German Greens want anti-austerity Eurogroup head

Yes, we will install a committee that will deliberately try to waste money.

BERLIN (Reuters) – A co-leader of Germany’s Greens, a possible partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s next government, said on Wednesday the next head of the Eurogroup should support a shift away from austerity and toward investment and more fiscal solidarity.

The Greens are set to start exploratory talks next week with Merkel’s conservatives on forming a coalition government that also includes the pro-business, fiscally hawkish Free Democrats (FDP) after an election in September.

Unlike the FDP, who have cautioned against proposals by French President Emmanuel Macron for deeper fiscal integration in the single currency bloc, the Greens support common tax collection and an investment pact within the 19-country euro zone.

In January, Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem will step down as president of the Eurogroup, an informal body that plays a key role in shaping the economic policy of the bloc. The group will vote for a new chairman at a meeting in December.

“The upcoming leadership switch at the Eurogroup should be used as an opportunity for a new start in European fiscal and economic policy,” Greens co-chief Simone Peter said in a statement.

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Suspending The Catalan Parliament, Spain Destroys The EU’s ‘Rule of Law’ Figleaf

It takes a very special kind of chutzpah systematically to assault voters, and drag them from polling booths by their hair, and then say that a low turnout invalidates the vote. That is the shameless position being taken by the Europe wide political Establishment and its corporate media lackeys. This Guardian article illustrates a refinement to this already extreme act of intellectual dishonesty. It states voter turnout was 43%. That ignores the 770,000 votes which were cast but physically confiscated by the police so they could not be counted. They take voter turnout over 50%.

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Austria’s Social Democrats Urge Facebook to Unmask People Behind Smear Campaign

VIENNA (Reuters) – Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern’s Social Democrats asked Facebook to disclose the identities of those behind sites which they say are spreading libel in an attempt to clean up a smear campaign scandal ahead of an election on Oct. 15.

Kern has pledged to get to the bottom of his party’s links to Facebook pages which have made unsusbtantiated allegations against Sebastian Kurz, the head of the main opposition People’s Party, who is leading in polls for the forthcoming parliamentary vote.

The scandal has already cost Kern’s campaign manager his job.

The Social Democrats’ lawyers wrote to Facebook in Ireland on Tuesday saying the group must, according to EU rules, hand over details about users who operate sites showing potentially libellous content about Kern and Kurz.

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Denmark Deploys Army To Deal With The Consequences of Mass Immigration

Skyrocketing terror and crime following increased numbers of migrants and refugees from Islamic countries has seriously depleted police resources. Yet another EU country will see a decrease in its ability to fulfill international military obligations as a result of domestic instability. Rule of law in Denmark is imploding as the police run out of resources. An…

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Palestinian Terrorist Hijacker to Speak About Women’s Rights in EU Parliament

Leila Khaled, a Palestinian woman convicted of terrorism who has continued to advocate violence against Israelis, is slated to speak at the European Parliament about women’s rights.

Khaled, who was invited to Brussels to speak Tuesday by lawmakers representing the far-left Izquierda Unida party from Spain, was arrested by Israeli sky marshals in 1970. She was carrying two grenades while attempting to hijack an El Al flight from Amsterdam with a partner, whom the security officers killed. British authorities released her in exchange for hostages from another hijacking a month after her arrest.

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Islam in Switzerland: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Jihad

What you would never know, from all this hand-wringing about “Islamophobia,” is that only a few weeks before the conference, the country’s media had reported on a popular imam in Biel who, in his sermons, “asked Allah to destroy the enemies of Islam —

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Italian parliament votes to toughen laws against fascist propaganda

Mussolini – Italian politicians fear his return

Italy’s lower house of parliament approved on Tuesday a bill aimed at curbing fascist propaganda, more than 70 years after the death of wartime dictator Benito Mussolini.

The draft law, proposed by the ruling Democratic Party (PD), follows a politically charged summer, with human rights groups warning of growing racism in Italy in the face of mass immigration across the Mediterranean from Africa.

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