Art? Band Stages Murder of Conservatives in Music Video

The punk band “Egotronic” made a music video against “Nazis”. Their Nazi characters resemble suspiciously conservative columnist Matthias Matussek and the guests of his last birthday party. They made some mistakes, though. Mario Müller, a member of the Generation Identity, was e.g. replaced with a Martin Sellner name-alike. Still, to the satisfaction of their viewers, you can watch a tramp shooting them while the band sings, “when you defend yourself, the outcry is loud”. Indeed the video illustrates very well what the left understands as “defence” or “resistance”. Pffff…people who think defence were a reaction to offence are reactionary, anyway.

The original video

The Pattern Counter-Protest Foiling Original Protest

Last Saturday Generation Identity was stopped from protesting. A car was burned, a smoke grenade thrown and the police is investigating at least one case of bodily harm. Outside of that the counter-protesters also achieved that the group of about 200 could not walk the streets. They did not even come together. One of the attendants who was stranded at the trainstation was Martin Sellner, the husband of Brittany Pettibone. Sit-ins, strategically placed bikes and human chains blocked the streets. This is not a rare occurence. As far as I can remember we have been normalized to counter-protests stopping the original protests from speaking.

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Generation Identity Officially Categorized As Right-Wing Extremists

The secret service agency expands its activity on the Generation Identity. With the new categorization of the group as “right-wing extremists” they are free to install moles within the group and monitor conversations more closely. In the video I speak about the given justification.

The original statement of the Verfassungsschutz:

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