The EU Is Scared of Humor

The EU Commission solicited a report on right-wing extremist’s humour. The writers in charge were Maik Fielitz and Reem Ahmed of the Radicalisation Awareness Network RAN. It isn’t quite clear how they define right-wing extremists, but their enumerations don’t contain Islamists who, as the left is convinced, are ‘conservatives’ that, left to their own devices, would degrade any beautiful desert to a stinking free-market economy. We are no longer looking at ‘backward-looking, stiff and formal’ neo-Nazis, they say. But if it isn’t about all these top-hat, tailcoat skinheads with baseball bats that are abundant in Europe, apparently, who are we looking at? Pepe, of course!

And we look at Saul Alinsky, a ‘civil rights activist,’ who wrote the ‘renowned’ book ‘Rules for Radicals.’ ‘Rules for Radicals’ proposes that humour can be used as a weapon. And while sneering does the trick for the left right now, Alinsky’s idea was supposedly ripped from his innocent and harmless communist intentions and misappropriated to sinister internet memes.



How Political Correctness Eats our Souls

The destruction of Roseanne’s body of work and accomplishment reminded me of how much our society has derailed. I always loved Roseanne. I loved her when she was a liberal, I loved her when she was a kooky and I loved her as a Trump supporter. Virtually everybody who was not a snob had affections for her. She was imperfect and real. Our imperfections were mirrored in hers and she served as a secular redemption machine. Her entire show was circling around this idea that nobody is perfect and everybody will see some jokes fly into his corner.

The old seasons were already very liberal, feminist, pro-gay, pro-diversity. The new episodes introduced a headscarf-wearing neighbor supposed to be built up as a sympathetic character, one cross-dressing grandchild and one mixed-raced grandchild. Some characters were clearly in the Hillary camp.

Roseanne, the creator, has some personal flaws that are a liability in the political discourse. The main one is her penchant for conspiracy theories. She also gets too emotional. At one point she doxxed George Zimmerman, a police officer who was accused of unjustly killing a black man. However, one thing can be said for sure after her decades in the limelight: She is not a racist!

She was a threat because she humanized conservatives. The most successful sitcom had to be pulled off the air; and not just the current season, everything she had ever done. The German TV channel that ran her show (doubled in German) pulled it, too. She became an unperson. The elites decided to destroy her and then latched on a tweet to excuse it.

Ann Coulter quipped on a radio show, “Before we start, I denounce this tweet.” She later explained how ridiculous the group pressure is and that she takes issue with this demand that everybody should denounce this tweet.

“Civil rights activist” Al Sharpton wrote:

“ABC Television has done the right thing by immediately cancelling Roseanne….We are prepared to go to the city Comptrollers to have them drop stocks in media companies that engage in bigotry and racism. We salute the rapid response of ABC but we will continue to look into the hiring and business practices of all that shape public opinion in American culture.” [mistakes in the original]

Al Sharpton once rallied up the Crown Heights riots with the words, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.” And this is the Wikipedia description of what happened after his words:

During the riot black youths looted stores,[38] beat Jews in the street,[38] and clashed with groups of Jews, hurling rocks and bottles at one another[40] after Yankel Rosenbaum, a visiting student from Australia, was stabbed and killed by a member of a mob while some chanted “Kill the Jew”, and “get the Jews out”.

Why is Al Sharpton a media darling and Roseanne is destroyed? Why is hatred against Jews okay while jokes, JOKES, are bigotry? Why does the left have this monopoly on telling everybody what is racist and what isn’t? And why does the left always invoke Hitler when they agree with him on Islam, Jews, regulation, government spending and debt, power aggregation, freedom of speech, the Polish, democracy…where the hell do they even disagree with Hitler?

First of all Roseanne’s tweet was not racist. Secondly, those who differ in judgement should also be heard out. Thirdly, I have nothing against “racist” jokes! Jokes, for Pete’s sake! I remember the turn of the century, the new millennium, when we were all “Nazis” and apparently short of committing a genocide. We were not, of course, but when it comes to political correctness I want to go back to this time. Woody Allen, Fran Drescher, Will and Grace, Seinfeld, one Hollywood product after the other was brimming with Jew jokes. Gay jokes were equally abundant. There were also some naysayers, but, hell, they could be brushed aside. Nobody liked them. We still don’t like them, but for some reason they have come into positions of power, strong enough to destroy our lives!

After the Brexit vote one newspaper after the other said that democracy somehow ended. And I think that was a turning point. Our system means that we agree on a minimal consensus, respect elections, allow debates, guarantee fair legal trials. One side had pulled out of this societal contract. And they are shouting “catch the thief” ever since.

Brexiteers, more than half of the population, became “far-right”, “radical”, “extremist”, “populist” and so on, all just a lousy code for “Nazi”. When Trump was elected, 50% of America was no longer conservative. The “real” conservatives were John McCain and some cucks. Now, 50% of Americans were “Nazis”. And whatever lukewarm efforts were made to show clemency with the voters, the despise was and is always palpable. Say “50% of Muslims …” and you won’t hear the end of it, but 50% of Europeans and Americans are garbage and deserve all scorn, destruction and violence.

And while they mock us for our fear they enjoy scaring us. The original witch-hunts were nothing against this guilty-by-accusation mentality that we see today. For anybody with basic logical skills it is blatantly obvious that they immunised their accusations from the very possibility of correction. Whatever you say, it is what “all Nazis say”. Even a witch that drowned could make people think about their mistaken accusation. A witch could be acquitted, a “Nazi” is guilty forever.

Unfortunately some say, so screw it then, let’s celebrate the real Nazis. That is equally stupid. It is hard for many to think on their own. Neither leftists nor Nazis deserve any kowtow. But I can understand the urge to talk about taboos. Why the hell do we need so many taboos? Some want to talk about “race.” For me it does nothing. I feel neither urge to nor interest in talking about it, but I realize that there are smart ways to discuss “race.”

I don’t agree with Jared Taylor (I believe segregation is not the right way forward), but I respect him. And I think the real soul-eating feature of the left is their black-and-white worldview. You can talk about ethnicity and genes and have a completely different set of ideas from Hitler. You can also not talk about race and have the idea of breeding better human beings. The latter idea will inevitably lead to something like the Holocaust again because you need an iron fist to regulate procreation.

Akif Pirincci’s novel Felidae warned of this. The left tried to ban the book when they found him in apostasy. I doubt that today’s left has the self-awareness to avoid megalomaniac human breeding endeavors. They are so self-righteous that at some point, they could do again what they claim to do “never again.”

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