The Migration Wave From Belarus

Around 40 flights from the Middle East land at Minsk airport everyday. Thousands of migrants amass on the border to Lithuania, Latvia and Poland to put pressure on their border controls. The numbers keep rising because Belarusian President Alexandr Lukashenko issues plenty of ‘tourist visas’ to load his weapon, the weapon of mass migration. The migrants are a retaliation for EU’s sanction which followed election fraud, a brutal crackdown and the forced landing of an Irish airline flight to arrest oppositional blogger Raman Pratasevich Раман Пратасевіч.


3 thoughts on “The Migration Wave From Belarus”

  1. I am sure Ben, that is what the messed up world is doing. Surely, German television shows some of America on their southern borders. They are open; there are some “walls’ built during Trump’s time, which Biden stopped. Yet, we are still paying the construction companies according to their contract with America. The border towns are over run because our Border Security guys are ordered by Biden, NOT to stop or prosecute. The small towns along Mexico from California to Arizona to Texas are losing the battle. Migrants from Central America are destroying their fields and crops, squatting on their lands. Most disturbing is the fact, that America lets the Drug Cartel enter freely. Crime has gone up several folds and the liberal states like California, Wasghinton, Oregon have given up on our laws and release dangerous criminals from the prisons. It is very clear what this administration is trying to do, BUY “warm bodies” the migrants and turn them into voters. They are planning on paying each person in a migrant household $ 450,000 because of the separation of families during Donald Trump’s time, while our soldiers can barely make it after they return injured, mutulated form our foreign wars. Something is wrong with this whole picture that we see around the world. Why countries do not band together and go after China, who has literally destroyed economies around the world and killed millions of people with their virus let out intentionally, is beyond me.

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    1. I pay more attention to those developments than most people here. On ARD you don’t here about the migrant caravans and how they tramble over and destroy the land. What you describe is outrageous! I didn’t know these details. I did not know that the government keeps paying contractors that are stopped from working. I did not know that the illegals get paid THAT much for breaking the law. My suspicion is that a lot of these depraved people who are responsible for this hope that somebody else down the line is stopping the consequences of their actions. This is what I think is the constant of progressive politics. Do something, ignore the warnings, see some people suffer and just hope that somebody else cleans up without them having to admit any wrongdoing. That’s the essence. And a good many corporate managers are also very progressive in that sense.


      1. Hello Ben, it has been a while, I just could not get into my Blog WP. Have no idea why, I thought, maybe they joined the Anti-American media that supports an idiot in the White House. Well this morning, I post the article you find now on FB and thought I’ll try my WP again and it worked.
        I am truly destraught about the events in Ukraine. 80 years after WWII, when I was born and only knew my father from pictures. I feel terrible for the poor citizens. The only remedy would be to remove Putin and anybody else with his frame of mind and reconstitute or exchange it’s communist people. But that lis a dream. I will read through all your postings in due time. I am glad, I get European news through streaming. The American media is totally political or on the Left except for some that I mention. Be well


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