Are there More Reichsbürger than expected?


If you haven’t paid attention to German news, you have two questions about the headline.

  • What is a Reichsbürger? and
  • How many did I expect?

I’m glad you are asking. Reichsbürger are some bogey right-wing opposition to the German government. Mystery, peddled by our MSM, has it that they believe to live in Prussia before WWI. Yes, right. Why you should care?

Well, there are more Reichsbürger than you thought. The German state of Baden-Wüttemberg had the number down to 650. Now it turns out they are 1,527 (though we are informed that some only qualify as ‘self-administrators’, in German “Selbstverwalter”).

I know the question on the tip of your tongue. Okay, I don’t know what self-administrators are, but better be worried.

28 of the 1,527 dissidents bear weapons.

Yes, weapons. As it turns out legally. However, the German government is collecting guns from people they believe are on the political right, simply based on their mindsets. Since January this year 36 licenses of Reichsbürger have been revoked.

In the entire Federal Republic of Germany 12,000 of these Reichsbürger dare to breathe. Move over, alt-right! You dwarf in comparison! Five percent of them are considered to be ‘extremists’ by the German government.

Sascha Binder, speaker on homeland security affairs and member of left-wing party SPD in German state Baden-Wüttemberg, says: „These numbers show that the movement may not be underestimated. We appreciate the weapon holders be vetted by the authorities.”

So better watch out!


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