Blocked From Subreddit r/Germany

I didn’t use Reddit in ages and I just posted yesterday’s video there to seek ways to expand the reach of my content. I got that conversation:

Of course, I cannot ask back where this last dude sees the differences between the US Greens and the German Greens. What I find shocking is that word ‘concern troll’. What the heck is that? I cannot believe that people brush aside objections and ‘fears’ without arguments and rather insult people who raise concerns.

Meanwhile Black Pigeon Speaks has been thrown off Youtube.

I use Youtube as a backup channel, but I hope to build up a more sustainable place at in the meantime. Occasional videos will also be dropped at Bitchute (although it is still buggy) and maybe DTube. My LiveLeak account is broken and their support team is not responding. It’s odious.

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