What Is The Green Feces Campaign? #GruenerMist

The Green party is ubiquitous in German life. Public broadcasters are gushing. The corporate media is gushing. Legend has it that they even recycle their bathwater as drinks. And yet polls suggest that they will only win around 20% of the votes in the upcoming general election.

Why bother then? Because the other parties – with the exception of the AfD – are following the same script. It is their policies that will be pushed through, no matter what. They are the equivalent of the AOC-wing of the US Democrats which has driven every concern for the little guy out of their party. We are witnessing a snobbish cult infecting one public institution after the other and leaves behind nothing but empty shells, exclusively answerable to their political whims.

Finally an initiative is propping up info posters in the big city where political education is in dire need: Green Feces, #GruenerMist!


Why AfD’s Björn Höcke Walked Out of The ZDF Interview

Björn Höcke (alternative spelling: Bjoern Hoecke) is the leader of the AfD in the state of Thuringen. Last Sunday he gave an interview to the public broadcaster ZDF. The reporter had not prepared any questions about Thuringen and tried to ambush Mr Hoecke instead. In the end Mr Hoecke walked out and by that he raised the question of the purpose of giving interviews to hostile journalists. The interview itself is insightful, however. I would say: Iconic!

Conservative Politician Alice Weidel Leaves Talk Show

A few days ago Angela Merkel, rarely seen speaking in public, deigned to give an appearance on a “debate” with her “challenger” Martin Schulz. Merkel’s party CDU and Schulz’ party SPD are currently working together on the helm of the government.

There are, however, also some other parties who are not part of the coalition. State channel ZDF invited leading figures of the parties most likely to win seats in the upcoming election for a “debate”.

Oh, and some leaders of the governing parties were also invited. Merkel’s party is technically split into a Bavarian part (CSU) and rest-German part (CDU). In total the government parties had three “discussion” participants in the show. Defence Secretary Ursula v. d. Leyen (CDU), Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) and Andreas Scheuer (CSU).

There were also two proxy party leaders (of “libertarian” party FDP and the Greens) and a woman from the socialist party DIE LINKE. At some point, CSU politician Andreas Scheuer called AfD regional leader Björn Höcke a ‘right-wing radical’. In German that is equivalent to a neo-Nazi.

Alice Weidel of AfD was left with no choice but to leave the show if she didn’t want to sanction the insult against a member of her party. The host said while she left, ‘this is a strange debate culture’.

She then weight in and claimed that Alice Weidel would stage her departure because she would know the turn of the discussion to the topic ‘social equality’ (German: soziale Gerechtigkeit). She opined Weidel had no desire to work on it anyway.

Only the producers of a talk show know what things are said at what time during the well-planned shows (complete with paid audience members). German viewers are not even left in the dark about the fact that the propaganda is entirely orchestrated. The next thing which was to be said was that the gap between rich and poor is too large. Alice Weidel did not play the fiddle the orchestra master handed her.

German Public Broadcasters Demand Tax Raise

Public broadcasters demand that the public broadcasting tax will be raised from 17.50 to 21.00 Euro per month before 2019. They argue with a straight face that this was the only way they could ‘save’ the targeted 2.2 billion Euro until 2024.

The annual budget of German public broadcasters is the largest in the world and amounts to about 8 billion Euro a year.

News blog FAZ.net reports that the heads of the three umbrella agencies responsible for various TV channels, radio stations and websites are planning to formally submit their proposal for the hike in September to the leaders of the German states. The hike is expected to come in steps of about 2% tax raises per year.

Conservative party AfD objects to the proposal because they don’t view German public broadcasting as honest and balanced anyway. The problem, according to AfD, is that the controlling council, the Rundfunkrat, is composed of politicians from larger, more powerful political parties.

Head of the broadcasting commission, called Rundfunkkommission, is Malu Dreyer of left-wing party SPD, who also holds the offices speaker of the upper house of the parliament, prime minister of state Rhineland-Palatinate and head of the administrative council of ZDF. ZDF is not only a large public TV channel but one of the before mentioned three government agencies that constitute German public broadcasting.

Since 2013 AfD have asked for and continue to demand the thorough abolition of the tax.

What is particularly troubling about German public broadcasting is that they viciously protect their copyrights. While private companies in the English-speaking world give away their news material the moment after broadcasting and people are happy to quote public figure on YouTube, Facebook and twitter, videos the production of which is paid by tax payers are technically and legally protected. You hardly find videos of Merkel speaking German on the internet. As a consequence the opposition cannot prove any point. Even the use of logos and images are a big deal. This is all for the purpose of stifling public debate and it works a charm.

source: Jouwatch

My Journalism Career in Germany is Over – Says WDR Reporter Claudia Zimmermann after Slip of the Tongue

source: meedia.de

Claudia Zimmermann

About one and a half years ago Claudia Zimmermann mentioned in a radio show broadcasted in the Netherlands that employees of German public broadcasters such as her employer TV channel WDR are „asked to report pro-government“.

WDR denied her claim and Frau Zimmermann backed off. It did not help her much. She is currently negotiating the terms of her leaving and does not see a future either with broadcasters or publishers any more.

Now that a study is out that selectivly concedes her claim on the matter of reporting about the immigration crisis, she opens up again.

Yes, she had backed off saying there were no direct orders by the government, she admits. However, she adds, “large broadcasters such as ARD (the mother company of WDR) and ZDF are criticised as state television, and in my view that is correct. There is too little criticism of the government. The reason is not that the journalists are bad. The system itself works its way top-down. Senior editors and studio managers take care that critical stories don’t even get aired”

The hiring policies of public broadcasters and the dependency of the regular yet ‘free’ employees already hempered a critical assessment of the government and the migration crisis, she opines.

„If somebody reports critically on problems that have to do with the refugees, he will swifly be cornered as a right-winger [translation note: this means already nothing less than a neo-Nazi]. Still today the problems with the refugees are put into far too positive light“.

Since her radio appearance she was not given any work at WDR. In the 25 years before eight out of ten of her work proposals were greenlighted, she says. That all has changed. She fell into a depression, though she uses the fancy-shmancy word burn-out.

After her slip of the tongue she was ordered to hand in her work proposals to the studio management and not to the editors any more. The excuses for not running her stories ranged from ‘too complicated’, ‘beyond the region WDR is assigned with’ to ‘we have run something similar already’.

WDR denies the claims. She was ‘evidently’ given work. Claudia Zimmermann was allowed to contribute two 30 seconds videos during the course of one and a half years despite submitting suggestions on a weekly basis. Her name was not mentioned to the viewers in both.

Frau Zimmermann who speaks Dutch fluently continues to work in the Netherlands which are still a democracy. She will also publish a book about online brokers titled ‘Terroristen der Finanzmärkte’ which translates to ‘Terrorists of the Financial Markets’. It will be out on 31st of July.

Edit Meanwhile she gave a German-language interview to Russian state media outlet sputniknews.

… and another one with Russia Today

German State TV Channel ZDF has a CNN Moment

This video about the protests surrounding the G20 summmit was shown on ZDF.

And this video shows who attacked whom.

The scene again from above.

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