The Trustworthiness of The Media in Russia And The West (Konstantin Kisin)

People hate the media. Media dishonesty has accelerated considerably in the West since around 2015. The well-deserved loss of trust has made some jump onto the irrational assumption that whatever sounds the most remote from their media’s explanation is the reality. This “logic” has absurd side effects such as the mainstream media still remaining the compass and that their inconsistency must be mirrored whenever they knot their narrative into a pretzel.

In need of finding a standpoint that looks – at first glance – like the most remote one from that of Western media, a variety of political influencers have blindly trusted Russian media. The irony is big, literally, since Russian propaganda is infamous for its absurd level of inconsistency.


A Glimpse Into Hate Management

I just read an article on the elitist, left-wing news blog ZEIT online and I’m mad again.

It describes a court verdict that allowed Kuwait Airways to deny the transportation of an Israeli passenger. There is a law in Kuwait that forbids making contracts with Israelis and upon realization of the passenger’s citizenship the airline offered to rebook the flight with another airline on their own expenses.

The Israeli was outraged and went to court out of spite. As frustrating as the experience was for the man, I still support both Kuwait Airways and the German court for the decisions they made.

What riles me up, though, is that the article does not expand on the issue itself, maybe by comparing Trump’s temporary travel ban to Kuwait’s permanent contract ban and the double standard of our outrage culture. Instead they chose to spend half of the article with the reaction of the Central Council of The Jews in Germany, the equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

I don’t have much love for the Central Council lobby group. Because of the sheer lack of Jews in general and in the public space in particular they hold an undue influence and are misunderstood by many as the vox populi of the Jews.

Anyway, the inclusion of their stupid quotes made the whole article about ‘the Jews’ and thus colored the comment section thereunder. One should know that ZEIT online has the best censored comment section outside North Korea and it sheds a light on ZEIT online which comments they delete and which are there to stay.

So here a summary of the comments:

User 4er opines that the Central Council should not interfere with politics, just as politics should not interfere with religion. The Central Council, like the ADL, is not even a religious organisation. And the interference is Putinesque: They voice their opinion.

User Thasma says he/she does not mind if Kuwait does not allow Israelis into the country. I bet Thasma would mind if the shoe was on the other foot.

Various users understand Kuwait’s position because no country can be forced to recognize Israel. The German double standard reeks. Germany does not only recognize but also has diplomatic ties to North Korea.

Some users start a discussion about circumcision. Why? Because Jews. Others start an off-topic discussion about the word anti-Semitism. For all who think it matters: It’s Jew hatred and never meant anything else.

Users trollinchen and Eugen0 declare that Arabs can’t set a foot into Israel in the same way that Israelis can’t travel to Kuwait. That lie is so obvious. If some lies or even truths are posted that reflect negatively on Arabs, ZEIT online habitually deletes them immediately. Not here. Why? Jews.

The gist of the comments is that Israel is evil and the man had it coming for his group identity. The PC crowd emphasizes that “not all Jews are Israelis” and so on. Fine. My problem is that the left has nothing, I emphasize NOTHING, against generalisation and group hatred. Their only contention with it is that THEY want to decide who must be hated. Eastern Europeans, the French, English-speakers, and Israelis must be hated. Muslims, blacks, homosexuals must be protected from hate. What about being just fair and reasonable? Why does the left need all the hate? And how do they always get away with their ‘catch the thief’ finger-pointing on hoax hate incidences? Doesn’t the entire power structure of the left now rest on the management of hate these days?


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