Neo-Nazi Scare – The Numbers

Today Tagesspiegel reports that in the years of 2016 and 2017 a grand total of 20 potentially deadly crimes have been committed by right-wing extremists. About 82 million people lived in Germany in these years. Tagesspiegel calls the list of twenty cases ‘long’.

Of the 20 crimes, one resulted in a dead victim and is listed as a ‘murder’. The case made headlines in October 2016. A person who identifies as ‘Reichsbürger’ (don’t ask – nobody knows what that is) shot a police officer who tried to confiscate his gun. Without knowing the details, the story looked much more like a manslaughter than a murder. Either way, after all this panick about fascism in the last two years, only one dead victim that is attributed to ‘right-wing crime’ puts things into perspective.

On 2nd December 2017, Zeit online reported that 501 ‘neo-Nazis’ have gone ‘underground’. At least that is what the headline said. The body of the text changes ‘neo-Nazis’ quickly to offenders ‘of politically right-wing motive crimes’ (German: “Politisch motivierte Kriminalität – rechts”). ‘Going underground’ changes in the body of the text to being sought by the police. Of the 501 suspects, only 108 are sought for a ‘political crime’. This strikes me as a contradiction. I give it the benefit of the doubt and assume that 108 were sought for crimes to further a political goal, and the others maybe for crimes to finance the political activity.

114 of the criminals are sought for a violent crime.  Only ten are accused of violence in multiple cases. Of the 114, only 23 are believed to have committed violent acts with a political motivation.

To be clear, these 114 violent criminals are only the portion who have not yet been caught. There was a total of 302 violent crimes by politically motivated right-wingers reported so far this year.


2 thoughts on “Neo-Nazi Scare – The Numbers”

  1. Reblogged this on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now and commented:
    This sounds just like the witch hunt in our country, the US. People, who speak against Muslims these days are categorized as ‘RIGHT-WING RADICALS’, because they can see where the countries are going with influx of ISIS AND IMMIGRANTS, who have no intention to assimilate to our culture. I have been called a Nazi just because of voicing my opinion since the reader can see that I am a German native. I have a hard time believing all this BS. We certainly have the best example in America. The Conservatives are called racists, bigotrists, fascists, while all along, it is actually the LEFT who deserves these names.

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