Germany sees migration-related spending of 78 billion euros through 2022

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany expects to spend around 78 billion euros on migration-related issues through 2022, including 31 billion euros to combat the root causes driving people to leave their homes and head to Europe, Der Spiegel magazine reported on Saturday. The magazine cited a document drafted by the German Finance Ministry which estimates federal…

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Vietnam set to tighten clamps on Facebook and Google, threatening dissidents

A struggle over internet laws in Vietnam is pitting a government keen on maintaining tight control against U.S. technology companies trying to fight off onerous new rules – with the country’s online dissidents among the biggest losers. The latest conflict centers on new cybersecurity legislation set for a vote by Vietnamese lawmakers later this month.

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ZEIT for Neonazi Paranoia!

In three articles ZEIT tries to link conservative party AfD to the Nazis or neonazis today.

Peter Felser sits in the German parliament Bundestag for conservative party AfD. ZEIT unearthed his past in a “brown” society. Brown is the color Germans associate with the Nazis because of the brown shirts worn by the SA thugs. The “dirt” is some decades old. Peter Felser was twenty and served in the German army Bundeswehr. Thanks for reading.

I’m kidding, but for the left serving in the military is already “brown” enough. Anyway, it gets “worse”.

He also was member of a group called Freibund which translates to Free Band or Free Group – you get the idea, innocuous. The state designates the group, however, as right-wing extremists since 1996. That is decades after the group was founded in 1957. According to ZEIT, it was founded in the image of the Hitler Youth.

Also decades ago, before the 1970s, the group went camping with the Wiking-Jugend (Viking Youth, but a strange grammar). Tents, bonfire, songs. The pure evil. The Wiking-Jugend is outlawed for a reason ZEIT does not reveal. Germans don’t have a sense for human rights like freedom of association. When human rights are violated it is just assumed that the victim really deserved it. Group forbidden. We are not expected to wonder.

In a whiff of honesty the ZEIT article then says that the Freibund did not display “brown” ideology afterwards, I mean, after all the “brown” camping. So when Peter Felser joined, it had already “orientated itself away from National Socialism” (verbatim translation).

But the politician was also a member of the Hochschulgilde Heinrich der Löwe which seems to be something like a Burschenschaft. Felser then founded a marketing agency with the name wk&f-Filmverlag. Among the many respectable clients, the company also produced two videos for the now dissolved party Republikaner.

The Republikaner were once founded in the eighties as a mainstream conservative party. Through infiltration by the Verfassungsschutz, a hostile media campaign and poor leadership, the respectable members left the party and the leftovers were at some point a bunch of (often antisemtic) morons. Peter Felser was a member himself, but he also eventually left the snake pit.

To summarize the mud digging and slinging: Peter Felser was a member of some groups that he has left and has no record of unethical behavior.

Another article explains that 70 disco clubs declared not to cooperate with the AfD in any way and that they hate them and blah blah. Slogan: “Reclaim Club Culture against Nazis.” Reclaim against is Germans’ the English do grammar.

But the third article is the best. The author describes a picnic with her kids and another befriended mother with a baby. Her sons start a conversation with two men who carry a ball. She says, “I don’t want my kids to speak to Nazis.” Her friend, not a good citizen, just shrugs, “Nah, they surely are no Nazis.” Red alarm. Red alarm. Never contradict a lefty who has spotted Nazis.

The author described how she ran to her children and told them that they must go now. Picnic over. Nazis. While they pack, one of the men strips off his T-shirt. His back shows a big tattoo of an iron cross. She calls it “Wehrmacht cross”. The iron cross is a military decoration that was once awarded in the wars against the Napolean occupation and is now a symbol of the Bundeswehr. I love the idea of the tattoo. Badass.

The things that originally tipped her off were “military style haircuts” (no skin heads) and cargo trousers.

Anyway, she panicks and leaves the scene. Then she rants about the AfD whatever they have to do with her picnic.

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Newspaper Sueddeutsche Apologized for Running Bibi Cartoon

The bubble reads, “Next year in Jerusalem!” They shouldn’t have apologized. They are just humorless anti-Israel fanatics.

Search for “Refugee Porn” Grows

Side note: In countries that become more socialist prostitution flourishes. This is even true when it is officially forbidden like in China. Prof. Yuri Metsev once asked a student on a flight from Cuba to the US what she thinks about the country. Her answer: “I have never before seen a place where every girl is a slut and every man is a thief.” So I bet that not only pornography, but also prostitution, possibly with minors, is on the rise in Germany.

In 2015, a new trend emerged in porn search queries in Germany, Austria, and Hungary: refugee porn. As Die Zeit reports, an increasing number of users have been typing words like “refugees” into the search field and pulling up videos in which “refugee women, or porn actresses depicting refugee women, are subjected to humiliation.”

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High Ranking State TV Official Asks Germans to Support Iran over the US

Markus Preiß is the leader of ARD’s office in Brussels. He appeared on Tagesthemen to deliver a spoken op-ed (writing things in English makes you realise how ridiculous things really are).
It [carrying on with the Iran deal] means supporting European companies which, in our view, are doing the right thing and invest in Iran. They might be sued for it as terrorists in the US. It means choosing Beijing and Moscow as allies on this issue, not Washington. It also means protecting a country called Iran that is trampling on human rights. You must be able to want that and you must endure that.
Of course, he also bitches that there were not much left of the entire transatlantic relations and that the US – once a military protector of Germany, he admits – were now a “security risk”.