Do We Make Too Much Ado About Bullying?

This video has gone viral and receives a lot of attention from celebrities who want to signal their virtue on behalf of bully victims. It is the ultimate conservative buster because the complainer is not some ‘minority’ adult, but a cute little boy. Ben Shapiro’s battle cry ‘your feelings don’t matter’ would sound disturbing to any compassionate onlooker.

I hate these bully victim videos. Like most of them this one is at least to some extent staged. I saw a load of hate hoax claims particularly from adults over the years. Even high-up politicians like Katrin Göring-Eckhardt of the German Green party put their thin skin on display and read out internet hate messages. I have no doubt that this boy was mocked, yet the decision to catch his crying on camera is a bit unnatural. His ice-voice mother rather films and questions him than to give him a hug.

These videos are all precursors to attacks on free speech. They are the equivalent of the crying toddler footage that surfaces during every war in which our military/political elites take some interest in.

Now, I think of my own childhood and how I was raised. My parents taught me to never hurt some other kid if I was not physically attacked, to never go after a weaker kid and to simply ignore verbal attacks that I didn’t like. They also told me that if I get physically attacked, I should not go to teachers or other authorities but to beat the crap out of the attacker. If he/she was too strong I was expected to organize friends. I never needed to organize friends and I was hardly involved in physical fights because my parents gave me the tips how to handle myself.

Maybe this is the answer why we have all this mobbing and political aggression in the first place. As psychology professor Jordan Peterson points out the threat of low-level, yet physical violence can be a civilizing force. It is possible that we need to fear and learn from these threats to develop civilized, peaceful personalities.

Both of my parents, my mother and my father, say that they were doing the schoolyard brawls all by themselves. I find it troubling that kids don’t learn the social skills to avoid fights anymore and that there is an utter reliance on authorities. These kids will become adults who would never stand up against tyranny. So here I am, having all sympathies for the little man in the video, but I don’t really want to see him grow up to become a state-dependent pussy. I really have a problem with the mother’s cold, attention-seeking approach.

I believe that my parents made the right decisions. It didn’t harm me. I’m just a conservative war-monger now.


Germany found solution to make country safe again: Ban crime reporting!

Christmas time is here and the Minister of Interior [Police & Regime Propaganda], Thomas de Maizière, is expected to say how safe the streets are: “Germany has become more safehe said.

A statement that beggars sanity. Does it mean that Germany was less safe yesterday, this year, the last few years? Crime statistics, which the regime fabricates itself, show a rise of migrant crimes. In fact, since De Maizière is in office, terrorism and migrant crimes went up and through the roof.

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US American Felt She Had to Give Up All Contacts With Her German Friends to Save Them From Being Bullied

Almost More Journalists Than Protesters in Jerusalem

Gatestone has an excellent piece on the Jerusalem reporting. Journalist tourism is still a growing sector of the economy.

The Palestinians declared a three-day-long “rage” spree over US President Donald Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Thus far, however, it seems that the real anger is showing up in the international media, not on the Palestinian street.

Question: How many foreign journalists does it take to cover the Palestinian reaction to Trump’s announcement? Answer: As many as the Israel-Palestinian-conflict-obsessed-West can manage to send.

The massive presence of the international media in Jerusalem and the West Bank has taken even the Palestinians by surprise. Since Trump’s announcement on December 6, dozens of additional journalists and camera crews have converged on Israel to cover “the big story.”

The full story:  Gatestone Institute

The Ghost Ships From North Korea

In the fringe magazine, which belongs to mainstream media outlet ZEIT online, I found a remarkable horror story.

Last month alone, four ships have floated onto the shores of Japan. The ships were either unmanned or the men on board were dead. Eight corpses have been found on these four ships, but the phenomenon seems to be much older. Satoru Miyamoto, a professor of the Seigakuin University, told CNN that there is an increase in such ghost ship incidents since 2013.

The ships are all in bad shape, the dead and the occasionally found survivors look emaciated. Exhaustion is assumed to be the cause of death. Not only does the media avoid the story because it makes for a bad contrast between refugees and gold diggers, there also seems to be an odd cover-up narrative at play when the story does eventually surface.

