Secret Service Verfassungsschutz Snoops on Conservative Think-Tank ‘Institute for State Politics’

Some people seem to be everywhere at once. Who can say whether Dennis Prager hosts a radio show, writes scholarly books about Judaism or runs the web enterprise ‘PragerU’? He is all and does it all. Likewise father of seven children Götz Kubitschek runs the literature publishing house ‘Antaios’, operates a book retail distribution service, works an organic-food farm and is the editor-in-chief of his own magazine ‘Sezession.’ Secret service ‘Verfassungsschutz’ will now be allowed to tap his private communication and use secret spies against him and his think-tank ‘Institute for State Politics’ (German: Insitut für Staatspolitik). They have classified him now as “right-wing extremist.” And we all know what this means. Nazi-like. But the authoritarians on the left don’t admit what their accusations actually mean and ‘right-wing extremist’ is received by the wider public as “Nazi” when in Reality it is one of these fuzzy proxy-words that are too vague to allow for any defence. Kubitschek’s wife Ellen Kositza even speaks Polish!

Outside of that it is NOT the job of intelligence agencies to create or destroy potential majorities in the electorate. And what is important for people to understand is that human rights violations are acceptable here because Germans, like most of us, fall into a schadenfreude-self-booster fallacy. When somebody is hurt, we hope that he deserved it. Government overreach can be built on the sentiment that everybody has it coming.


German Council on Foreign Relations Wants To Bring Home Former ISIS Fighters

The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) was formed in the image of and is linked to the famous American equivalent of the same name. Sofia Koller, Research Fellow for The Fight Against Terror and The Extremism Prevention, has published an article on ZEIT in which she outlines Germany’s supposed responsibility for the countries nationals who joined ISIS. It should be clear that she is not just a random voice, but a representative of one of the most influential political think tanks of our time and what she has to say is horrendous.

Secret Service Verfassungsschutz Set To Intensify Observation of The AfD

Correction: I say in the video that BND does the external spy control business of a normal secret service. It is actually also a duty of Verfassungsschutz. However, their focus is clearly on thought crimes.
The secret service Verfassungsschutz is a thought-crime-oriented intelligence agency which officially fights extremist thinking. It currently monitors the conservative party AfD as a “Prüffall”; that means based on publicly available information. It is expected that the party will be classified as a ‘Verdachtsfall’ in the coming week, which means that Verfassungsschutz can use secret spies and false identities to obtain information. It makes it also easier to get a warrant from a court to tap their post or telecommunication.

The party’s youth organisation ‘Junge Alternative’ is already a ‘Verdachtsfall.’ The patriotism caucus “Flügel” is even classified as a “Beobachtungsfall.” That means that warrants for intrusive measures are easier to obtain. At the end of this classification ladder a party can be banned as ‘hostile to the constitution.’ But that would require the consent of the Supreme Court and it is very unlikely to be the fate of the AfD anytime soon.

One criteria for such a ban based on ‘hostility against the constitution’ is ‘activities against the idea of an understanding between peoples’ (Art 9 GG (2)). In theory this means that a group or party can be banned if it objects to any foreign ideology and thus destroys the constitution-mandated Kumbaya. Even though a legal ban of the AfD is highly unlikely, an intensified monitoring creates propaganda fodder for people who see the AfD as hostile to the constitution because of their dislike of jihad.

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Merkel’s 89-Points Catalog Against The Far-Right (Episode 2)

Angela Merkel has cobbled together a long list of policies to fight the “far-right”. Of course, this is not about the handful of neo-Nazis who are drunk by lunchtime. Nobody in his right mind cares about them.

The new German fanaticism will be flushed through various ministries. In this episode I will run you through the items that belong to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Defence. Merkel’s goons don’t even shy away from lecturing others about colonialism, which was a fairly mixed period of time with positive and negative aspects.

What Became of … The AfD?

The AfD is in decline. Pollsters see the popular support for the party at under 10%. The reasons are a mix of hostilities, internalised accusations, infighting and more. But as the Phantom of The Opera knows love never dies, it simply fades. While the party is totally consumed with itself they are barely visible from the outside. For one they are muted and ignored by the big media outlets and only granted attention when the big wigs can be sure that it’s negative. But even conservative (video) bloggers and journalists are not talking much about them. We are yawning. The drive has run its course.

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Generation Identity Officially Categorized As Right-Wing Extremists

The secret service agency expands its activity on the Generation Identity. With the new categorization of the group as “right-wing extremists” they are free to install moles within the group and monitor conversations more closely. In the video I speak about the given justification.

