Watching State Satire Show Extra3

From time to time I do some TV reviews (previous ones here). Today: satire show “extra3” which is aired by public broadcaster NDR.

Presenter Christian Edel begins with “Poorly qualified people have no chance on the job market. Wrong. At Verfassungsschutz they make it right to the top.” He shows the now infamous, controversial Chemnitz video and mimics the mother calling her child back with “Rabbit-cutie, you stay here.” He adds, “And he does it. It is the evidence that right-wing guys still listen to their Fuhrer/leader.”

Around 3:50 he mimics a phone conversation in which Maaßen talks to interior minister Horst Seehofer. The joke is somehow that he did not say to him why he has doubts. Seehofer-side: “Come on, the beginning letter.”

At 5:00 people test Maaßen’s glasses. They say that they see only black and white, and conspiracies everywhere, but not a Hitler salute. The woman says that she questions everything, grabs her hair and wonders whether she were even a German. It is probably a dogwhistle to antisemites.* The loyalty of Jews to their nations has always been questioned.

7:40 “Did Hans-Georg Maaßen try to help Horst Seehofer with his public doubts on the video; in his fight against Angela Merkel? Is it a conspiracy?” The background shows a picture of Maaßen and Seehofer with the words “The Bigot Conspiracy.” Edel continues with “Seehofer has only one goal: tormenting Merkel. I think that has come to be his only purpose in life. Horst Seehofer torments and provokes Merkel whenever he can.”

Seehofer is quoted with, “If I were not a minster, but a private citizen, I might have joined the march [in Chemnitz]”

9:40 A news show is mimicked. The “look and feel” resembles that of the 1930s. They use such a weird movie cut that I don’t even understand what he is saying with these rrrrrrrrrr sounds that were ubiquitous in the 1930s (probably to make up for the low quality of sound recordings by over-emphasizing consonants). Alice Weidel is called “blonde, German AfD girl” using the Southern German/Austrian word for girl (Hitler was Austrian).

At 11:00 Green party politician Katrin Goering-Eckhardt says that “What Mr Maaßen is doing, is usually known from right-wing radicals.” Somehow Seehofer’s laughing is also supposed to be funny.

11:40 Edel asks, “How can Merkel stand him [Seehofer]? I can tell you how. She does not hear him anymore.” She is shown with earmuffs. Dumb people laugh.

12:15 He complains about the internet as such because there were “alternative facts.” Even in America few people know that the trained attorney Kellyanne Conway used the legal term “alternative facts” absolutely correctly the way it was used for many decades. As an example for the dangerous, false information he gives out the supposedly influential theory that Merkel was the daughter of Adolf Hitler. He expands it to make clear that it is really, really a silly theory. He ends with the claim that there really are people who believe that, the extended version with Merkel being bred in vitro from Hitler’s semen after he had a plane crash … .

14:05 A man builds a shelf. He used the manual from the internet, from Breitboard. And, of course, it’s skewed, but the readers of Breitboard still believe that it is straight. Right-wing idiots. Because the father only believes alternative facts from the evil internet, all his reparations at home result in catastrophes. The oven only heats to 30 degree, but he claims that this is healthy as a study from the Texan Trump Institute showed. Then he  removes the breaks from his daughters bike because 10,000 people “liked” a report that says that “breaks are fake news.” Then the daughter asks her father to sign off that he had seen her “felt B” on a school test because she realizes that felt facts are not that bad. The wife has a recipe from website “” and it includes his socks. He eats it.

16:00 Something about a diet that is neither funny nor interesting. It just explains it.

18:20 A factual video is shown that could also run on your local news channel. It talks about village that wanted fewer trucks passing their narrow highstreet and got plastic traffic bollards instead. No intention to make it humorous.

23:00 Edel complains that there were no protests about the banking rescue acts after the financial crash 2007.

23:40 A news ticker begins with not very relevant news items. There is not even an attempt at comedy.

26:00 He sings “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.” It is a miracle, a sign of G-d: German leftists cannot SING! He goes:

“What must happen that you understand. Your game is over. Your time is gone. Do you protect extremists from the constitution? It was meant to be the other way around. You’d do a favor to yourself and to us all, trust in you is gone anyway, no eyesight/understanding, and then we had misunderstood you, yeah sure, quitting seems to be, quitting seems to be the hardest word. It takes one forever to build an airport. The next builds havoc at the G20 summit, the third only makes himself [here comes a portmanteau of the name Horst Seehofer and moron] because politics isn’t his thing. Wowi [the mayor responsible for the airport delay] left late, but he left. Hans-Georg [Maaßen], Olaf [Scholz, finance minister, ???], Horst [Seehofer] stayed. Now, [Social Democrat] Wowi feels like a little fool because since Wowi nobody was like Wowi. You would do yourself and us all a huge favor, trust in you is already gone. You don’t want to know it, but your bottom line is shit. And this is even rounded up. Quitting seems to be, quitting seems to be, the hardest word.”

