ZEIT Calls FARC Terrorists “Rebels”

The screenshot translates to: The ELN is the last active rebel group in the Latin American country. Duque’s predecessor Juan Manuel Santos ended the decades-old guerilla war with the left-wing rebels of the Revolutionary Forces of Columbia (FARC) with a peace treaty in November 2016.

ZEIT is one of the most influential, if not the most influential, mainstream newspapers for German elites.



That Was A Real Scene of A German State TV Show

Video on YouTube at image time

I Cannot Say How Glad I Am Not To Be A Christian These Days

Jesus the Muslim
Jesus, the son of G-d

Subtitle printed twice, upside down: What Islam and Christianity Share and What Sets Them Apart.

ZEIT Doles Out New Strategy Paper For The Left

What I find fascinating about conspiracy theorists is that they consistently seem to miss the communication between the decision makers. It forces them to fill the gaps with speculation. All major decisions are made by people with high profile jobs and their communication is happening in bright daylight.

A recent example is a strategy paper (supposedly) penned by ZEIT writer Frieda Thurm. It is published as a column as if it were of interest to your average Joe.

Like most articles today, it starts with a lie that a child could detect as such. Thurm claims that “racist” comments which would have been answered with objection only a few years ago are now normalized. The examples are: Somebody spoke of a “race war” during a protest march, a court case about a Facebook post about a rape case, and a scandalized parliament speech by AfD MP Alice Weidel who spoke of “headscarf girls”. Yes, even court cases and media outrage are “no objection”, according to Thurm.

This lack of objection were a sign of a political shift in favor of the right. She continues to discuss a recent murder case. A 17-year-old girl was found dead in a refugee accommodation. She will now try to make the case that journalists jumped on that supposedly irrelevant story because they have become more Nazi-like.

The story was presented by news agency dpa with the mentioned information at 1:00 a.m. in the night. Thurm says that it were not political because Germany had 2,379 cases of murder in the last year alone. The case of a 28-year-old man the night before had been no big story, either, she argues. He had been beaten to death by four men. Thurm judges that it was correct not to mention him (I suspect – without evidence – that he was also killed by recent migrants or their children).

As it turned out the suspected murderer of the girl was not a refugee. And this changes the story for her. Now, it is irrelevant because he did not come with the wave 2015.

The house served as a refugee accommodation and a low-rent home and at 8:30 the news agency changed the description to “municipal accommodation.” Refugees and Germans live there, says AFP, another news agency, shortly thereafter. Obviously the journalists were investigating feverishly every trace that leads away from the migation problem.

At 9.18 news agency dpa reports that the suspected perpetrator has a German citizenship. Again a lot of effort went into finding traces leading away from the migration problem. They even present a potential motive. The police does not “rule out a relationship issue”. At 10:33 it is clear that the suspect has both a German and a Kenian citizenship. Thurm concludes, “With this knowledge the controversy about the relevance of the case should actually be settled.”

I find the honesty baffling. Relevance is only defined as “Does it question Merkel’s decisions?” If it does and cannot be kept from the public, it gets attention and must be played down or be dealt with in another helpful way. Thurm is angry about the fact that this story came to light even though it did not help the government and it was not neccessary to protect the government against it.

Woefully she complains about right-wing trolls that “redefine the case as an example of a failed refugee policy”. They pretended that they feel sad about the victim and “spread hate”, she says.

The fact that the Kenian is probably a refugee anyway or should not be in the country for comparable reasons, policies people want to change, does not matter to her. If you even think about his Kenian citizenship, she warns, you should ask yourself whether something “inside of you has shifted”.

Yes, they have to report crimes from migrants, she admits. She even mentions that they appear more often in the police statistics. She explains that with their male gender, a supposed “traumatization” and unspecified “circumstances”. The problem, she recognizes, is that reporting causes interest and that causes relevance for future reporting. She would rather report about other crimes. She suggests to talk about the domestic violence cases instead.

ZEIT Fears That Merkel’s Once Conservative Party Might Become Conservative Again

Title: Change of the CDU – Angela Merkel’s left-wing and liberal [leftliberal] heritage
Teaser: The Chancellor made the CDU attractive for women, the young and academics. Many hope for a return of the conservatives now. This could hurt the party more than it would help.

ZEIT: AIDS Ain’t A Death Sentence

Title: The Disease Is Still There, But It Isn’t A Death Sentence Anymore.
Teaser: Felix Martin, 23, MP of his state parliament for the Greens, gay and HIV+. He is open about his disease – because he wants everybody to know.

I’m really done with this gay crap. I don’t mean gay people, but this milieu. HIV is a death sentence.You take medicine that is affecting your body adversely. Whatever will be the disease that is going to take you out will most likely be the result of other adverse factors in the complex system of your body and HIV will be a part of it.
And even if it were not lethal anymore, the drugs cost more money than you will ever earn. It is utterly anti-social to play HIV down and this misbeahavior has become common in the gay comunity. I will not walk on eggshells.

“Conservative” Newspaper WELT on Jacob Rees-Mogg

Title: This Man Was Already a Declaration of War at The Age of 19
Teaser: The excentric millionaire Jacob Reese-Mogg stands for a hard Brexit like hardly anybody else. Author Carl von Siemens was at the same college with him. An intimate portrait of a charmant reactionary.