Paul Joseph Watson on The Decline of Hollywood


Socialist Pedo Whoopie on the Roman Polanski And Bill Cosby Cases


“Would I want my 14-years-old having sex with somebody? – Not necessarily. No.”, says Whoopie Goldberg. However, the case in question was a 13-year-old girl being drugged and raped by Roman Polanski in Jack Nicholson’s mansion.

Goldberg suggests that it might be okay in Europe. She knows better since she lived in East Germany between 1979 and 1981. Nobody ever asked her why she moved to a socialist dictatorship and she publicly defended socialism many years thereafter.

Notice that in the Polanski video (the 1st above) the two women arguing against Polanski are both comedians. The Bill Cosby case (in the second video) was only discussed on The View because Rosie O’Donnel insisted on it against the wishes of Goldberg.

Hollywood has few tracks to success:

  • Being related to an insider
  • Sleeping with somebody
  • Whoring out children
  • Being very outspoken about left-wing causes

Comedian’s build up their audiences in bars and clubs, from the bottom. If there are no politicians or business men in the studio they are usually the smartest people on the screen. That does not even mean much. The competition of bimbo singers, actors and athletes make it happen. This track comes with one caveat: They must be useful for left-wing policies while their star is rising.

Whoopie Goldberg’s stage career was floundering before she began to shoot movies. Her own jokes are weak. My guess is – and it’s a guess; so don’t try me on libel – that she took the pimp track.

Fellow feminist Meryl Streep famously led the cheer of Roman Polanski at an award show after it was already known what he did. When he was in prison she publicly said that she was sorry; not sorry for what he did, but for him being jailed. She now pretends to be shocked about her already ousted mentor Harvey Weinstein who is charged for rape and sexual misconduct.

These same people are constantly lecturing us on how we should vote. Leftists protect them and say that what we see in Hollywood is common in Western society. What is most depressing, though, is that large parts of the population are too dense to even decipher the most heavy-handed narratives in Hollywood’s output.

The creeping policy-making has a long history. Things accelerated, however, in the 90s. The sitcom “Roseanne” is sometimes credited with swaying the general election in favor of Bill Clinton. We remember the movie “Mrs Doubtfire” which presented crossdressing in an utterly family-friendly way. No conservative would object to a father doing everything to see his kids. I have no problem exposing cross-dressing to children, but I realize how this was supposed to normalize something in a population where such things were not respected. It had a purpose.

My first wake up moment was the movie “Titanic”, which is pure feminist hackery from start to finish. All talking points from forced marriage, violence in relationships, to class and power are blatantly thrown into the viewers’ face. When I saw it, I was a feminist and I liked the narrative. Yet when I discussed the movie everybody assured me that I was over-interpreting it. They claimed it was only shallow puff. There was no recognition of a message whatsoever. If you can stomach it, watch it for yourself. Every single scene has a feminist talking point. All the dialogues could come straight out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth.

As I said, I was a feminist and I liked it at the time. I also enjoyed the movie “Set It Off”, which is another set of leftist talking points woven into a weird plot.

They were still films the message was snuck into. They had some merit beyond the blatant hackery. I haven’t been to the movies for quite some times. But with youtube came access to snippets of a variety of movies and there I saw scenes from the Thatcher movie “The Iron Lady” with Meryl Streep.

This is an entirely different kettle of fish. All of a sudden I hear people praising it for being kind to Thatcher and nuanced. It is one leftist lie after the next. Thatcher is presented as cruel, weird and stupid. Streep plays Thatcher’s typical facial movements and gesture so against the context of the given scene that Jack the Ripper looks trustworthy in comparison. The supposedly relatable part is that Thatcher is presented as a power hungry feminist fighting against white straight males.

And yet the wider public does not even notice that movies and shows have a message and that a script is often drafted as a character assassination under the guise of art. They are utterly in the dark about what people are involved and that they have ties to news media, government bureaucracy and the US Democrats. The most deviant people have an astonishing sway over the minds of the general population. It’s a serious threat to our democracy.

P.S. Whoopie Goldberg mentions to have been charged with a crime in the second video and challenges viewers to google it. Google it! The cover up is perfect. They certainly did not mean a contract violation!



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State TV is the Opposite of State Dependency – says Head of ARD Karola Wille

Karola Wille

ARD is one of three large agencies that constitute German public broadcasting. With an annual budget of about 8 billion euro per year Germany has the most expensive state propaganda machinery in the world.

The following article is a translation of a piece by Dr. Wolfgang Hintze, originally published on the blog of civil rights hero Vera Lengsfeld.

Do you know the opposite of the state? Anti-statism? Independence from the state? Free media? All wrong! The answer is: the opposite of the state is tax-financed public broadcasting!

You don’t believe it? I first did neither, but Monday evening it was officially announced on news shows Tagesschau:

The model of a tax-financed broadcast is the exact opposite of the state, because the state does not pay for what it offers, but the citizens.

This cynical sentence, which mocked the population, was offered to the viewer. Those who understood it immediately are shocked, the rest can follow them next. Bear with me!

The citizen, who under the threat of state sanctions (i.e. drastic penalties) must pay a compulsory fee to preserve the ever-growing public broadcasters, is used as legitimization that public broadcasting is the opposite of the state.

The public service broadcaster is thus a kind of broadcasting from the citizen to the citizen, a circle of well-wishers who like to throw their money into the tithe.

There are two aspects: firstly, funding through a compulsory fee imposed by the state, and secondly the program offered for it. The fee/tax is indeed independent of whether the citizen can receive any program at all – an absurdity which can hardly be explained to any rational man.

In addition to the “Bread and Games” section, the contents are often state propaganda and a leadership cult, critical reports are a rarity. The Tagesschau is called by many “Aktuelle Kamera”, which was the name of the news show in socialist Eastern Germany, a show which people only accidentally saw if they did not change the channel in time. Free information is obtained from today’s “Western television”, the Internet.

Mathias Döpfner, President of the Federal Association of Newspaper Publishers, has now criticized public broadcasters with a bold comparison:

“It takes a variety of private media options. To have only state television and a state press representation on the internet would be rather to the taste of North Korea.”

ARD chairwoman Karola Wille, the woman who gave us the bonmot about the definition of the opposite of state, is outraged:

Such a choice of words plays into the hands of populists and conspiracy theorists. The ARD and the newspapers should rather stand together for what makes us strong and what our society needs. And that is credibility today, that is reliability, that is good journalism.

Well roared, lioness!

But who is Karola Wille? According to Wikipedia she was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt in Saxony [then GDR]. She entered the [socialist all-controlling party] SED at the age of 18, studied law in the lawless GDR, and worked at the Leipzig Institute for International Studies. The latter had a keen eye on the “class enemy”, i.e. Western Germany. She worked there with a high-ranking secret service member, a stasi officer. For some time she was also married with a military prosecutor of the GDR.

Honestly, who would not like to see Frau Wille at the highest post of the central propaganda department of the Federal Republic – the public service broadcasting agency ARD – with this impressive CV? Nobody has to wonder why people find the compulsive fee utterly cynical.