Daily Mail Discovered that Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Attended Event to Honor Munich Olympic Jihad Terrorists

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Pamela Geller wrote a commentary.

Britain’s Jews are terrified of the prospect of Corbyn being Britain’s next Prime Minister, which has become more likely since Prime Minister Theresa May’s incompetence has reached new levels. Recently the country’s three major Jewish publications ran a joint front page editorial about Corbyn. The three publications called Corbyn an “existential threat” to Britain’s Jewish community and indicated that anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has “flourished” since Corbyn became leader in 2015. The publications also rightfully indicated that Corbyn has “contempt for Jews and Israel.”

Her full op-ed on the Geller Report.

I bet that German media will remain silent.


Adult Tora – The Story of Jacob’s Son Juda

When Juda’s son Ger died, he left behind a young widow named Tamar. In Jewish law a brother is asked to step in and produce at least one male heir in the name of a late sibling and take the widow as his wife. Juda had two more sons who could fulfill this sacred duty: Onan and Shela.

By the time of Ger’s death, only Onan was old enough to marry his brother’s widow. So Juda asked him to take her. Everybody saw him visit her again and again, but no child was born. He must have been damn good because Tamar kept silent about the reason. Onan contraceived with coiti interrupti. This is where the word onanism (German: Onanie) comes from.

The Lord did not like that Onan betrayed his late brother Ger and let him die. Juda became superstitious and thought Tamar was cursed and all his sons would die if they slept with her. He still promised her to become a mother with Shela when he had grown up. Until then, she could live in their home as a widow.

When a religiously devout pornostar plans to turn this plot into a “grrrrrrrrr” rated movie, he must now play this tawdry All by Myself song.

“When I was young, I never needed anyone. And making love was just for fun. These days are gone.”

Shela grew up to become a man and Tamar waited in vain to be courted. One day Juda’s own wife Shua died. Once the grief faded he left the home to shave the wool of his sheep. Tamar saw her chance, removed her widow garments and wore fresh clothes and a face veil. She followed Juda and intercepted him on an arc of the road.

When he saw her, he believed that she were a whore because she had her face covered. This was before ladies with veils believed that unveiled women were whores. It is hard to say what she did with her voice, but maybe the pelt-up lust was strong enough for Juda to forego all cautions. I mean, he must have been really, really needy. He offered her a goat. But because he was not yet on the meadow and had no animal with him, she asked for some securities until he could pay: his seal, his thread and his walking stick.

Tamar knew that she wouldn’t receive a goat. Back home she put on her widow attire again. The man who was sent out to deliver the goat could not find her on the arc. She got what she wanted. The Lord let her conceive. After three months people noticed her pregnancy and accused her of prostitution. They were upset and told Juda about it.

Without a nation with police, rule of law and due process, a patriarch is expected to dole out penalties. Juda granted that they take her outside the village and burn her to death. Tamar, however, told them that it was Juda who had sired what she carried. As a proof she showed the seal, the thread and the walking stick. Juda saw that it was he, and not her, who was unjust. She was acquitted and redeemed.

As it turned out she bore male twins. When the first child stuck his arm out, the maid knotted a red thread on his wrist. But the arm retracted again and the other twin was born first.

This is a huge cliff-hanger. However, the story of the twins Perez and Serach is not picked up again in the Tora. Or is it?

I assume that Perez is Jacob and Serach is Esau and we have just read an earlier legend of their background. Juda is his grandfather Isaac. All legends about birthright rivalry between twins are usually placed inside the Jacob-Esau framwork. It is interesting that the scribes decided to move the story down the family tree. Is it because Isaac was the only Patriarch left who wasn’t morally tainted? The Lord used to be referred to as “Isaac’s fear.” It is possible that his high esteem shouldn’t have been compromised with a sultry whore story. The cleaned version only holds that Rebekka was barren and the Lord listened to Isaac and opened her womb again. As a price she bore twins who already fought in her womb and the Lord told her that they would spawn two rivalling nations, one dominating the other. However, for the sheer number of tribes Genesis had to fit in names and at least Perez comes up as an ancestor of King David again. Serach is also the patriarch of a tribe, but one that remains on the fringes for the rest of the bible and history in total.

UK: Most Acid Attacks per Capita in the WORLD



Punishment for violence is mild and weapons to defend oneself are barred. Britain has become the acid capital of the world. Although the idea might have come with immigration, more and more perpetrators today are white Europeans. Cultural enrichment knows no race.

