Catholic Missionary Guy Pagès Sees His Wikipedia Entry Scrubbed and Twitter Account Threatened

Guy Pagès has a mission that is both ordinary and extraordinary. His call is to save the souls of men for his faith and he specialised in converting Muslims.

This is not only the space where Christian and Muslim culture clash, but where democrats and Social Justice Warriors can lose it.

Leaving Islam is still considered a sin worthy of death by many Muslims, not giving one’s all to rescue souls is a sin worthy of eternal punishment for some Christians.

However, a battlefield of ideas is provided by our cultural framework that we espouse, the field of democracy. Democrats like myself, who are neither Muslim nor Christian, are there to pick a side, the side of impartiality.

Muslims have all the rights in the world to try whatever they can think of to convert the whole country to Islam. The same right, however, must be guaranteed for Christians. The faith with the more convincing ideas may win more followers, and eventually even all. The belief systems may change and adapt in the same way Christianity and Islam have changed in the past, in the long process of their expansion.

As long as both sides abstain from violence that intellectual battle is welcome in the reign of a democracy. Non-violence, however, can only be guaranteed when both sides get their voices heard. This is the point where Social Justice Warriors fail our culture. Today, all battles of ideas are fought over the internet as Guy Pagès correctly acknowledges. Muslims have their presence already there and so does Guy Pagès.

While the Social Justice Warriors take no umbrage with Muslims who try to convert Christians, the legitimacy of  Guy Pagès presence, however, is constantly questioned.

We have now the ludicrous situation that his French Wikipedia entry was deleted while the short English language stub is not. And yet the Social Justice Warriors’ thoroughness must not be underestimated. Twitter has already warned to put ‘restrictions’ on Guy Pagès’ account.

He vows to continue his work against all odds. May the Lord be with him…and with the Muslims.

European Commission Plans to Access Data from Silicon Valley Without Warrants

Andrej Hunko of party DIE LINKE

The European Commission plans to directly access data from Silicon Valley. The US corporations are expected to build specialised centers within the borders of the European Union to hand out user information to the government, reports newspaper Rheinische Post.

Oppositional Socialist party DIE LINKE found out through their parliamentary request that the legal process would be circumvened because the prosecutors would immediately cooperate with the private corporations without proper warrants.

Angela Merkel’s government looks into the legal options to not only request user addresses and the time of each user interaction, but also the very content that is exchanged.

At the start of October ‘Sirius’ the center of police agency Europol will begin its work. They will collect online data provided by the police departments of the member states of the European Union.

The German Federal Office of Investigation, called Bundeskriminalamt, is already talking with Facebook, Google, eBay and Microsoft. A report by the German government says, ‘some operators provide searchable web portals only developed for this purpose’.

Andrej Hunko, member of the council of Europe and of party DIE LINKE, is worried about the government pressure and says, “the companies become henchmen of police and intelligence services.” He demands that state agencies make transparent in which way they surveille clouds and messenger services.

He sees the suspension of the international legal systems to request traffic data and user content as a harsh intrusion into the privacy of communication.


Vehicle Mows Down French Soldiers

Thanks to the Geller Report, I get to hear about the (probable) terror attack in France. I wouldn’t hear from it through German media, a shame! No, it’s disgusting! I don’t want to hear about Donald Trump’s former home being rent out and other yellow press tosh when our European soldiers are attacked and wounded. It’s sickening. Which side is our press actually on? Traitors!

Edit: Today 10th August, they start mentioning it.

The suspect arrested after the attack on soldiers in Levallois-Perret on 9 August was identified.

Born in 1980 and named Hamou B, he resides in the Yvelines zip code 78000 where a search is currently taking place, according to police sources. After several hours of cavalry, a man traveling aboard the vehicle who drove on soldiers in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), wounding six of them, was arrested on 9 August in mid- On the A16 motorway towards Calais, at the commune of Leulinghen-Bernes. According to police sources, the man is called Hamou B, was born in 1980 and lives in Yvelines.

A search is in progress at his home. To escape arrest, the driver hit one or more vehicles, and the police fired several times, according to a judicial source. If the investigators confirm that this was the vehicle that struck the soldiers in Levallois-Perret, they did not confirm at this stage that the driver arrested was indeed the one who overthrew the soldiers. The security forces have been tracking a BMW vehicle since the early morning after fleeing a group of Operation Sentinel soldiers four days after an attempt to attack other soldiers at the tower Eiffel.

Against the backdrop of a strong terrorist threat in France, the government denounced a “deliberate act”, and the anti-terrorist prosecutor seized the investigation.

Poland Bullied to Take in More Migrants

European Union leaders sent out a bullying message to Poland, telling the nation it has one month to accept a certain number of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, or face sanctions. Poland has told the European Union: No more migrants. But the statement has fallen on deaf ears.Poland, the site of President…

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Europe’s Cities Absorb Sharia Law or Just Join anti-Sex League

London Mayor Sadiq Khan banned advertisements that promote “unrealistic expectations of women’s body image and health”. Now Berlin is planning to ban images in which women are portrayed as “beautiful but weak, hysterical, dumb, crazy, naive, or ruled by ….

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Stuck on the Night Shift

Cliff Arroyo on the seeds of mistrust in Polish politics.

Here’s an abbreviated version on the real source of the current problems with judicial reform in Poland. First two bits of background. A parting gift of the communists was an unwieldy electoral system with no practical electoral threshhold. This meant that there was a glut of “pocket parties” in early parliaments until the situation could […]

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Germany wants Europe to suspend prep work for EU-Turkey Customs Union

BERLIN (Reuters) – The German government wants the European Commission to suspend preparatory work on negotiations with Turkey about modernizing the EU-Turkey Customs Union because it would send the “wrong signal”, a draft paper obtained by Reuters showed. The paper also mentioned a number of other measures it would like to see implemented at the […]

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