The original statement of the Verfassungsschutz:

Former blog posts and videos about secret service agency Verfassungsschutz:

This Is How An Austrian Verfassungsschutz Observation Van Looks Like

Internal Maaßen Speech Leaked


According to information from news agency dpa, Maaßen’s speech was uploaded at October 24 into the file “The Leadership Informs” of the protected area of the Verfassungsschutz’ intranet where it can be read by all employees. From the intelligence service, so it is heard, the controversial contents of the Maaßen speech have been whispered to the outside. The employees of Verfassungsschutz are not allowed to take any (photo) mobile phones into the office, but that is often not really controllable. And it is not possible to prevent someone from copying and passing on the text anyway, according to circles who are familiar with such things.

After an internal speech from Hans-George Maaßen, pro forma still the head of intelligence agency Verfassungsschutz, was leaked to all major news outlets with the exception of the “Research Cooperation NDR WDR Sueddeutsche” that is usually the recepient of leaks from the security apparatus WELT offers the explanation above.

The claim is that the speech is sooooo scandalous that multiple people acted in shock and took photos or started scribbling bits of the content to hand it to the journalists. Meanwhile the entire speech has gone up everywhere, making a joke of the whispering bits theory from “circles who are familiar with such things,” a phrase equally odd in the original (German: “in Kreisen, die sich da auskennen”). So you can judge for yourself if you would have raised an eyebrow and leaked it.

I think that the photo or scribble myth is spread because the speech was probably downloaded and the system takes track records of all (potential) moles. But nobody wants an investigation and the AfD is toothless.

The speech is so scandalized now that Maaßen also loses his new job over it, the newly created position to which he was supposed to be moved. I wonder if you can tell what is wrong with it. I can’t.

P.S. All details about his dismissal in his upcoming book. I hope he knows already that he will write it.

Dear Colleagues,

Today I would like to say goodbye after more than six years. Many goodbyes are planned, for example, if the employment contract is limited or if the pension age is reached, as with our friend Rob, other farewells are not planned and somewhat surprising, as with me.

The leaders of the three parties forming the Federal Government in Germany, Mrs. Merkel, CDU, Mr. Seehofer, CSU, and Mrs. Nahles, SPD, decided on September 23, that I should be replaced as President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. This has ended a government crisis in Germany. The SPD had threatened to break the coalition if I continued in office.

Background of the government crisis was the fact that on 7th September I had questioned the correctness of the reports spread by the media and politicians about right-wing extremist “manhunts” or pogroms in Chemnitz in [an interview with] the largest German newspaper “Bild”. On August 26, 2018, a German had been killed by asylum seekers in Chemnitz. On the same day there were demonstrations in Chemnitz against the refugee policy of the federal government formed by ordinary citizens, but also included right-wing extremists. There were also occasional crimes. On the following day, the following days, it was not the killing crime that was in the attention of the political and media interest, but right-wing extremist manhunts against foreigners. According to the local police, the prosecution, the local press, the prime minister of the state [Saxony] and my staff, these “manhunts” did not take place. They were a fiction.

I have already seen a lot of German media manipulation and Russian disinformation. But the fact that politicians and the media invent freely or at least spread unchecked this “manhunt” misinformation was a new quality of false reporting in Germany. In the following week, I commented to the [tabloid] “Bild”, in just four sentences, that, according to the findings of all relevant security agencies, there were no such far-right “manhunts”.

In the following week, I made clear to the relevant parliamentary committees that a fight against right-wing extremism does not justify inventing right-wing extremist crimes. The media and green [party] and left-wing politicians, who felt found out by me for their false reporting, demanded my dismissal. In my view, this was for radical left-wing forces in the SPD, who from the onset were against forming a coalition with the CDU/CSU, the welcome occasion to provoke a break with this governing coalition. Since I am known in Germany as a critic of an idealistic, naive and left-wing immigration and security policy, this was also an occasion for my political opponents and for some media to push me out of my office.

