Hamed Abdel-Samad Thrown Off Youtube


Youtubers Cause Mass Brawl in The City of Frankfurt



Youtubers Cause Mass Brawl in Berlin

Misspoke: I didn’t want to say more than 100 subscribers, but 100,000.subscribers.

Example reports for the brawl yesterday:




The mass brawl the day before:

The mass brawl last Saturday:

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“Liberal” Brit Nick Clegg Tries To Manipulate EU Elections Through Facebook Ad Restrictions

Reuters reports that social media platform Facebook recently promised to tighten the rules and safeguard surrounding political advertisements on the site; this is apparently being done in order to reign in foreign influence in elections ahead of European elections this year. Facebook’s recently-appointed Head of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg, told a news conference: “We will require those wanting to run political and issue ads to be authorized, and we will display a ‘paid for by’ disclaimer on those ads.”

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