Pamela Geller Sues Facebook and Demands That Anti-Trust Authorities Step in

In the twentieth century, the US government used anti-trust laws to dismantle US corporations with far less money and infinitely far less power. Never in the history of mankind has such absolute power in the information battle-space been in the hands of so few. If the body politic understood this and the ramifications of inaction, they would be terrified. And rightly so.

Our events, social media pages, are scrubbed, censored and blacklisted. Shouting into the wilderness is not the freedom of speech. Talking to yourself is not freedom of speech.

– Pamela Geller

Every day I received emails from readers and members of my various Facebook groups, asking for help after having been blocked for posting a story or comment that might offend Muslims.

This is America, not Saudi Arabia. Enough.

I am suing.

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) is filing a federal lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, challenging Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) under the First Amendment. In a press release, he AFLC explained that “Section 230 provides immunity from lawsuits to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, thereby permitting these social media giants to engage in government-sanctioned censorship and discriminatory business practices free from legal challenge.” The lawsuit was brought on behalf of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Jihad Watch.

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Google Daughter Youtube Suppressing Political Content

After I reported on Google’s attempt to suppress independent voices here, I have yet to address the behavior of its daughter company YouTube. A number of the video platform’s big stars, probably most famously Dave Rubin, have addressed the issue of politically motivated ‘demonetization’ again and again. YouTube’s business model is to intercept videos with advertisement and let content providers earn a slice of the revenues. The word ‘demonetization’ means that a video is not interrupted with ads even though duration and popularity would pay off. Content providers who upload videos critical of Islam or freakish aspects of the political left, are informed about it. We are not dealing with rumors. Now, YouTube openly says that their censorship efforts are going even beyond that in future.

YouTube works hand in gloves with 15 dubious organisations flagging content and listens to the rage of the (usually left-wing) mob. Among those 15 advisors is the No Hate Speech Movement, a campaign run by the Youth Department of Europe, which belongs to the Council of Europe. In other words it is the Council of Europe, an organisation composed of a slew of Asian despots and members of the European Union, who is telling Google what to hide, de-fund and deface.

Ten founding members (dark green)
 Joined subsequently (green)
 Official candidates (red)
 Observer at the Parliamentary Assembly (yellow)
 Observer at the Committee of Ministers (orange)
 Observer at the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly (brown)

Source map: Wikipdia

As a consequence such videos will no longer be recommended, can no longer be liked and will be kept behind an ‘interstitial’ (whatever that will look like). Since we are talking Google here, they also announced to alter their search to let users end up with what YouTube ‘recommends’ to them.


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Pamela Geller Likely To Fall Victim To YouTube Purge

As I have already reported here, the google daughter YouTube is going rogue, too. First public victim: Pamela Geller.

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