Facebook Deleted 150 Accounts of Anti-Covid-Policy Protest ‘Querdenker’

Facebook has removed a whopping 150 accounts because of medical misinformation, hate, an odd violence claim, conspiracy theory, and, of course, for conspiring to do all of this in coordination.

The Stuttgart Riots – A Plausibly Deniable War Game

In the night from Saturday to Sunday hundreds of feral rogues ravaged the city of Stuttgart. Many used baseball bats even though the sport is not popular in Germany. Where did they come from? Did they fight against racism? For the communist revolution? For Allah? For fun? Possibly all of it. Nobody admits to have organised anything, but their actions clearly look orchestrated.

source, plus additional video material (includes the footage used):

vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4, vid5, vid6, vid7


The Stuttgart Sword Murder in The Middle of The Street

A Syrian refugee, oops, cough, a Palestinian from Jordan hacked a man to death in the middle of the street. Many witnesses, including children, were present. It comes with a downside. Photos and video footage are circling the internet causing headaches in newsrooms and the halls of power. Is the current legal situation able to punish citizens who show the negative effects of left-wing policies? Should new legislation be introduced? The Federal Department of Justice are already working on it. The Coalition Treaty has a stronger iron fist against unpretty images already scheduled.

NY Times
Washington Post
Dushan Wegner
Tweet of the State Department in Baden-Württemberg
statement of Justice Minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg
Deutschlandfunk on why they don’t want to report

Court rules that Stuttgart must ban diesel engines from city centre

Everybody talks about discrimination. Yet, what if you happen to be poor and you are still driving a long-living Diesel car? Is disposing old cars more friendly to the environment than the reduction of emissions that we are talking about? Is this messure really about protecting our health or about protecting the car manufacturers? Didn’t Merkel already shell out tax money in 2008 to ensure the disposal of old cars? Since when are German car manufacturers so uncompetitive that such drastic means have become necessary?

An administrative court ruled on Friday in favour of Stuttgart banning old diesel cars to decrease pollution, much to the dismay of the state’s auto industry.

via Court rules that Stuttgart must ban diesel engines from city centre — The Local

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