Due to the decision of the three party leaders, I will give up my office as soon as a successor is appointed. This is expected to be the case in the next few weeks. Federal Interior Minister Seehofer, who was very supportive of me and my position in this political debate and himself received much criticism from the media, would like to keep me as his adviser. Whether and under what conditions this should take place will have to be clarified in detail in the next few weeks. In any case, I can imagine a life outside the civil service, for example in politics or business. I never imagined that the fear of me and of the truth put parts of politics and media in such panic and hysteria that four sentences of mine are sufficient to trigger a government crisis in Germany.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is difficult for me to say goodbye to you after six years. I was very fond of listening to this circle and found a high level of collegiality and solidarity in all meetings and in all discussions. I have found that we have the same goals, share the same values ​​and fight against the same opponents of freedom and democracy. I believe that we have achieved a lot in the last six years. Much for the safety of my country. I have received a lot of support from them in solving our national security problems in recent years, and I have always tried to assist you in your work to make your countries and Europe safer.

I want to thank you for all this. I would also like to thank you for the many personal and friendly moments that I was able to experience. I would be very happy to be able to keep in touch with many of you personally and privately after this time too. Lastly, I would like to express my hope that you and my successor continue the cooperation in an equally intensive partnership.

Moral Clarification: Speech in Representation of the State

The State office of Saxony’s Verfassungsschutz recently fired a man for giving an interview with the TV show Panorama (linked to public broadcaster ARD and ZEIT). The man said that he does not see a need to put the Generation Identity under surveillance. Their forms of protest were exclusively peaceful.

Before I come to explore the actual topic of this article, I want to clarify that the activist group is not surveilled in its entirety. The intelligence service says that it observes some members. From my perspective it is inacceptable to tap phones, read emails, search property and so on from any citizen that is not under criminal investigation. But I also must say that I cannot know every individual of every group. I cannot give a blanket verdict of innocence for any circle of people. Many members of the Generation Identity have been former neo-Nazis. However, I have no doubt that most have genuinely changed their ways. I cannot guarantee for everybody.

In any event, the man was interviewed because Panorama wanted to know how he can combine his job with his membership at the AfD. He spoke as a private citizen and did not give his assessment as a representative of the Verfassungsschutz. If he had given his assessment as a speaker of the agency, his words would have been unacceptable. For Verfassungsschutz Saxony it made no difference and they fired him.

AfD has planned a number of websites so that pupils can anonymously denounce their teachers for taking a partisan position in the classroom. I am always for as much speech as possible, but I must admit that the situation asks me to revisit my view on teaching professionals who work for state schools. In the breaks, before and after class, they can indoctrinate the hell out of their students. However, in the classroom, as an authority and a representative of the state, they cannot speak for or against a political group. Other representatives of the state, like police or military, don’t have that privilege either. If the websites are morally acceptable has a lot to do with how they are run. If the pupils only denounce their teachers and AfD is just asking the principles to take action, there is little to object to (although I believe that no anonymous denouncement will result in any robust action anyway). If the websites were a pillory and the names of the teachers could be read by everybody, this ambition would be an unacceptable scandal.

The left-wing punk band “Feine Sahne Fischfilet” is often criticized for their violent texts. Public broadcaster ZDF wanted to stage a concert with them at the Bauhaus. After protests Bauhaus refused to let the band play. Their reasoning was that there should be no stage for extremist bands. Bauhaus is partly state-funded. In my eyes this makes them a public institution and as such they should not provide a platform based on political views. The violent texts are no imminent threats and should therefore not be a part of the consideration.

At that point it should be clear that I support Muslim teachers who want to wear their veils in class. I don’t see this as speech in representation of the state. This is often the argument from people who try to separate religion and state in Germany. We still have religious instruction as a school subject, so the secularism argument does not fly. No student would mistake the headscarf as a political position that is dispensed with the authority of the state.

Edit: A previous version of this text spoke of rumors about threats to the Bauhaus. The director has denied that left-wing myth since.

Leak: Verfassungsschutz Tipped Police For ISIS Arrest in 2016

A mole at the intelligence agency Verfassungsschutz told Research Cooperation (German: “Rechercheverbund”) NDR/WDR/Sueddeutsche that the secret service could tip two men off. The terror cell was under the command of ISIS leader Abu Mussab al-Almani (†2017). Their plan was vague and revolved around multiple attacks in Germany. It was a far cry from coming to fruition.

The information is probably leaked today for the purpose of making Verfassungsschutz look more relevant than it is. The mutual dependence of the German government and its media is guaranteed by a continues string of deliberately placed intelligence information. The Research Cooperation between the public broadcasters NDR/WDR and the supposedly free-market newspaper Sueddeutsche exists since 2014 officially, but is older than that and had published already the leak on the cooperation of Verfassungsschutz with the American NSA.

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