Thugs Break Into Home of Conservative Politician And Threaten Him With a Knife

The following text is an automatically created translation (google) and I just fixed a bit of it to make it more readable. (original)

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, an AFD member was attacked at home. The front door was broken with its entire frame out of the wall by several hooded men and gunmen. Large stones were thrown in the direction of the AfD member and he was threatened with a knife under “anti-fascist” slogans. In self-defense, he seriously injured one of the perpetrators. State security has already begun investigations, as Yannick Noé reports.

Robbery in the middle of the night – a heavy and a slightly injured

Our party colleague Dennis B. was attacked in the night from Saturday to Sunday at about 2:00 clock by several masked and armed people in their own home. The perpetrators were able to break the door with the door frame out of the wall. Dennis B. was still awake at the time and noticed the noise at his door.

As he entered the hallway, he saw the door ripped open and two large stones flying in his direction, at head height. Subsequently, the perpetrators drew at least one knife and threatened Mr. B. By a quick reaction, he was able to arm himself in self-defense with a knife from the kitchen and thus defend. It was a burglar seriously injured.

State Security investigates

The perpetrators took the flight through the stairwell. Mr. B. was also slightly injured in the incident. The perpetrators, according to Mr. B. it was at least three people, two in the apartment and one in front of the house, are still on the run.

The police investigates for dangerous bodily injury, burglary and threat and violence. The state security has also taken up the investigation, as a politically motivated background from the extreme left-wing spectrum must be examined.

The police confirmed that there was this incident and that investigations were initiated by the state security.

Additional Information from Blogger Jürgen Fritz

The press secretary of the responsible police authority (district police authority Cologne) confirmed to me opposite that a suitable criminal complaint and a corresponding complaint were taken up and investigations for dangerous bodily injury after § 223a StGB are initiated. Furthermore, that the door was broken open and according to information of the attacked stones flown, one of the perpetrators was said to have been armed with a knife and the AFD member was slightly injured. Likewise, the state protection was turned on and determined. Further information does not want to make the police currently for investigation-technical reasons yet.


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