The Mafia in Germany

On the 26th December a shooting in the Berlin borough of Kreuzberg wounded four men. All of them had been victims and perpetrators at the same time. They were allegedly mafia clan members, settling gambling disputes.

Organised crime isn’t exactly a novel phenomena. Only a few weeks ago we saw another spectacular clash between a chechenyan group and an Arab gang. And heated brawls or shootings are not the only trademark of the newcomers. Their trades are gambling, prostitution, drugs, burglary, human trafficking and racketeering. Up and comers are the Arabs, most notably of the Mhallami tribe, but also the Chechens who develop a stronghold in France as well. Additionally we’ve still got our Balkan burglars, the Polish car theft cartels, the Russians, the Italians and so on.

These traditional ‘mafia’ milieus are usually cut out of an extended family, with a patron on the helm. Their behaviour is largely copied by rocker bands, which conceptually form new, composite tribes such as (allegedly) the Hells Angels, the Banderos, the Bandidos and so on. Whether or not a mafia is bound by blood or by codes, they’ve usually got an internal rules system, a code of honour. They also happen to clash with one another and with the states in which they operate.

Nascent ties are formed with the elites. At the moment the most visible anchor is the protection racket the Arab clans have built around the entire commercial hip hop music industry in the country.

There are three lessons to be learnt. 1) They have absolutely no reason whatsoever to change their ways. 2) They operate and follow the logic of tribal cultures which are the only alternative to nation states. 3) They live fast and furious, have a lot of children and take what they get (r-strategy).

Once Deported Mafia Boss Ibrahim Miri Arrested Again in Germany

After his return from Lebanon mafia boss Ibrahim Miri claims asylum and sues Germany over the supposed illegality of his first deportation. But he is far from being the only criminal Arab clan leader in Germany. We have an epidemic. And while the laws are strictly enforced on conservatives, known gangs and drug dealing hotspots like the Görlitzer Park in Berlin are left alone. But where does the soft treatment come from? Why does the left have policies in their platforms that ease organised crime? Are the JFK connections only a matter of the past? Is the wall racist because Carlo Slim bailed out the New York Times? And wasn’t the Hillary Victory Fund money laundering plot a tad too professional?

New Biker Group Between Hell’s Angels and Sharia

I have reported already here  how Berlin is struggling with Arab-speaking gangs. Now Germany sees the emergence of another racket that is likely to combine extortion, prostituion and drug trafficking with sharia enforcement.

German Muslims have established a self-styled biker gang — modelled on the Hells Angels — aimed at protecting fellow Muslims from the “ever-growing hatred of Islam,” according to Die Welt.

The emergence of the group, which aspires to open chapters in cities and towns across Germany, has alarmed German authorities, who have warned against the growing threat of vigilantism in the country.

Muslim vigilantes enforcing Islamic justice have become increasingly common in Germany. The government’s inability or unwillingness to stop them has led to the rise of anti-Muslim counter-vigilantes. Germany’s BfV intelligence agency, in its latest annual report, warned that an escalating action-reaction cycle could result in open warfare on German streets.


Brutal Clans in Berlin Believed to Be Behind Gold Coin Theft

I already reported on the spectacular theft of a Canadian gold coin weighing 100 kilo from the Bode Museum in Berlin. The police has revealed now that the suspects happens to be a Lebanese Mafia clan frequently clashing with the law.

Martina Lamb, the investigating attorney, says, “we have to assume that we are dealing with a structure of organised criminality sprawling across Arabic clans.”

As newspaper Preussische Allgemeine reports, large areas of drug trafficking, illegal gambling businesses, prostitution, and racketeering in Berlin are committed by only a small number of Arabic-speaking families. Noteworthy is the sheer brutality and criminal activity of these gangs.

Family ties make undercover investigation nearly im possible. Cases that are taken to the courts, threats against victims and witnesses are commonplace. Convictions hardly make a dent because the milieu is highly indifferent to punishments. ‘Jail makes men’ is the code of honour in their circles. Members behind bars are still capable of leading.

Efforts to deport clan members usually fail.

The families usually called Arab or Kurdish-Lebanese by the mainstream media are often in fact so-called Mhallamiye Kurds. The group originated in South Anatolia and migrated to North Lebanon. The state of Lebanon issues special passports to Mhallamiye Kurds (‘Laissez-passer’) which allow them to leave the county and expire after a year. The then stateless individuals settle in other places and since 1982 also increasingly in Germany. Consequently police reports don’t assign them a citizenship either.

Some also came directly from Turkish Anatolia. Because the families speak Arabic they entered the country as faux refugees from the Lybian civil war.

A special investigation group with the name “Ident” has since been founded by the police in Berlin.

Roman Reusch, former head of Berlin’s public prosecution office for young offenders and member of conservative party AfD, calls for a withdrawal of their citizenships.

Another option is to force applicants for welfare services to explain where their other incomes come from. Many clan suspects happen to be on the dole. Such rules, however, are already in place and are met with the claim that Lebanese ‘investors’ would pay for their luxuries. These claims again can only be held up because Turkish and Lebanese agencies deny cooperation with German officials on this matter.

via Brutale Clans, hilfloser Staat — Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung[Unfortunately, they have pulled the article since.]

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