Nanette, Owen Benjamin and How the Death of Comedy Sucks

When Hannah Gadsby announced that she quit comedy, all the media world-wide fawned. How wonderful. She was about to go around with a trite program, “Nanette,” and expected to play it a handful of times before frying chips at a McDonald’s for the rest of her life. What she could not expect was the wave of support and the international interest in her retirement. She got a Netflix special, well-paid gigs and finally she had to admit that the revived interest makes it impossible for her to follow through. The money is more important than accusations of hypocrisy.

What happened? It used to be a joke that people would make street music with the sign that says, “I stop singing for a dime.” But this joke is real and big. A comedian quits and people are so happy about it that she becomes a star over it.

Who wants comedians to quit? Comedy harms the powerful first and foremost. There is a level of irreverence and uncontrollable honesty that ships with the art. So the celebration of an end of comedy is natural for the news media. I read not only one, but TWO articles about her in my German newspaper ZEIT. But there are also certain personalities who have an interest in taking down comedy.

Totalitarianism is the revenge of the stupid.

Imagine you have spent all your life nervously trying to figure out when others start laughing so that you don’t do it at the wrong time. It must be very stressful. Many people claim that it is impossible to detect satire on the internet. We see a flood of emoticons because some people really, really cannot figure out if you are serious or not. Better be safe than sorry. But why is it that some people understand jokes and others don’t.

A joke reveals something, gives cues, relies on the listener to figure out something on his own and always contains a small riddle. Imagine you happen to overlook contradictions regularly. Imagine you could be told sentences like “the private individuals must abide to the constitution” and would not notice the obvious contradiction between “abide to constitution” and a person who does not represent any part of the state. How easy would your life be if we would no longer laugh? How much less embarrassing would it be if people would never hint, but had always to spell out unambiguously what they have in mind? If it’s not hostile and they are well-behaved, there should be no reason for jokes, should there?

One of the articles about Hannah Gadsby in my newspaper was written by Hannah Passmann. ZEIT is trying to build her up as a kind of house star like Milo when he was with Breitbart. They also made a podcast with her and without listening much into it, I can quickly tell that she is not funny. Even Michelle Wolf, Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer are funnier than her. Passman called Gadsby the best comedian of all times. We are hitting the bottom.

Some cartoon shows are still on the air, but for how long? After the destruction of the  high-rating sitcom Roseanne, it is reasonable to assume that the anti-humor juggernaut will soon roll over all the fun that is left. By the way, I want to apologize to apes if they feel compared to Valerie Jarret. I am racist enough to consider apes lower than humans, but not lower than Jarret and the mob that went after Roseanne in her name. It takes the lowest spirit to see a mob in one’s name and not to stop it. That message also goes to German soccer player Jérôme Boateng.

Still there is something that the entertainment industry still calls comedy. They are shows and events where laughs from the audience are still common. They are not heard because some insight was had, but because the authority of a blinking ‘applause’ sign sets them into a frenzy.

And Owen Benjamin? We wouldn’t even hear about him if it were not for the death of humor. He has turned his profession into activism against the humorlessness. The problem is that he is not funny. Comedians who are and who have an audience to lose when they speak up fear the end of their professional lives as the mobs keep roaming around.

Italy needs soldiers on its streets to stop migrant violence

Three separate brawls in a period of a few hours force Italian soldiers to intervene, with one soldier being attacked. Acts of violence have become increasingly more common in Naples’ Vasto district, Il Giornale reports, and this night there were three incidents of violence in which the soldiers intervention was required. The military personnel were…

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Because Friday: Cats Argue About the Koran

The Abuse of Tommy Robinson – Next Chapter

It is pure 1984 stuff. Robinson has aged in the last two months considerably. This is effectively reducing his lifespan for years and tantamount to a postponed death penalty. Now, he is charged again and for the same “offence.” I did not know that this is possible in the UK. It would be a clear breach of the US Bill of Rights and that fact shows me AGAIN that all important individual rights are ONLY in the American constitution and NOT in the human rights chartas that the left pretends to love so much.

Ezra Levant is organizing crowdfunding for the legal costs. It says a lot when Jews desperately fight for innocent people who are falsely accused of fascism. It shows how deeply depraved the political left has become.