Authorities And Leftist Activists Stopped Yesterday’s ‘Women’s March’

Arab-German journalist Imad Karim returned to the public light after he had already given up the fight. He was one of the speakers of the protest march in support of women who fear the rising level of sexual assault cases. The following text is a Google translation of a blog post from gay theologian David Berger who also gave a speech at the event.

“You can not go through here,” a policeman told us near the Hallesches Tor in Berlin when we – a group of speakers (including the presenter, some politicians and Imad Karim) – under the “Nazi” Screams of “Antifa” rioters (photo left) with hate-distorted faces tried to get to the collection site for the women’s march to the chancellery.

Only after the reference to our tasks and to deputy cards were we finally passed.

Others who wanted the demo did not have it that easy. On our way, numerous large and small groups of people repeatedly told us that they had been sent away by the police . Also two guest authors of PP were repeatedly rejected over an hour until they gave up frustrated.

However, there were about 1,000 demonstrators to the collection site, where Nadja Staffel and Leyla Bilge opened the protest assembly.

Opening speeches by Imad Karim and David Berger

In the village itself a kind of boiler situation. In the middle of the demo, in the surrounding houses (see photo below) and behind, very close to the demo approaching bars hundreds of counter-demonstrators, the permanent “Fuck-finger” showed, “Nazis” and “No right to Nazi government roared” ,

women's march
The counter demonstration. Sign reads: “Not in our name! Fuck AfD”

The police chiefs of Berlin and the commanders for the demo obviously saw things similarly. After the movement started with a banner saying “Kandel is everywhere”, the police stopped it after about 20 minutes.

In de-escalation practiced policemen tried to calm the demonstrators, because also the participants it was clear that now after the illegal “Berlin model” is proceeded.

Members of the AfD, who participated, finally succeeded with her deputy card to the seat blockade to penetrate: According to her statements, the police stood around a sitting blockade of about 200 people and did nothing.

sit-in Try to dissolve the demo from the back of the sit-in, according to police statements. A meeting leader was not to be found. Despite attempts of the police not to let anyone to this place the alleged dissolution of the seat blockade, two MPs came through. There was nowhere to be seen police dissolving the demo.

Rescue and press spokesman still explain that they try to dissolve the demo. The concept of dissolution does not necessarily have anything to do with “forcibly freeing”. One would have offered the counter-demonstrators another demo place, but they had not yet accepted the offer.

Alternative ways suggested by the organizers of the demo were rejected, exactly this one offered already Antifa. They would therefore not be available to the demo.

Leyla Bilge then resolved the event and asked the demonstrators to make their own way to the Chancellery. But this also tried to prevent the police by repeatedly denying the demo participants the way from the demo place.

The small group that kept me informed about the rest of the course and who carries a sign “Kandel is everywhere” ,

… spontaneously followed passers-by who came to the chancellery. As a result, police suddenly reappeared and gave instructions to take the posters away. Nevertheless, it came at the chancellery to a final survey.

Whether it came to any attacks on demo participants, I do not know. On Facebook makes the following contribution currently the round:

“I’m just stunned what happened in Berlin and just happened. A peaceful demo of mostly women against violence and oppression will be a reflection of our sick society. Left-fascist violent Antifa terrorists supported by the left party front, especially the SED Left and Greens are allowed to let off steam while peaceful demonstrators are encircled. A ridiculous lineup of policemen has not become master of the situation. Peacefully demonstrating women were even met by left-wing terrorists without consequences. But the brave demo participants happily do not give up. Greatest respect for these courageous women and men and another indictment of this left fascist dictatorship. “

But even media such as the Morgenpost write that among the anti-fascist demonstrators, a man was arrested because he carried a forbidden knife with him.

To begin with, I have to say that the women’s march should set an example against the imported violence against women and girls. He succeeded too. In two ways.

For the targeted sabotage of the women’s march shows why the terror against women could take on such proportions and will continue. Since yesterday we have the final certainty that this terror of Linksgrün and the system Merkel is just as wanted. At least without taboos as collateral damage of the Refugees-welcome ideology is accepted.


