Is The Kabul Mess The End of A War Or The Start of Another Migration Wave?

The Biden administration and its NATO allies have scrambled out of Afghanistan in the most chaotic and irresponsible way: Weapons fell into the hands of the enemy and, in an attempt to not embarrass the now exiled government, the level of security was misrepresented leaving thousands trapped. During the preparation of the withdrawal no time was spent to identify those who could have moved to other places, non-Western countries, and in the rare cases of highly skilled and highly freedom-oriented individuals, to Western countries. Now, thousands of unknown passengers are transported to Western nations and nobody can identify who is deserving and who merely seeks their financial luck.

Was the war a mistake? After the initial revenge for 9/11 it seems to have grown into one. NGOs and many a military officer saw an opportunity to elevate their status and income. They did not honestly report the (lack of) progress to the citizens at home while more and more money sank into the swamp. Afghanistan was not ready to run its own affairs and won’t be anytime soon. It is a place where small advances can be encouraged, but large civilisational jumps can’t be imposed. The same holds true for immigrant populations. It is not enlightened to expect more of people than they can achieve. The individual can be advanced if he is open to it. Masses of people or entire countries will have to take their time.


Website Indymedia Shut Down and Apartments Raided in German Police Crack Down on Dissenting Voices

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The interior ministry has outlawed the German leg of the Indymedia news network, which was known as linksunten.indymedia.

Since 5:30 this morning police units in the German state of Baden-Württemberg searched multiple private flats. They took laptops and IT gadgets, but also low reach weaponry such as knives, batons, pipes and slingshots.

Minister Thomas de Maizière thanked Verfassungsschutz without which he says the searches wouldn’t have been possible. He adds that the prohibition of the website is aimed at the destruction of the group’s ‘structure’.

The web portal published news, was used to organise protests and unfortunately also to claim responsibility for crimes because of its guaranteed user anonymity. In recent years many of these claims tended to be fake which hints that the Verfassungsschutz could actively be trying to criminalise the group. Some of them, however, have been authentic. There were also cases of doxxing.

When linksunten.indymedia was founded back in 2008, they asked for ‘solidarity, respect and mutual help in the fight for emancipation and autonomy.’ On many occasions throughout this blog I have explicitly shown solidarity with people who I disagree with and will continue to do so in future. I hope for, but don’t expect, solidarity from the left when conservatives are persecuted.

The socialists at WSWS with their explicit inclusion of conservative voices when it comes to civil rights give me hope and so does the jewel of left-wing activism, the ACLU, and former civil rights and free speech attorney Glen Greenwald.

Among others, conservative party AfD asked for the shutdown of the website. It shows how weak conservatism and the understanding of civil rights are in Germany.

Germany can and does disarm her citizenry because it does not abide to the Bill of Rights. Officially free speech is protected. That was also the case in socialist Eastern Germany before the wall came down. In reality, dissenting views are often said “not to be covered by the freedom of speech”.

sources JF DW

Are there More Reichsbürger than expected?


If you haven’t paid attention to German news, you have two questions about the headline.

  • What is a Reichsbürger? and
  • How many did I expect?

I’m glad you are asking. Reichsbürger are some bogey right-wing opposition to the German government. Mystery, peddled by our MSM, has it that they believe to live in Prussia before WWI. Yes, right. Why you should care?

Well, there are more Reichsbürger than you thought. The German state of Baden-Wüttemberg had the number down to 650. Now it turns out they are 1,527 (though we are informed that some only qualify as ‘self-administrators’, in German “Selbstverwalter”).

I know the question on the tip of your tongue. Okay, I don’t know what self-administrators are, but better be worried.

28 of the 1,527 dissidents bear weapons.

Yes, weapons. As it turns out legally. However, the German government is collecting guns from people they believe are on the political right, simply based on their mindsets. Since January this year 36 licenses of Reichsbürger have been revoked.

In the entire Federal Republic of Germany 12,000 of these Reichsbürger dare to breathe. Move over, alt-right! You dwarf in comparison! Five percent of them are considered to be ‘extremists’ by the German government.

Sascha Binder, speaker on homeland security affairs and member of left-wing party SPD in German state Baden-Wüttemberg, says: „These numbers show that the movement may not be underestimated. We appreciate the weapon holders be vetted by the authorities.”

So better watch out!


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