in the head multiple times. Two workers from a nearby building lot intervened and stopped the assault.

There is not more information available at the moment. What drives me nuts is that they cannot even present this news item without gaslighting. ZEIT claimed that it were unclear if and what weapons were used and how severely he was injured. Tagesspiegel of the same publisher gives these details, but says that the picture above was published by the AfD supposedly showing the man (German: Foto, das den Politiker mit einer blutenden Kopfwunde zeigen soll.). ZEIT later mentioned the gravity of the harm.

The story also takes no pole position in the news cycle. The supposedly big story is the aggregation of some data leaks and their publication through two twitter accounts. The cables came from left-wing politicians, journalists and artists. They were immediately removed and have obviously been harmless. Otherwise they would have circulated more widely.

The only scandal involved in this minor criminal offence is that homes have been searched by the police over the weekend. One witness, 19-years of age, who said that he had contact with the twitterer after the data release had his home raided and all his IT confiscated. The German constitution also knows its equivalence of the fourth, has a restriction against unusual punishment and demands due process so that police investigations are not abused as wanton punishments themselves. But this constitution is not respected by the current government and this is the actual scandal. According to WELT homes in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse have been targeted.

And because the privacy of our elites is paramount, the installment of a new federal office, the Cyber Defence Center Plus (German: Cyber-Abwehrzentrum Plus) is under way and can be expected to open next month. I don’t even know what “Plus” stands for, but with the German habit of trying to sound smarter than they are and to use Latin or pseudo-English phrases in their official names, you can be lucky that the name does not contain the terms “Task Force” or “Clearing”.


The kicks were obviously a misunderstanding and the jump probably just looked like kicks from afar. Whether an object like a stone or a piece of wood was used to knock out Mr Magnitz is highly disputed. It is possible that the attacker is left-handed, but had to use the right ellbow for the initial blow instead because of the limited time they had running past the victim. There were people in the proximity. I personally assume that a stone was held in the fist and crushed on the head, but the police, who have not found the attackers yet, claims that there was no weapon involved.

Aviel Tromm’s Little Philippic

People need to vent off from time to time … – Translated by Gerd Buurmann (some minor adjustments by myself)

You all annoy me the way you mentally please yourself with your ‘culture of rememberence’ and your ‘raison d’État’ and how you at the same time learned so much from history that in fifty years Germany will finally be as your murderish grandparents envisioned it – judenrein!

Every time a Jew in Germany gets beaten, you have to act like shocked politicans with your useless Sunday speeches and slogans and you pretend not to be able to understand where that hatred comes from. You prattle in talk shows that there wouldn’t be a place for anti-Semitism in Germany. You carry wreaths to memorials. Oh, how much you love your dead Jews. I’m inclined to attest you a propensity for necrophilia!

But every time when the living Jews resist, when they insist on their right to self-determination, then you’re there to pass UN-Resolutions together with the religious and ideological fanatics, painting Israel as the world’s demon. In [the Nazi propaganda magazine] ‘Stürmer’ they did it with cartoons. You do it with politics.

High-ranking politicans may clap hands when in the European Parliament Mr Abbas spreads the most anti-Semitic narratives. One may loudly speak of an apartheid state or a regime and it’s also perfectly okay for you to lay down flowers and wreaths on the graves of dead terrorists. Still today Europe must be very sad that the Arabs failed to drown the Jews in the Middle East in 1948 like a farmerman who’s killing kittens in a barrel of rain.

Either you’re so stupid that you can’t distinguish scrambled eggs from shit or you do it on purpose. You’re a bunch of lousy hypocrites who present themselves in front of memorials, howling in the minor chords of Klezmer-music, and at the same time you’re working only to get rid of the European Jews.

What did you learn from the last years? What have you done? Anti-Semitic riots throughout Germany, arson attacks on synagogues, endless insults and repressions against Jews and Jewish institutions. What was the consequence? The German parliament of the state NRW, for example, examined the incidents in the City of Essen, condemned them and after that the topic was over. Nothing of practical use followed. The guilty are still sitting exactly where they sat then. The only effective measure was a big rally, which wasn’t initiated by you, but the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

And what are you working on in practice? You condemn and criticize Israel since the 1960s perpetually. You have no understanding for self-defense and security needs. You reject Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and you pump billions of euros into the terrorist structures of Hamas and others on site. And what does that make of you after your own definition? You dare to call yourself friends of Israel and the Jews? Friends? What the hell is wrong with you?

With this policy of ‘friendship’ you created such a one-sided media coverage that there are only two types of Jews in the daily lives of Germans. Jews have almost disappeared completely from everday life.

First type: Jews in Germany appear in news articles about students who have to change schools because of their Jewish identity. Or in documentaries about the Shoa, which have become so irrelevant that they feel like a substitute of the black-and-white picture noise of the analogue TV set.

Second type: Jews encounter the majority of people in Germany as a boogeyman in the news when Israel every so often has to defend itself and even the headlines then leave no qualms that ‘the Jew’ is always the guilty one. In fact, the media almost always reports negatively about Israel. The attacks against the state of Irael are usually only mentioned as the last line in consistently tendencious articles, and politicians of all parties either drown in their calls for temperance or they curse Israel as an apartheid state like [former] Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel.

The West German post-war narrative is the attempt to avert the guilt. In order not to face the own history Israel is at least equated to the Nazis.

And finally, to crown your hypocrisy, you install anti-Semitism commissioners who have to beg to get heard at all. If they’re listened to, they can have the moral highground for a moment. [Note: I think that he means they are selectively given the mic for purely strategic political advantages.] Fabulous! Great show! So much perversion and deviousness is otherwise known only in psycho thrillers.

The result of over fourty years of German-Israeli ‘friendship’ is that anti-Semitism has become louder, that it’s becoming increasingly dangerous for Jews to walk the streets and that more and more Jews emigrate from Germany.

There’s only left to say that you’re bound by tradition, a German tradition which made it possible to slaughter Jews during the Crusades like livestock, a tradition that was inspired by Martin Luther’s letter of shame ‘From Jews and their lies’, a tradition responsible for the murder of six million Jews on government orders.

It’s not us who have become like your grandparents, no, you’re just as your murderish ancestors desired. At least be honest, this farce is almost unbearable.

The Terror Attack at The AfD Office – Suspects Released

The office of AfD in the city of Döbeln was target of a terror attack at 7:20 p.m. on Thursday. The bomb detonated in a trash can before the building. It broke the windows of the office and some of the windows of the neighbouring houses. Two cars were also destroyed in the blast and a fire broke out inside the office.

The police arrested three suspects yesterday who have been released since. It is unlikely that the perpetrators will be found. It is the most severe instance in a series of lesser attacks.

In mid December a window of the AfD office in the town of Borna was broken by violently crushing a slab of stone into it. In September, two offices of the party have been smeared with paint.

This is in no way restricted to conservative targets. Political crimes have become common place. Two instances thatw are comparable with the latest attack occurred in 2015. The car of communist politician Michael Richter was blasted with a bomb. And during her compaign to become mayor of Cologn, Henriette Reker, fell victim to a brutal knife attack. She was elected while being in a coma.