Street Battle Injured Around 40 Policemen – The Riga Street (Rigaerstraße)

On Saturday, the 2nd November, hooligans, Socialist squatters and “pacifist” protesters attacked the police force in Berlin in a crazy street fight. About forty officers were wounded, cars were burnt, windows smashed, and security guards at a nearby building compound physically attacked. While the German media is occupied with their anti-Trump obsession, the feral communists published details of the violence of which they are more than proud. The squatters were the most aggressive of all participants, but their wounded are in the “one digits.” Looking into the squatting scene, it strikes me that they tend to get away with little to no repercussion most of the time. Moreover, their demands are met by a tiring environment. And because violence pays off and cheap rent contracts plus paid janitors and guards are often its result, it comes as no surprise that demands for open borders are a staple, and particularly so since the year 2012. The most infamous squatter occupation is the Riga Street in Berlin (Rigaerstraße/Rigaerstrasse/Rigaer Street) where the street battle took place.

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