Florida Considers to Ban European Corporation Unilever Over Woke Subsidiary Ben & Jerry’s

On July 19th, Ben & Jerry’s have announced that they would stop selling ice cream in the contested territories of Israel. The product is still available everywhere else in the country allowing residents to boycott it. The move is designed to … yes, well, what actually? It is designed to signal a purpose, a virtue, a moral. Ben & Jerry’s don’t just see themselves as morally superior to Israel, but also to Brazil (homophobic), Europe (xenophobic) and, most of all, America (all of it). Yet, even the kaleidoscope of madness that is their (activist) company website would not cause concern if they were just a wayward little business. They are, however, a node in the cobweb of the emerging ‘woke capitalism’ and a front-runner at that.

Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis stands up against the politisation of our major corporations and aims right at Unilever, the British-Dutch parent company. It is one step of many to reverse a larger trend. Fanatic companies everywhere pressure profit-oriented businesses into activism as well. More and more big brands feign an interest in all kind of left-wing politics. The climate is never cool enough, hate is never controlled well, police is never soft enough and prison times are never too short. Unless you bear the consequences and side effects of the agenda points, you can demand ever more and ever harder policies. The brunt will be borne by smaller businesses.

Ben & Jerry’s also donate to United4Rescue, the activist group operating the “refugee rescue ships” Sea-Eye 4 and Sea-Watch 4. They team up with organizations like ‘Science Based Targets Initiative’ that certify carbon emissions which will eventually establish a red-tape web strangling our economy. And this is the real danger. What looks liked an early hippie idea is likely to sweep away our prosperity if we don’t wake up to it.
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Queer Games Played on Hungary

Last week Hungary passed a law supposed to restrict the exposure of LGBT lobby material to children. It’s application is largely public schools, but Bertelsmann’s TV channel RTL Klub warns already that they were perportedly so scared that they could shift the program schedules of classics such as Harry Potter(?!?) or the sitcom ‘Friends.’

As a reaction the stadion in Munich was planned to be lit in protest garish. Tonight Mayor Dieter Reiter wanted to project the rainbow flag on the hall where the soccer match between the multicultural German team and the brute, yet to be enlightened Huns, eh, Hungarians takes place. That plan was scrapped. The organizer UEFA declined. A first and silent attempt to fight back against the constant politicization of everything all the time.

Street Battle Injured Around 40 Policemen – The Riga Street (Rigaerstraße)

On Saturday, the 2nd November, hooligans, Socialist squatters and “pacifist” protesters attacked the police force in Berlin in a crazy street fight. About forty officers were wounded, cars were burnt, windows smashed, and security guards at a nearby building compound physically attacked. While the German media is occupied with their anti-Trump obsession, the feral communists published details of the violence of which they are more than proud. The squatters were the most aggressive of all participants, but their wounded are in the “one digits.” Looking into the squatting scene, it strikes me that they tend to get away with little to no repercussion most of the time. Moreover, their demands are met by a tiring environment. And because violence pays off and cheap rent contracts plus paid janitors and guards are often its result, it comes as no surprise that demands for open borders are a staple, and particularly so since the year 2012. The most infamous squatter occupation is the Riga Street in Berlin (Rigaerstraße/Rigaerstrasse/Rigaer Street) where the street battle took place.

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