Climate Terrorists

The village of Lützerath is deserted. It’s inhabitants have been resettled and financially compensated for their property. A nearby coal mine is set to be expanded. Did I say ‘deserted’? No, not deserted. A battalion of climate activists occupy the village to protest the project. And with ‘protest’ I mean sabotage. And with ‘battalion’ I mean battalion.

The police was welcomed with a barrage of molotov cocktail, fire crackers, empty bottles and stones. And whilst the clashes were going on, the police headquarters announced that the removal of the occupiers is going well and that resistance to the police to the point where the officers have to carry the seated rebels physically out of the zone were a reasonable form of protest. The speaker added that he had no information yet about injured officers.

Great! If it should be true that no officer was injured, it is not because things ‘went very well,’ but because of pure luck. Things don’t go well when security forces are attacked. Things don’t go well, either, when the tax-payer has to pay such expenses because ever more freaks get away with ever more crime and are emboldened by the media and politicians every step on the way. Said cost is habitually added to the ledger of coal mining and serves as an additional argument for the freaks that coal were supposedly more expensive than the much subsidised and privileged “renewable” energies.

It is cynical how the speaker of the police depreciates the value of his colleague’s safety in that manner. We have become used to the idea that police officers should suck up everything that comes their way. Each new year violence against them is ramping up. The men and women who signed up to guarantee law and order do not receive a staggering risk premium. They expect to enjoy a normal job and a normal life like everybody else. They are not supposed to be maimed or killed and their children are not supposed to be traumatised by whatever happens to them. They are first and foremost fellow citizens. Their bodily integrity is not just cheap.

On New Year’s Eve riots shook Berlin. This time it wasn’t climate freaks, but stray goons mostly from migrant milieus. They, too, attacked security forces, but also ambulances and the fire brigade. The lacklustre response from the elites also reflected how little they value the attacked. In this case, unsurprisingly, any effort to learn anything about it and to work towards a solution was foiled by the overriding interest to not name the perpetrators. Media and politicians did their best to force the incidence into an irrelevant pattern so they don’t have to deal with the matching one. So instead of figuring out how the specific subgroup of Muslim men must be handled, we hear that ‘young men’ went rogue, that social workers are overworked and underpaid, and that fire crackers should be banned. The lives of firefighters, police officers and first-aid medics are apparently just too cheap to care.

In Lützerath the climate “protestors” have revealed themselves to be utter terrorists. They prepared their forceful removal with pales to cling on to. They deliberately planned not to cooperate with law enforcement. Lucky for them, popular news show Tagesschau had announced a “non-word” only a few days ago. It was, drum roll, ‘climate terrorist.’ What a “non-word” is, you ask? Well, that is a baddy-bad word which you should no longer use in polite company. That sounds straight-up Orwellian, you say? Yes. But don’t Germans have some antenna for such creepy, obviously totalitarian practices? No. The answer is: no, really not. Indeed, at that point the tradition of news anchors announcing “non-words” goes back many decades without people talking back. This short year Tagesschau had even announced a second “non-terminology”. If you just thought that the pronunciation of ‘climate terrorist’ as a no-no sounds very 1984, you have not heard that one. It’s ‘freedom’. I kid you not. Just follow this link to google translate. The AI cannot handle the word ‘non-terminology’ (or more verbatim: vapid expression of the year, German: Floskel des Jahres) and renders it as ‘phrase’, but you get the dismissive vibe anyways. And Tagesschau still remains to be seen as a respectable news show.

And the reason is, of course, that democracy had always been largely performative in this country. Voting is casting a paper into a box. Free speech is repeating what the news anchors suggest. Freedom is an eye-roller that one has to endure to have democracy. And democracy is whatever the elites do. Germany is progressive. A progressive is somebody who never wondered what something is for, but knows already that it can be removed.

Recently, Interior Minister Nancy Faser argued that the burden of proof should be with the defendant. That would make the conviction easier. Yes, sure. Thankfully she talked to some people later who had advised her not to upend the entire legal foundation of the Western world. The bummer is that she is a trained lawyer. I’d be shocked to hear such words out of anybody’s mouth, but I find it even more irritating that somebody can graduate in law and speak of the ease of convictions like that. But then again I’m not a progressive. I’m a person who occasionally wonders what something is for.

The German face of Fridays for Future Luisa Neubauer recently said that we don’t have the ‘choice between time and democracy.’ Her poor verbal skills save her from easy quoting, but she responded with that phrase to the argument that it takes some time to organise a majority in a democracy. And this is where I have to concede some sympathy with the overall radicalisation. Her generation is not used to debate, organisation of new political majorities for any purposes, or really any democratic procedures. The current Chancellor was Angela Merkel’s Finance Minister and Merkel headed the government for 16 years straight. Civil rights are not respected and freedom is an eye-roller among the snobs. So what pathway do climate activists have outside of violence? Leave alone that I don’t agree with their cause and that I think that they have to consider their fallibility real fast. What procedure is available to advance their extreme proposals? On what stage would they have to concede their mistakes? I’m not saying that I condone violence. What I’m saying is that if all pathways are cut, people do resort to violence. And the pathways are cut. The cost of participation is deliberately driven to prohibitive levels. You either have democracy or violence and I predict that we will see more and more violence.


4 thoughts on “Climate Terrorists”

      1. I don’t have any words for any of this anymore. I’ve been grieving the end of the world that I gre up in ever since the stolen 2020 election here in the USA. Und ich weiß die ganze western world geht den Bach hinunter, nicht nur die USA. A brave new world awaits us.

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        1. My mourning comes in waves of anger, sadness and fear. I constantly think that I want to go back. Another acid feature of progressivism outside of its mindless destruction is that they demonize ‘yesterday.’ Whatever gets lost may not be addressed. You are left with your grief and be damned as a person of yesterday (German: von gestern).

          As silly as it sounds my hope is with the US. It is also the reason why I post much less than I used to because I don’t think anything can move here until America goes ahead. On a bright side the election fraud (whether sufficient to determine the outcome or not) might look like a much smaller deal in hindsight. Who remembers the voting fraud allegations around John F. Kennedy? America did climb out of a lot morass in the 1980s after that. Not all hope was lost.

          The American system has the overall potential for renewal. It’s not that Ron Desantis alone will make or break it, but the fact that somebody like him and also a lot of good people in the Republican camp in general are motivated gives me hope. Desantis could drop dead and Tom Cotton could come up. When Cotton drops dead, Glenn Youngkin might come up. Youngkin drops dead and Nikki Haley moves up …

          I have come to the realization that the election system here in Germany attracts very low people. They all have to serve the party leadership for decades, totally compromising their integrity along the way until they move into a position of power. On an international stage they usually don’t know what to do and seek leadership from outside. None of them are original thinkers. The only exception to that rule was Angela Merkel and she was a negative exception. She was the power-hungry intellect among the fools and was simply ruthless enough to manipulate everyone around her. So the system attracts the type over-challenged, mediocre stooges in constant search of guidance and the power-hungry ruthless exception.

          And the low-iq non-leadership that never explains its actions and constantly begs for cooperative international initiatives invites a lot of far-fetched conspiracy theories. I have also slowed down my internet communication because the number of people who have lost the plot has grown exponentially. And I do not support blunt anti-Americanism. You have noticed that kind of talk in the US as well. Decades of indoctrination did not only turn the left against America, but also a surprising number of right-wingers. It depresses me. We can all agree that the intelligence community and administrative body (“deep state”) behaves very badly at times, but people lose me when they believe in superpowers and insist that the folks who could not group more than a handful of individuals around Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden would drum up popular uprisings all around the world.


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