Alt-Right And Reichsbürger

The video has one message worth understanding. The alt-right are a few hundred people, a ludicrously small percentage of the population. If you want to know what they think you find some web sites and podcasts. I don’t care. What is fascinating, though, is how fake opposition groups are blown out of proportion to slander all opponents of the left.

In German media we have multiple ‘alt-rights’. There is the ‘Neue Rechte’ who at least are linked to a specific publisher with the name Antaios. At least one can find out what they believe. They don’t, for instance, believe that human beings are divided into ‘races’. They don’t care about race. Then there is the ‘Identitäre’, who are a Greenpeace-style youth protest movement who campaign for deportation of illegal aliens and the preservation of Western culture. It should be no surprise that they also don’t believe in ‘races’. Both groups together constitute even fewer individuals than the alt-right.

The most absurd scare group are the Reichsbürger. The definition changes by the day and so one state Verfassungsschutz after the other assures us that the number is always rising. Yet, they don’t have a twitter account, podcast, or really anything from which you could learn who the hell they are. But be scared!

The group is so ill-defined that we are faced with a compound identity, ‘Reichsbürger and self-administrators’. An eternity ago one of them was said to have shot a policeman who broke into his home to confiscate his gun. This one case is used again and again to explain that we are dealing with a real danger.

Legislature was even changed to allow the confiscation of guns from individuals labelled as Reichsbürger. The German constitution does not protect the rights of the citizens to carry and defend themselves. In many articles we are informed that ‘many’ of them have weapons. The last number I read was in the double digits (yes, fewer than 100).

I have written a half-satirical article about them before. The media is flogging the dead horse forever.

2 thoughts on “Alt-Right And Reichsbürger”

  1. well written! The most deadly weapon of Germany is its handling of political opponents and critics. It is deadly, because if you tell anyone non-German about it, they will drop dead laughing.


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