The Beef Over Meat – The Political Aftermath of The Covid-19 Outbreaks In Slaughterhouses

Slaughterhouses are the gates of hell. The Covid-19 coronavirus thrives in the cold environment. But our elites have found a different set of reasons behind the outbreaks: work conditions, low wages, egg and milk prices, bad accommodations, a lack of supermarket price cartels, a type of service treaties (Werkvertrag) … you name it.

The outbreaks are used as a club against the industry. In this case the left has chosen victims that absolutely deserve it. The companies that have become the focus of attention have pushed every competition out of the market by breaking existing laws. This has been going on for years, but in the past they were spared prosecution, maybe because they are so committed to the ‘fight against the right.’ Why would anybody think that new laws help when old ones were not enforced? The law of the land is loyalty to the zeitgeist and sometimes, even then, you are thrown under the bus anyway.

animal protection contribution tax
obection to work treaty/service contract abolition
abolition of treaties decided
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vion case, zdf
Tönnies, antibiotic resistance past
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Original Play – How To Protect Children?

After ARD show “Kontraste” aired a report on “Original Play” the game and its inventor, US American Fred Donaldson, are under criticism for allegedly having facilitated child abuse. The states of Berlin and Brandenburg have banned the game from child care facilities. Plans to include the game in the programs of multiple nurseries in the Swiss cities of Bern and Sursee have been shelved as well.

Donaldson’s esoteric concept is not new on the political left and had its heyday in the 60s and 70s when anti-authoritarian child-rearing and Kinderladen (“children’s shops,” i.e. unprofessional supervision) broke down the barriers between adults and minors. The “decriminalisation” of pedophilia even made it into the election campaign platforms of the Green party at the time. But also innocent youth organisations like the Scouts BSA (formerly Boy Scouts of America) attract certain people. How can we shelter our children without over-protecting them?

the mentioned video by Rebecca Hargreave alias Blonde in the Belly of the Beast.

Lutheran Church Sends Migrant Rescue Ship Into The Med

Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, the president of the council of the Lutheran Church, has announced that they will purchase and sent a “rescue ship” to the Mediterranean Sea. Various groups of the “civil society” are expected to join in and the Catholic Council of the Bishops has already signalled its support. The step follows a resolution of the Lutheran Church Day. A look at the other passed, not yet materialized, resolutions show the nature of the church today.

Link to the resolutions.

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Giovanni di Lorenzo’s Strategy Paper

Giovanni di Lorenzo is a co-publisher of the newspaper Tagesspiegel, editor-in-chief of ZEIT and host of the talkshow “3nach9” (aired by the public broadcasting agency ARD). In this position he issued a little strategy paper masquerading as an op-ed. What he suggests and why power does talk publicly and not behind the scenes is discussed in the video.

The article:

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Meet Dubious German Intelligence Agency Verfassungsschutz

Bildergebnis für agent trenchcoat

Each of the 16 States of Germany has one. The Federal Government has one, too: A Secret service agency of the category “Verfassunsgsschutz”. Normal secret services arrest foreign spies, prevent terror attacks from happening or protect computer systems. Not so the Verfassungsschutz which is explicitly forbidden by law to help the police in any form.

I hear you scratch your head. 16+1 agencies not fighting off the villains?

That’s right.

So what do they do?

They present reports listing groups and people they claim to be a threat to the constitution. Since none of the information coming out of their monitoring activity goes to the police (that is verboten), we are talking about hit lists. Think of the Verfassungsschutz report as an equivalent to the webpage of the Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC. Journalists crow over it to justify their hatred with the backing of an authority.

But unlike the SPLC they are not a private organisation. They are secret service agencies with spies infiltrating opposition groups to collect information. The past has shown that agents even play a vital role in crminial activities perpetrated by some of the observed groups. Sometimes they account for all of them.

Peter Urbach for example handed out molotow cocktails to students in a protest march against media empire Springer. The Baader-Meinhof Gang was a likely offshot of the radicalisation that followed.

Their goal is and always has been to discredit opposition to the main parties.

Since the late eighties conservative party Republikaner, who were originally founded over the distress about money being credited to the East German dictatorship, were included into the Verfassungsschutz report.

As a result many civil servants and respected members of society left the party. The layabouts formed the cesspool of anti-Semites and madmen that the big parties always painted the Republikaner to be.

The Verfassungsschutz does not only go after conservatives. They gunned at the destruction of many groups including Socialist party DIE LINKE and – in their early phase – the Green party.