Jürgen Braun of Conservative Party AfD Charges State Radio Station SWR Because He Minds a Song

Last Saturday at 23:24 p.m. German radio station Dasding/SWR, a proxy of state agency ARD, aired a song which was indexed as ‘a threat to the youth’ by the Federal Agency for the Control of Youth-Threatening Media (German: Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien BPjM).

Both the BPjM and Jürgen Braun claim that it ‘threats violence’. The lyrics of the song ‘Flora remains’ (German: Flora bleibt’) call for the preservation of the notorious socialist hotspot ‘Red Flora’ (German: Rote Flora) in the city of Hamburg. The Red Flora is part of a former theater which is now illegally occupied by autonomous squatters.

The lines that are apparently not “covered by free speech” are ‘you’ll get nothing out of Flora but kicks to your face’, ‘a little rebellion, a little damage’ and ‘woman, man, unite against Germany’!

The song is no direct threat to any individual and would be protected under the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. The law to protect ‘the youth’ is misused against an airing of a song shortly before midnight.

Polls strongly suggest that Jürgen Braun (AfD) will be a member of parliament after the general election.

source JouWatch

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