Felidae Author Akif Pirinçci To Appear Again Before Court for “Incitement of Hatred”


On 25th September, the author of cat detective story Felidae, a smashing success that was turned into an animated movie (video above), will be summoned to a court in Dresden. He was already sentenced for the speech in question under §130 StGB in February, but appealed the verdict. He is expected to pay 11.700 Euro in fines.

The “criminal” words were spoken in October 2015 when Pirinçci held a speech at a Pegida rally. The former Muslim spoke of the unorganised refugee accommodations as Muslim trash dumps, he warned of a replacement of the German population, called the 2015 immigration wave ‘invaders’ and ‘future butchers’. Current political leaders were attacked as ‘Gauleiter acting against their own people’. Gauleiter were local Nazi leaders during the Third Reich.

The state persecutor says the phrases are inciting hatred against Muslims who lived already in Germany and those who came to Germany in 2015. The former notion is most obviously false. He also claims that Pirinçci deliberately tried to ‘heat up’ the purported animus against Muslims. Somehow he adds that Pirinçci dismisses the “right” of Muslims to live “as equals in a statist community”. Chills run down my spine. Apparently, communism is a right.

At the Pegida speech Pirinçci described a situation in the German state of Hesse in which a politician of Merkel’s party CDU told a critic of a refugee accommodation that the latter be free to leave Germany. Pirinçci opined that politicians have lost their fear from and respect for the people and as a consequence think they can recommend people to leave if they don’t obey.

Pirinçci added that, if we don’t obey, the authoritarian nature of our politician makes them crave for an alternative to expelling us, ‘but to their dismay the concentration camps are out of business’.

Following the speech, his publisher Bertelsmann stopped selling his hugely successful books, both his political and nonpolitical works (including Felidae).

Source FAZ.NET

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