These people constantly complain about being bullied by others. The lack of self-awareness is palpable. I should add that I like comedy so much that I absolutely enjoy comedians who are usually considered cringy by conservatives. I find Joy Behar funny and I even get that Kathy Griffin makes up for a lot of weak writing with her delivery style. When I say that something is much worse than Michelle Wolf, it means something.

* I have read since that Maaßen is practicing Catholicism. My money is still on a Jewish background.

Audience de la Merkel

Angela Merkel is hardly ever seen in speaking roles. After her holidays she deigned to speak to a selected audience of people.

The presenter says, “No questions were prepared, no questioners selected.” He must have missed that all media, state media and private media, have already spilled the beans: The people were selected.

One citizen asks, “Why does the EU not market itself and its achievements better? I’m convinced that if we knew more about the EU, we had an easier time to identify with it.” He identifies as an “EU citizen” and complains that the media is only reporting about bad things.

La Merkel: “The first thing is, ‘Do we even have to know what politics does?'” [sorry for “politics does”]

I shit you not.

Next guy wants a “master plan for integration” because he thinks that discussions about borders were just a make-shift remedy and not the way to a “Europe how I can imagine it.”

Before I give the floor to her Highness, I express my discomfort about the repetitive use of the word “integration.” All I hear is “jobs” and “language.” What about not getting the head chopped off for an Islam joke? What about democratic principles?

La Merkel: “Every country in Europe does it differently.” She says that she were talking to Macron and other European politicians. So?!?

Next question: “[Orban has throttled immigration] Is that how we want to go about things in Europe?”

La Merkel: “It is important that those who have come to us, had come legally.” She then talks about UNHCR and registration. In between she drops the lie that we have the obligation to “rescue” people from emergencies on high sea and “to bring them here.” She already throws her net to Africa and Asia. Of course, it isn’t about Iraq and Syria. It never was. Oh, and tomorrow (today) the Nigerian president visits her and, oops, we have a “migration deal” with him. The media did not speak about a Nigeria migration deal so far. And, of course, we must save Africa and all the planet so that people don’t come.

Next. Some guy wants “specialists for the medical sector.”

I don’t know how but she is right back on the EU and that single nations must not make trade deals. At this point I think that she is stupid. Anyway, her answer is *drumroll* socialism.

La Merkel: “The EU ministers for health can come together and decide how many hours are spent on a patient.” Because some countries have better work conditions and payments the governments must “do more.”

The mic is given back to the guy. He notes that the doctors already don’t speak German.

La Merkel: She just fills in anecdotally that in her constituency the doctors are Polish.

A second questioner says that the language barrier is too difficult and that after coaching and bureaucracy the doctors move to the cities.

La Merkel: Along the lines of “many people in the countryside flee.”

Yes, it is the reason why the country goes downhill! The whole country bleeds out!

Okay, enough already. Bullocks.


Watching News Show Heute


It is hard to get to German TV ratings, but heute is considered either the first or second most watched news show in Germany. The episode aired yesterday at 7 p.m.. Before the show they gave a preview.

  1. “New uncomfortable challenge for the Putin Trump summit. The US indictment of Russian spies puts pressure on the relationship between Russia an America.” Note how vague the phrases are. There is also no “alleged spies”.
  2. “14th of July. France celebrates her national holiday. Macron promotes a strong Europe.” How is this part of a national holyday?
  3. A German tennis player won Wimbledon.

“After Trump’s controversial appearances on the NATO summit in Brussels and the attacks against British PM Theresa May in London, Europe looks worrysome at the first summit meeting between Trump and Putin.” Europe is presented as a fatherly Big Brother figure that looks and worries and is a human. They don’t quote polls here and nothing before or after the sentence tells us if the Commission, some national leaders, a number of public organizations or whatever expressed these views. What is more interesting is the extremely unnatural pronunciation. Controversial is stressed, attacks and Putin as well. It is not just what is emphasized but also the voice and gesture is unnaturally intense.

