Jihadi Beheads History Teacher in France

Yesterday, a Chechenyan pupil beheaded his history teacher. The murderer was taken aback by the presentation of Charlie Hebdo’s Mohammet portrayal. Apparently, he lived in a microcosm where it was unheard of that, first, this picture exists, and, second, that such pictures are totally unoffensive. It points to our larger cultural crisis in which Muslims and non-Muslims alike fall under the omerta du jour.


Feminist Alice Schwarzer And The Left’s Attitude To Islam

Alice Schwarzer is the best known feminist in Germany. She is one of only few who are granted to speak critically of Islam in the larger public. The story she presents is therefore one of  a supposedly “conservative Islam” and a good “liberal Islam.” She has her own fair share of blind spots. Left-wing Muslims may occasionally turn against the headscarf doctrine, but they are united with their Western comrades in their fight against America. Surprised that the Iranian revolution 1979 brought what it announced to bring, their major concern is still “(neo-)colonialism” and not freedom. A friend of late French authors Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, Schwarzer also fails to see how imposing postmodernism on Islam and weaponizing the faith against the West is the actual left-wing concern about Muslims.

The treated article is now behind a paywall:

Hamed Abdel-Samad Thrown Off Youtube


German State NRW Seeks Reform of Islam School Classes

The Immanuel Kant quote in the German original:
Aufklärung ist der Ausgang des Menschen aus seiner selbstverschuldeten Unmündigkeit. Unmündigkeit ist das Unvermögen, sich seines Verstandes ohne Leitung eines anderen zu bedienen. Selbstverschuldet ist diese Unmündigkeit, wenn die Ursache derselben nicht am Mangel des Verstandes, sondern der Entschließung und des Muthes liegt, sich seiner ohne Leitung eines anderen zu bedienen. Sapere aude! Habe Muth, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen! ist also der Wahlspruch der Aufklärung.

Source for NRW story: https://www.welt.de/regionales/nrw/article194523879/Religionsunterricht-Die-Islam-Verbaende-sollen-entmachtet-werden.html

AfD Man Andreas Winhart Sues Persian-German Comedian Enissa Amani Over Insults


Kai Hafez & When Muslims Lecture Us About Democracy

The referred interview:


The Bertelsmann video.

Opinion: The Borderless Society is a Failure

By Marvin Falz

People who know me, know I like Star Trek. Very much. The old one from the 60s that is. Even in the world of the United Federation of Planets, they have planets, different from each other racially, culturally, psychologically, with military to at least defend themselves at their borders. Okay, we know Kirk, he would often completely dismiss the Prime Directive of non-interference, in cases where he was confronted with societies, which he perceived as stagnant (“The Apple”), or in “The Return of the Archons,” where a computer was implemented – kind of like in “The Apple” – to control society for its own good, providing for the populace, defending them against everyone from the outside, since their social/semi-natural balance is very delicate, its machine-like patterns and routines very easily disrupted. In this regards Kirk pretty much represents messianic America, left ideals, which are to be imposed on society, even if there is objectively no need for it, and the people are against the intrusion of strangers, who know nothing about the culture.

Now, I don’t want to bore you with my knowledge of Star Trek. It’s a highly idealistic TV show, the format of this particular show didn’t allow to elaborate on all facets of societies the Star Trekkers encountered and meddled with, but which is at least truthful enough to also show us the limits of their own ideals. One last glance into Star Trek lore: Memory Alpha, the Memory planet, a database planet, where all knowledge from all Federation member planets was stored, did not have any protection, since protection was “considered inappropriate to its totally academic purpose.” Guess what, “The Lights of Zetar” easily destroyed the whole academic installation on Memory Alpha.

By now, you must already know what I am getting at. With all the news lately, such as ‘banning child marriage in Germany is unconstitutional’ and the ongoing streak of (group) rape by young men from Islamic countries, one wonders if we witness the destruction of our own Memory Alpha. Leftists consider borders inappropriate to their seemingly peaceful purpose. Of course, No-Go-Areas and Sharia-Law are not considered inappropriate, since that is diversity. So now there is a price to pay every day, in all our institutions, life seems to have become a daily war for many of us. And kind of like the different planets in the Federation, the formation of new borders inside of the old national territories, plus the spread of the idea and the efforts to secede in the EU, really show that the high ideals of the Left including diversity and a world without borders, which seems to include all social and moral boundaries, might be unreachable.

Does that take away from my enjoyment of Star Trek? No. I still like the ideals, but I am aware that ideals and reality only come together in a small space of conformity. Which is why the propagation of the New World Religion only knows love without defining what love is, and thus remains on a surface level of meaning and constituting communal cohesion. On the other hand, maybe that is the way to go, though the commitment of so many to religion, world view and attitude they brought with them, tells another story.

Conclusion: The messianic ideology of the Left is a pipe dream, btw. this goes also for all other global movements (mostly religious) with the aim to conform everyone in their system. This already costs us dearly. But – the ideology might work well inside a closed society with strong borders, a deep-seated identity, and an insurmountable feeling of commitment to their own exclusive group. (Kind of like Judaism handles self- and group-identity and the wish of non-Jews to become part of Israel. Conversion is done cautiously, a potential convert has to intensely learn and do Jewishness in a process spanning many years.) Of course they can cultivate connections to other groups. There is nothing inherently bad about a United Federation of Planets, in our reality the United Nations of Earth, connecting diverse nations in a forum in hopes of achieving some sort of unity and worldpeace in the long run. But at this point in time, all the Left does in its haste, has the potential to lead to civil war, even more separation. The Left should really stop doing politics.

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