How Foreign Secretary Sigmar Gabriel Speaks About Israel

It is remarkable how Germany insists that other countries should be divided. Sigmar Garbiel belongs to the party SPD. They had a long tradition of kowtowing to Russia and advacating acceptance for the division of their own country.

Now, Berlin seeks to divide the capital of Israel.

“Germany is looking forward to the day when it will be able to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. But let me add: in two states with Jerusalem as their capital. There is no shortcut here.”

With regards to young, increasingly Muslim voters, he says:

“It is increasingly difficult for people like me to explain to them the reasons why our support for Israel must persist”

Of course, he also trashed the US for taking a side and pretends that this would obliterate America’s ability to support diplomacy.

“With regard to the Palestinians and the Iran question the Americans are taking your side more clearly than ever before. But is this really only a good thing?”

As a leftist he lacks utter self-awareness. He is not impartial, either. He supports 100% of all demands coming from Muslims and exactly 0% of all demands coming from Jews. Instead he goes the propaganda road and supports a cause in the name but not in the interest of Jews: He wants to create a vain tax squandering office for an ever growing state, an anti-Semitism commissioner. That office is dead sure to create what it is supposed to battle. I have not seen one single Jew in the public space asking for such a commissioner.

Source: Reuters

At the moment his position as foreign minister is debated. Martin Schulz, Merkel’s main contender in last year’s general election, asked for the office. That has been called off. Others might putsch against him, but it is entirely possible that he remains.

Picture: A Man Protests Against Mandatory State Media Fee GEZ

The sign reads, “While murderers, rapists, and pedophiles go free, I was locked up because I rejected the GEZ!”

Saturday’s women’s demonstration against migrant violence in Berlin: Bikers call for the protection of demonstrating women against attacks by the Antifa

The civil rights activist Walter Ehret from the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein is calling on Facebook for his „biker friends“ and all other men to take part in the women’s march tomorrow and to protect women.

The call states among other things: „Bro’s, we need you in Berlin on February 17th. Our women will demonstrate on Saturday against the rapes and violence of migrants. They are defenceless against the Antifa-hordes who call for violence against women. So that this won’t be a bloody feast of slaughter for our women, everyone who can be there should be there.“

The threats of the Antifa concern us all: “We cannot allow attacks on the women demonstrating. Ask in the clubs who can participate. Meeting point is 3:00 p. m. at the subway station Hallesches Tor, Berlin-Kreuzberg.“
The appeal is not only open to biker friends, but also to all other men who still have balls.

Thanks to Jihad Watch Deutschland

German Army: Few Tanks Are Ready For Deployment – Example: 9th Tank Brigade

A confidential Defence Ministry document seen by the newspaper details how the Bundeswehr’s ninth tank brigade, which has been tapped to take over the NATO mission is severely under-equipped.

The brigade currently only has nine of its 44 Leopard 2 tanks available, while eleven of its 14 armoured personnel carriers are currently out of service.

The lack of vehicles is reportedly due to the fact that the military does not have enough of the necessary replacement parts.

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Manhunt underway over alleged ‘heinous and brutal’ rape of schoolgirls


Face of one of the suspects. It isn’t pixelled because he is white.

While there are several clues as to the suspect’s whereabouts, a police spokesperson in Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, said on Thursday, a “decisive lead” is still lacking.

Over the past few months, six young males between the ages of 16 and 23 are suspected to have been involved in at least six cases of alleged rape involving several adolescent girls, according to investigators.

But after the arrest of four of the men, and with investigations underway regarding the underage 16-year-old suspect, the public prosecutor’s office and police on Wednesday reported that the last remaining suspect – an 18-year-old male from Gelsenkirchen – had disappeared.

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German Military Plagued by Problems

Reportedly, the military has a shortage of vital spare parts as well and equipment regularly suffers from technical failures to the point that several tanks and armored vehicles can no longer operate. And then there are the growing numbers of German soldiers who admire the former armed forces of the Third Reich, the Wehrmacht. Yet, Germans have a reputation for being detailed and efficient excelling in technology and engineering and their weapons manufacturing companies are some of the top in the world!

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