A Loss of Trust And Cohesion – The Disintegration of The West

Ousted social media platform Parler is fighting to get back on track again. California and New York are bleeding out. TVs are turned off in no time. We can no longer share the same space, neither physical nor digital, neither analogue nor vagina monologue. Our societies are falling apart.
At the heart of our shocked disbelief sits the loss of trust. Shall we trust the liars or the BSers? Shall we pay attention to those who lie knowingly or to those who don’t even care about the reality at all? Is it cloudy when a liar spoke of a sunny day? We are bumbling through the mist, bumping into one another in constant collisions and conflicts. After years of discrediting one another we are here. And here isn’t even a location in the mist.

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Germany Has Hardly any Conservatives

The most striking aspect about what is going on in Germany is the preoccupation with the migration crisis. I acknowledge it’s importance. What I can read between the lines, however, is that most Germans who bicker about it are perfectly fine with surveillance, censorship laws, media oligarchy, aggression against opposition and so on.

If the elites can cover up the scope of the migration matter, most ‘conservatives’ will go back to their government cheerleading mode.

Most, of course, don’t even notice that media lies go far beyond the migration issue. Although the border opening had the significience of Gulf War II in exposing the behavior of the media, many believe it is a matter restricted only to their pet issues.

Wrong. During the 2016 US General Election German MSM spread CNN/MSNBC tosh completely unchallenged. If you had watched an event on Youtube with your own eyes and heard what was said with your own ears, German media (and CNN) would tell you rather to believe what they wrote or presented than your own bloody mind (gaslighting). You can shrug off one of such incidents but it was systemic.


As polls showed a people showered with that kind of news, with little access to talk radio, FOX news, breitbart etc, votes for the Democrat candidate at a level of over 90%. That was not only true for Hillary Clinton, but also for Obama, Kerry, Gore and potentially goes back much further.

There is something deeply wrong and it goes beyond the migration crisis. Germans are to blame for it. Any government, even the most unjust regimes, can only thrive on the support of its people. And Germans are complicit.

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