Amazon Claims Delivery of Conservative Book Takes Months

Video blogger Niklas Lotz has published his first book “Mein Weckruf für Deutschland” (“My Alarm Call For Germany”) already on October 16th and his publisher Heiko Schrang insists that he sent more than enough copies to Amazon’s suppliers. Still the online retailer claims that the delivery would take between one and three months. Is a potentially high position on the bestseller lists a concern?

The threat that Niklas Lotz seems to pose to the left and the reason why he was also temporarily banned from Youtube recently is possibly that he is a representative of a demographic the Left claims: He is around the Greta-Thunberg-generation-Z age. That demographic also dared to show its conservative teeth in the recent state election in Thuringen.



Why AfD’s Björn Höcke Walked Out of The ZDF Interview

Björn Höcke (alternative spelling: Bjoern Hoecke) is the leader of the AfD in the state of Thuringen. Last Sunday he gave an interview to the public broadcaster ZDF. The reporter had not prepared any questions about Thuringen and tried to ambush Mr Hoecke instead. In the end Mr Hoecke walked out and by that he raised the question of the purpose of giving interviews to hostile journalists. The interview itself is insightful, however. I would say: Iconic!

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