FB Opens AI Center in Munich Because Germany Is A Trailblazer For Censorship And Autocracy

For years, scientists have raised concerns about the ethical applications of artificial intelligence. Facebook said it chose Germany because of its position “at the forefront of the conversation.” Facebook announced on Sunday that it will help create an independent ethics research center for artificial intelligence (AI) with the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The technology giant said it will provide $7.5 million over five years as “an initial funding grant.”

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ZEIT Calls FARC Terrorists “Rebels”

The screenshot translates to: The ELN is the last active rebel group in the Latin American country. Duque’s predecessor Juan Manuel Santos ended the decades-old guerilla war with the left-wing rebels of the Revolutionary Forces of Columbia (FARC) with a peace treaty in November 2016.

ZEIT is one of the most influential, if not the most influential, mainstream newspapers for German elites.


Because Friday: Muslim Gay Pride

New Leak From Verfassungsschutz

This time the report was leaked that assasses reasons to monitor conservative party AfD. I am tired of this. How does one trust an agency that is constantly breaking the law to leak information to the press? I don’t trust them when they say that tapping phones and reading emails were off the table.

There is this very basic problem with the rule of law in Germany. The law does not apply to everyone equally. Some people, groups and institutions are getting away with everything while others are harrassed with police investigations into the most trivial nonsense all the time. But it is the rule of law, maybe even more fundamentally so than freedom of speech, without which a free society cannot exist. If one group can harrass the other without consequences, resentment grows until it erupts into violence.

The Series of Austrian Teen Girl Murders

Eric Metaxas Interviews Milo

I admit that it is a bit off-message, but Milo is European despite his new teeth and that gays are indistinguishable from us. It is a cheap excuse, but a nice interview.

The Vienna Roller Derby Has Male Cheerleaders