“[The meeting is] overshadowed by the US indictment of 12 Russian spies who are believed to have influenced the US election in Trump’s favor.” What does that even mean? Nothing overshadows.  They just want to cram in unsubstantiated speculations about the last election to question the legitimacy of the US presidency. A video starts and begins with the meeting…oh, no, sorry…it is about the presentation of the charges against the alleged spies. I just realize that the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. The topic is not a news topic yet. Of all the things that are going on in the world they chose to broadcast some flimsy chain of talking points that mention the name Trump with things that people don’t like such as indictments, spies, Putin and so on. They also show a Trump statement from his meeting with Theresa May in which he talked about a “rigged witch-hunt”. They translate “rigged” with a word that can mean “inflated” or “exaggerated”. False and purposefully misleading translations are very common on German news. This is a very mild case.

The next topic is about Germany…oh no…sorry…it is about…oh….Donald Trump. They show the protesters in Scotland and remind the viewers that there were also protests in London the day before. “Trump leaves Britain irritated.” The reasoning is also voiced in some newspapers. He scolds and praises the same individuals. Trump might say that May does this well and that poorly. But journalists only know “praise ally” and “demonize foe.” Irritating. The video ends with “In many things Trump and Putin will have different views. What they share is their interest in a weakened Europe.” The psychotic leftist mind-reading aside, Europe is presented as some Big Brother figure again.

On they go to talk about Germany..oh..sorry…I mean France…eh..Trump. France celebrated the 14th July. “[Despite the mishap at the jet show] the military parade has something of a symbolic defiant answer to Donald Trump.” Macron wants an EU army that is not controlled by democratic nations and that is, of course, eh…good. Norbert Roettgen of Merkel’s party CDU seconds that we need this EU army. “Military must be an indispensable component of the European foreign policy.” Stripped off the “German guilt” a German dominated Europe wants to engage in wars again, but this is now good because it does not do it through an evil nation with its democratic structures.

Germany. Finally. Sami A, once the chauffeur of Osama Bin Laden, was deported after years of living in Germany on the doll. Cheers. Oh, wait! A court has ordered that they are not yet through with their procedures. The terrorist’s native country Tunisia is said to practice torture and this spoke against the deportation. Now, the German authorities ask Tunisia to get the man back into a German prison hotel, but the Arabs decided that they rather keep him. No discussion whether the laws should be changed to allow the deportation of violent offenders to countries that allegedly practice torture or the death penalty.

Critics of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer are given the floor. Unsubstantial moaning about “style” whatever that means.

Minute 9:00. UN Migration Pact. “About 250 million people look for a new home according to the UN.” Strange. I heard the problem is solved and, if you still talk about it, you are a “Nazi.” The pact creates “legal perspectives” and wants to coordinate the “fleeing/flight.” The US boycotts it.

“A lot of them flee from Syria.” War doom modus. Assad/Russia/Iran vs Israel “which occupies the Golan heights”. Next stop: Israel and the Gaza strip.

Germany. The environmentalist laws are so extreme that basically every car maker had to manipulate their official emission level statements. Now, Opel is in the crosshairs of the state prosecutor. But instead of admitting that the regulation is too tight, the corporations are scolded. A court has decided that some cars are no longer allowed to drive in the inner city of Stuttgart. The commuters? Fuck them.

Of all the problems to pick from they chose crowded airports for the the last story before the sports section. For some reasons they give a man the floor who wants the security in the hand of the state. “But that would be expensive.” In this case I’m also anti-business. Just abolish it all and crack down on Islam!

I spare us the sports news.

Conservative Politician Alice Weidel Leaves Talk Show

A few days ago Angela Merkel, rarely seen speaking in public, deigned to give an appearance on a “debate” with her “challenger” Martin Schulz. Merkel’s party CDU and Schulz’ party SPD are currently working together on the helm of the government.

There are, however, also some other parties who are not part of the coalition. State channel ZDF invited leading figures of the parties most likely to win seats in the upcoming election for a “debate”.

Oh, and some leaders of the governing parties were also invited. Merkel’s party is technically split into a Bavarian part (CSU) and rest-German part (CDU). In total the government parties had three “discussion” participants in the show. Defence Secretary Ursula v. d. Leyen (CDU), Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) and Andreas Scheuer (CSU).

There were also two proxy party leaders (of “libertarian” party FDP and the Greens) and a woman from the socialist party DIE LINKE. At some point, CSU politician Andreas Scheuer called AfD regional leader Björn Höcke a ‘right-wing radical’. In German that is equivalent to a neo-Nazi.

Alice Weidel of AfD was left with no choice but to leave the show if she didn’t want to sanction the insult against a member of her party. The host said while she left, ‘this is a strange debate culture’.

She then weight in and claimed that Alice Weidel would stage her departure because she would know the turn of the discussion to the topic ‘social equality’ (German: soziale Gerechtigkeit). She opined Weidel had no desire to work on it anyway.

