Sweden is Burning

Multiple Swedish localities were subjected to what appears to be coordinated arson attacks on Monday, as youths set fire to at least 100 cars in and around the city of Gothenburg, the city of Trollhättan further north, Falkenberg and in the capital city of Stockholm. Prime Minister Stefan Lofven described the attacks as “very organized, almost like a military operation.” He said he was “really getting mad” and that “society must react in a tough manner.” No kidding! This is nothing new. Five years ago, for example, Sweden experienced days of rioting, with cars and buildings set ablaze. In early 2016, “Swedish police had to run for safety after being surrounded by an angry mob of migrants,” Express reported, “when they went to rescue a 10-year-old boy, who had allegedly been raped and 22-year-old Alexandra Mezher was stabbed to death by a Somali boy aged 15.” Riots broke out in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood of Stockholm in 2017, CNN reported, with vehicles set on fire. Also last year, a frustrated asylum-seeker embarked on a deadly rampage with a truck, killing or injuring several people.

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Audience de la Merkel


Angela Merkel is hardly ever seen in speaking roles. After her holidays she deigned to speak to a selected audience of people.

The presenter says, “No questions were prepared, no questioners selected.” He must have missed that all media, state media and private media, have already spilled the beans: The people were selected.

One citizen asks, “Why does the EU not market itself and its achievements better? I’m convinced that if we knew more about the EU, we had an easier time to identify with it.” He identifies as an “EU citizen” and complains that the media is only reporting about bad things.

La Merkel: “The first thing is, ‘Do we even have to know what politics does?'” [sorry for “politics does”]

I shit you not.

Next guy wants a “master plan for integration” because he thinks that discussions about borders were just a make-shift remedy and not the way to a “Europe how I can imagine it.”

Before I give the floor to her Highness, I express my discomfort about the repetitive use of the word “integration.” All I hear is “jobs” and “language.” What about not getting the head chopped off for an Islam joke? What about democratic principles?

La Merkel: “Every country in Europe does it differently.” She says that she were talking to Macron and other European politicians. So?!?

Next question: “[Orban has throttled immigration] Is that how we want to go about things in Europe?”

La Merkel: “It is important that those who have come to us, had come legally.” She then talks about UNHCR and registration. In between she drops the lie that we have the obligation to “rescue” people from emergencies on high sea and “to bring them here.” She already throws her net to Africa and Asia. Of course, it isn’t about Iraq and Syria. It never was. Oh, and tomorrow (today) the Nigerian president visits her and, oops, we have a “migration deal” with him. The media did not speak about a Nigeria migration deal so far. And, of course, we must save Africa and all the planet so that people don’t come.

Next. Some guy wants “specialists for the medical sector.”

I don’t know how but she is right back on the EU and that single nations must not make trade deals. At this point I think that she is stupid. Anyway, her answer is *drumroll* socialism.

La Merkel: “The EU ministers for health can come together and decide how many hours are spent on a patient.” Because some countries have better work conditions and payments the governments must “do more.”

The mic is given back to the guy. He notes that the doctors already don’t speak German.

La Merkel: She just fills in anecdotally that in her constituency the doctors are Polish.

A second questioner says that the language barrier is too difficult and that after coaching and bureaucracy the doctors move to the cities.

La Merkel: Along the lines of “many people in the countryside flee.”

Yes, it is the reason why the country goes downhill! The whole country bleeds out!

Okay, enough already. Bullocks.

Daily Mail Discovered that Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Attended Event to Honor Munich Olympic Jihad Terrorists

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Pamela Geller wrote a commentary.

Britain’s Jews are terrified of the prospect of Corbyn being Britain’s next Prime Minister, which has become more likely since Prime Minister Theresa May’s incompetence has reached new levels. Recently the country’s three major Jewish publications ran a joint front page editorial about Corbyn. The three publications called Corbyn an “existential threat” to Britain’s Jewish community and indicated that anti-Semitism in the Labour Party has “flourished” since Corbyn became leader in 2015. The publications also rightfully indicated that Corbyn has “contempt for Jews and Israel.”

Her full op-ed on the Geller Report.

I bet that German media will remain silent.

UK: Most Acid Attacks per Capita in the WORLD



Punishment for violence is mild and weapons to defend oneself are barred. Britain has become the acid capital of the world. Although the idea might have come with immigration, more and more perpetrators today are white Europeans. Cultural enrichment knows no race.

Italy needs soldiers on its streets to stop migrant violence

Three separate brawls in a period of a few hours force Italian soldiers to intervene, with one soldier being attacked. Acts of violence have become increasingly more common in Naples’ Vasto district, Il Giornale reports, and this night there were three incidents of violence in which the soldiers intervention was required. The military personnel were…

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The Abuse of Tommy Robinson – Next Chapter

It is pure 1984 stuff. Robinson has aged in the last two months considerably. This is effectively reducing his lifespan for years and tantamount to a postponed death penalty. Now, he is charged again and for the same “offence.” I did not know that this is possible in the UK. It would be a clear breach of the US Bill of Rights and that fact shows me AGAIN that all important individual rights are ONLY in the American constitution and NOT in the human rights chartas that the left pretends to love so much.

Ezra Levant is organizing crowdfunding for the legal costs. It says a lot when Jews desperately fight for innocent people who are falsely accused of fascism. It shows how deeply depraved the political left has become.

Great Steve Bannon interview