The frail bodies are supposed to be fishers that were over-challenged by the onus of the expectations placed on them by the regime. I’m sure the occasionally rescued people say as defence that they were just out fishing. North Korea has a record of killing disloyal citizens even abroad. Who believes that people, said to be fishers, couldn’t catch fish to feed themselves?

Satoru Miyamoto, the professor mentioned above, was actually more detailed in his statement to CNN. He linked the increase of ghost ship sightings to Kim Jong Un’s decision to expand his income from fishery to invest more money into the military.

Of course, socialism is linked to exploitation and militarism, but in the mind of the left these things are features of the right. To say it more clearly, if even the clandestine support of North Korea is no longer tenable, the left will drop the country like a hot potato with the claim that we witness an instance of capitalism or, if they are brazen enough, some fascist, right-wing extremism.

As long as the relationship of the left with North Korea is still lukewarm, the ghost ship refugee crisis is shrouded under a second lie. The reports may be semi-fake. Not the reports about the ships themselves, but about the conditions in North Korea. The magazine writes: “The image of North Korea is a media creation” (German: Das Bild Nordkoreas ist mediengemacht). So not only eye-witness accounts like this TED talk, but also the mainstream media should be ignored.

This is an astonishing statement from a news publisher that has in the past described everybody who shows distrust in CNN, Washington Post and the New York Times as an assailant on the freedom of the press. For years Holtzbrinck (owner of, ZEIT, Tagesspiegel, Wirtschaftswoche etc) as well as the German mainstream media in general have linked the phrase ‘lying press’ (German: Lügenpresse) to the Nazis in order to say that a distrust in the media is akin to supporting Hitler.

“What happens in the country can only be guessed”, suggests. The ordinary Japanese citizens who don’t believe the narrative are mocked because they don’t trust the excuse of the rescued Koreans who must fear to be assassinated for disloyalty. The same media that tells us over and over again that Muslims must not be taken by their own words become very insistent that we accept the prepared statements of these Koreans refugees at face value. Nothing to see here. Just fishing. How strange.

(Note: Germany has diplomatic ties to North Korea. The embassy in Berlin is considered to be an important source of foreign currency.)

Africa Massacre Today

It is a bit off-topic given the usual content of my blog, but as the mainstream media is silent I want to give a quick shout-out to honor the victims.

In South Sudan 45 people were killed in a racially motivated fight.

In Kongo 19 soldiers were killed by rogue miliamen.


AfD Politician sued for “racial incitement” for reading out news about Muslim migrant crime

AfD politician, Rainer Rahn, of the Frankfurt city council, was sued for racial incitement by the left-wing faction leader of “Die Linke” Martin Kliehm. Why? He had the audacity to read 30 newspaper headlines out loud.

In an interview with Frankfurt broadcasting, Martin Kliehm said the AfD member was trying to incite the people against refugees, Muslims and migrants. Hence, he sued him.

The reason for Rahn’s action was his criticism of SPD party migration officer Aydan Özoguz. Mr. Özoguz said that there is no German culture because it has always been influenced by outside influences and migration.

Mr. Rahn proceeded to say that you can see the daily results of Migration on the street. He then read 30 newspaper headlines from different papers, on proven or suspected crimes by foreigners, Muslims and migrants.

Many councilmen left the room because of it. Mayor Uwe Becker even went so far as to call him an embarrassment, followed by applause.

Kliehm says Mr. Rahn was using this platform to demean refugees and migrants across the board, calling them criminal and inferior. He further believes he may have disrupted the public peace with his words.

Mr. Rahn told the Frankfurt broadcasting station: “There are enough idiots suing someone every day for something. That’s nothing strange.” He further stated that it was now in the hands of the judicial process to investigate the claims and that he is not worried by it.

The only racial incitement he sees was inflicted by the politician Özoguz when he stated that there is no German culture. “That’s incitement of the people!”

originally published on Voice of Europe