News Show Tagesthemen Celebrates Inflation

Our public broadcaster aired a speech by Detlef Flintz which sounds like a page from the Great Reset playbook. And it is shockingly direct. Yes, you will consume less. Yes, you will be forced. Yes, you will produce differently. Yes, masses will have to rely on welfare. Yes, we will rebrand it as basic income. Yes, we do make comforting promises about its sufficiency. Telling the masses these things plainly is so far the most brash test balloon that I have seen.


Ayn Rand Versus Newspaper ZEIT

If you want to control men, you must kill his wishes, aspirations, and everything that is holy to him. Sneer and derision can destroy what logical arguments can’t. Ayn Rand analyzed in her novel “The Fountainhead” the mechanism of authoritarianism. Amidst our freedom-suffocating crisis there are some who enjoy themselves way too much.

Elisabeth Raether smells blood. The death of capitalism is in the air. Her article, co-signed by ZEIT deputy editor-in-chief Bernd Ulrich and Correspondent for Economics Mark Schiertz, exhilarates in the face of the death of ambition, of market demand, and of hope. The title: Do I Need This? (German: Brauch ich das?)

(fountainhead excerpt):

Giovanni di Lorenzo’s Strategy Paper

Giovanni di Lorenzo is a co-publisher of the newspaper Tagesspiegel, editor-in-chief of ZEIT and host of the talkshow “3nach9” (aired by the public broadcasting agency ARD). In this position he issued a little strategy paper masquerading as an op-ed. What he suggests and why power does talk publicly and not behind the scenes is discussed in the video.

The article:

My video about Diana Kinnert.

The Stuttgart Sword Murder in The Middle of The Street

A Syrian refugee, oops, cough, a Palestinian from Jordan hacked a man to death in the middle of the street. Many witnesses, including children, were present. It comes with a downside. Photos and video footage are circling the internet causing headaches in newsrooms and the halls of power. Is the current legal situation able to punish citizens who show the negative effects of left-wing policies? Should new legislation be introduced? The Federal Department of Justice are already working on it. The Coalition Treaty has a stronger iron fist against unpretty images already scheduled.

NY Times
Washington Post
Dushan Wegner
Tweet of the State Department in Baden-Württemberg
statement of Justice Minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg
Deutschlandfunk on why they don’t want to report

Infiltration And Justified McCarthyism – Sample Case: Diana Kinnert

Her publisher ‘rowohlt’ presenting her:

Her personal homepage:

Anja Reschke’s Show “Panorama” in Nuremberg Laws Mode

correction:I thought, NDR were the largest public broadcaster unit at the time, but it is the second largest. WDR is bigger.

The link to the unedited, uncommented section of the show:

Merkel’s Secret Media Talks

The court verdict:

Click to access beschluss-vg-27-l-369-16.pdf

Mainstream Media Bashing Bloggers – Milo Attends Blogger Conference


Milo headline:

Room change:

Alto Analytics:

Second tagesschau report:

NDR report,twitter948.html

The ZEIT article my email referred to (also quoted):

AfD Man Andreas Winhart Sues Persian-German Comedian Enissa Amani Over Insults


Youtubers Cause Mass Brawl in Berlin

Misspoke: I didn’t want to say more than 100 subscribers, but 100,000.subscribers.

Example reports for the brawl yesterday:

The mass brawl the day before:

The mass brawl last Saturday:

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