The Trustworthiness of The Media in Russia And The West (Konstantin Kisin)

People hate the media. Media dishonesty has accelerated considerably in the West since around 2015. The well-deserved loss of trust has made some jump onto the irrational assumption that whatever sounds the most remote from their media’s explanation is the reality. This “logic” has absurd side effects such as the mainstream media still remaining the compass and that their inconsistency must be mirrored whenever they knot their narrative into a pretzel.

In need of finding a standpoint that looks – at first glance – like the most remote one from that of Western media, a variety of political influencers have blindly trusted Russian media. The irony is big, literally, since Russian propaganda is infamous for its absurd level of inconsistency.


2 thoughts on “The Trustworthiness of The Media in Russia And The West (Konstantin Kisin)”

    1. The title reads “Lindsey Graham & John McCain in Ukraine: Preparing for a proxy war with Russia (2016)”, but they were not preparing a proxy war. They were declaring their support. The win over Russia is here not about defeating the invasion of the formal Russian troops, but of the ‘separatists’ and undercover Russian troops already illegally occupying the Donbas and Crimea.

      The ‘separatism’ farce is so thick that the first prime minister of the announced ‘People’s Republic of Donetzk’ Alexander Borodai did not only fail to adopt some Donetzk citizenship, but simply remained a proud Russian AND sits in the Russian parliament RIGHT NOW.

      It’s not hard to tell who is actually instigating this conflict.


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