Only the producers of a talk show know what things are said at what time during the well-planned shows (complete with paid audience members). German viewers are not even left in the dark about the fact that the propaganda is entirely orchestrated. The next thing which was to be said was that the gap between rich and poor is too large. Alice Weidel did not play the fiddle the orchestra master handed her.

Bertelsmann’s RTL Tries to Defame All Small News Blogs

Despite the fact that print media is dwindling rapidly and all news services have internet blogs, large corporations and the German state media pretend that they are the arbiters of truth, utterly different from internet sites like The Daily Wire, Breitbart or The Intercept.

Bertelsmann, the biggest publishing corporation in the world, which is largely run by Angela Merkel’s close friend Liz Mohn, has now broadcast a hit piece against all things internet.

The video starts at a Pegida march. The journalists complain that journalists are not liked and ask people for their opinions.

One unidentified man says that the media is aligned with the powerful, the next one says that we are lied to and vital information is withheld from the public like ‘in darkest GDR times’. GDR is short for German Democratic Republic, which was the name of the socialist dictatorship in Eastern Germany.

Where do people get information from if they distrust the media? One gentleman says he gets news every Monday at the protest marches. One man mentions Breitbart and JouWatch.

JouWatch or Journalistenwatch is a news site founded by author Thomas Böhm. Böhm used to work for various mainstream publications such as taz, Tagesspiegel, Stern, Vogue, tip and Zitty. I quote JouWatch regularly on my blog and regard them as a serious source of information.

According to Bertelsmann’s RTL the topics are already problematic: crimes committed by immigrants, dangers of civil war and the looming of Islamisation.

The Bertelsmann report complains that ‘politicians are defamed’, ‘Merkel is seen as the primary enemy of the state’ and it presents some Russian site that I have never seen in my life before that says Martin Schulz’ father was a concentration camp guard. ‘None of it is true’, says the voice from the off. This ‘it’ stretches at least to ‘Merkel is an enemy’. It is even likely to suggest that everything on the internet is untrue.

They then close in on website ‘’, which has 600,000 monthly viewers from Germany and 1.5 million viewers in total. The numbers are wrong. This is the statistics. In TOTAL it only has 200,000 visitors across countries. Few people know the site.

Before the reporter goes undercover to bust this tiny little news blog, they characterize it. The articles ‘try to stir outrage’, which is something the mainstream media apparently can’t be found guilty of.

The site has a category called ‘daily an individual case greets you’ which deals with police reports on crimes committed by immigrants. The Bertelsmann lady says ‘purported crimes committed by immigrants’.

We see her go to a job interview. The drama music is on, the building is called a “student fraternity building” with ‘darkish, cold rooms’; the ‘stucco comes off the wall’.

Editor of the news site is Alexander Höferl, who is also communication director of conservative party FPÖ. He tells the undercover lady that his site aligns with Austria’s FPÖ and Germany’s AfD. In other words, it is a conservative news site.

Bertelsmann runs a mini study on the reporting over the previous fortnight. The result is that:

  • one positive article each on the topics Russia and family
  • three positive articles about AfD
  • two negative articles each on gender mainstreaming and the EU
  • six negative articles about the mainstream media
  • eight negative articles about Islam
  • and a whopping 150 negative articles about immigration

They obviously hand-picked a website that is conservative, but basically very obsessed with one issue. That’s probably the reason why it hardly grabbed my attention and has only 600,000 viewers in Germany.

To the tune of thriller music the lady’s voice says the site ‘creates animus against migrants and competing political parties’. Bear in mind that “serious” media creates animus against Russians, Americans, the Polish, the French, Hungarians, Israel and conservatives.

‘The truth seems to be secondary’, says the lady. As an example she presents a situation where she is confronted with an article that says that apartments in Hamburg are confiscated to accommodate refugees. The article is wrong. There is a law that allows empty flats to be turned over to accommodate refugees, but it was not used at the time.

It is indeed a sloppy mistake. The lady asserts, ‘in professional media there is a duty to only publish what one has checked’. We all see far too many mistakes on your side, girl! The mistake is, however, immaterial because she guns for more and throws her net to catch all the news sources and unzensuriert’s way of fact checking. Alexander Höferl finds an article published on David Berger’s Philosophia Perennis which he believes confirms the information in question.

Dr. David Berger is a well-known author and publisher, who sourced his article with information from the Gatestone Institute. Gatestone sourced to mainstream media outlets, predominantly to newspaper Berliner Zeitung. Both Berger and Gatestone were transparent about their sources.

Finally the lady complains that the news site is aligned with right-wing parties and that it is not ‘objective’. The site does not claim to be objective. Bertelsmann, mainly headed by Angela Merkel’s close friend Liz Mohn, claims to be objective.


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