Brainstorming European Crises

Despite the necessity to face an impending food crisis the European Union and the Dutch government have shoved down an anti-agriculture directive which keeps stirring up mass protests and violent altercations in the Netherlands. The German parliament Bundestag has turned down the option to continue nuclear energy. The ECB keeps flooding the place with money, but given the inflation that is going to change. A disorganised brainstorm.


Helen Dale On Ukraine And Her Own Experience With Dishonest Fascism Allegations

Helen Dale’s first novel ‘The Hand That Signed The Paper’ won critical acclaim and a variety of prestigious prizes like the Miles Franklin Award. Yet, what followed her heightened visibility in the public eye was not a privileged pathway to more success, but a decades-long cancel-culture witchhunt. In her book she described the pressures on and the weaknesses of Ukrainians during WWII. Stalin committed a genocide against them only a few years earlier. The Nazis, at the time, looked like an opportunity to break free from Russian control. It is this historical dilemma Vladimir Putin weaponizes against Ukraine today. In those dark years a disproportionate number of Holocaust enablers emerged from this brutalised country. Cultures change. Ukrainians have made huge strides in the past. One very visible, and thus often repeated, example is that they voted for a president who is the descendent of survivors of both major genocides the country had seen, the Holocaust and the Holodomor.

The Diversity Questionaire of The Movie Subsidy Office of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein

Hollyweird is a SJW cult. True. They have hijacked brands and franchises and they squeeze the last bit of fun out of beloved characters and ideas. But the professionals in L.A. do it voluntarily. They exploit and plunder what their elders had left them. As dire as this image is it could be worse.

Cut to Germany: For decades everybody with a thought of his own has been shouted off the stages. The theatres and microphones are under the firm control of the mediocre. Barely anything of value is produced and the entire industry is uncommercial. They cannot stand international competition, but that does not mean they would not compete at all. They have to be accepted in the circle of the cult, and for that they need to produce content and raise funding. #Arts in Germany today is dependent on government #subsidies.

This year the movie subsidy office of the city state of Hamburg and the state of Schleswig-Holstein have compiled a mandatory application form for the inclusion of the inclusively included inclues, the diverse and multisexual. I run you through the questionaire so that you, too, can raise government funds to produce #propaganda garbage one day. Maybe you’ll be lucky and your work gets aired on the public broadcasters *gush*.

The download links:

Activist Kübra Gümüşay Does Not Want To Be Your Cleaner (Ep. 1)

In my ✨favorite✨ newspaper ZEIT I found a book review that intrigued me. It was titled, “Never Again An Intellectual Cleaner.” So I decided to use this peek hole to discuss the social justice warrior subculture, its thinking and strategies in more detail. The article also linked up a video that showed Ms Gümüşay giving a speech at the “progressive” convention re:publica. The speech itself was so bizarr that I did not just translate excerpts – like I originally intended – but the whole thing which I will share with you in this video series. This first episode is a brief introduction in the review, the convention and the activist.

Spontaneous Doomsday Review of The EU Election

My review of the 1st EU commission candidate debate:

The Leftist McCarthyism Cannot Last Forever

James Damore

Now that Breitbart is on a mission to take Google apart I may let up on it a bit. The memo culprit James Damore, a biology PhD from Harvard, has been fired. Breitbart has reached out to Google’s employees to speak out about their mistreatments. I think this could be the beginning of Google’s ending and that is ultimately a good thing.

Main competitor Microsoft (search engine behind bing and yahoo and probably the most inclusive work place in the world) does not display the same madness. The Yahoo image and video search is of a higher quality than Google’s. And what are we searching other than official websites of organisations or Wikipedia, anyway? Google’s edge is in the prettier design. All other advantages have gone for a while now.

Two decades ago people thought Microsoft is evil and invincible. Today their products are choices on a competitive market. The outrage they have caused where about technological issues that could be fixed.

What the recent development shows, however, is how much of silicon valley has become a cult. Every of their ills are commonplace at Scientology or Jehovah’s Witness churches. They are just a far more influential cult, something we have not seen in the Western World since the decline of the big churches in Europe after WWII. Maybe it is something on par with the rise of Islamism.

One nagging question remains. When will it stop? The McCarthy era was a matter of about five years. You could be an open socialist without losing your job soon after. The social justice warrior era, however, dies a slow death, a very slow death.

Joe McCarthy

Part of its zombi antics may have to do with its long build-up. The McCarthy craze was a shock, strongly felt and short, a phase that set in after Hitler was defeated and the Soviets suddenly flashed their claws.

The social justice warrior disease started decades ago with good causes and ended not just as rackets but as cults. And as in any cult the victims don’t play a role to the true followers who are many.

Because it is so old and has grown out of something fairly innocent, everyone of us had been part of the cult in one way or another and I wonder if I was ever more into it than on the fringes. Alternatively, I might have been so far involved in the inner workings to get thrown out of it with a special vigor. I considered myself a feminist when nobody else did and asked for gay marriage when the Green party people were not even there yet.

Still, I don’t remember to have ever tried to silence people. I don’t remember to have ever had that blood lust for people being removed from their jobs, their families, their children and so on. At least, well, I don’t remember it.

Eva Herman

I was indifferent, though, about the dismissal of star news anchor Eva Herman, who criticised feminism in 2006. When she had to leave, our country was still open to debates. I was okay with it because she was rich and I believed it wasn’t a big deal for her.

Herman lost her money quickly when her real estate investments went downhill. The media mocked her when she made ever more outlandish comments. Yes, she was becoming crazy. It was then that I started to feel compassionate to her. The events kept coming in. Cancer researcher Tim Hunt, for example, was shot down for making a joke about how he met his wife. Germany’s most prominent feminist Alice Schwarzer defended him, and I was on her and his side against the weirdo feminists. Javascript inventor Brendon Eich had to step down as CEO of Firefox for a private donation to the Proposition 8 cause to ban gay marriage in California. We all know the many examples.

In one way or another we all followed the unnamed religion. So many ‘facts’ circled around unchecked that it took us a while to dismiss a significient number of them. A necessity to wake up. One will never be free of all of them.

I believe that the monster can only be killed by telling the truth and busting the lies. The character of us human beings will never change. Some will always find excuses for witchhunts. A climate of lies and fear just makes it easier for such individuals. More people must speak up. As long as only few dare the price they pay will be high. James Damore paid his price.

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