German Council on Foreign Relations Wants To Bring Home Former ISIS Fighters

The German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) was formed in the image of and is linked to the famous American equivalent of the same name. Sofia Koller, Research Fellow for The Fight Against Terror and The Extremism Prevention, has published an article on ZEIT in which she outlines Germany’s supposed responsibility for the countries nationals who joined ISIS. It should be clear that she is not just a random voice, but a representative of one of the most influential political think tanks of our time and what she has to say is horrendous.


ISIS Struck in Vienna

A man of only 20 years committed a horrifying terror attack in the Austrian capital of Vienna. Two men and two women were murdered, another 22 victims were injured. The attack stands in a long row of Islamic threats and attacks over the past weeks. Many, but not all, touch on the controversy over the depiction of Muhammed. Does the new attack follow that pattern? Maybe. Maybe not. Vienna and the area around the synagogue had been the scene of many Islamist assaults. Two were directly targeting the shul (in 1979 and in 1979). The most recent one, last Thursday, right after the Islamist savagery in Nice, France, happened in a small church. Around 50 Turks entered the Kirche St Anton von Padua and started kicking benches and the pardon box while shouting ‘Allahu akbar’. The police arrived before anything got damaged, but the offenders could flee the scene.

But who is the killer? What is his family? His culture? How is it that even secular families cannot protect their children against Islamism? How can a society protect itself? How can we protect ourselves without losing ourselves? And what are we protecting? Who are we?

German Court Sentences Businessman to Two Years Prison for Trying to Con ISIS

A German court just determined a Syrian refugee was guilty of trying to defraud ISIS — a surprising ruling that seems to indicate the terror group is worthy of the government’s legal protections. The businessman, a hairdresser, was actually sentenced to two years in prison for fraud. The European Union has ruled ISIS a terror…

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Four German ISIS Women are Currently Begging to Return Home

Bildergebnis für German female jihadi

After Iraqi and Syrian forces have led multiple successful campaigns against ISIS, most notably in Raqqa and Mosul, member of the terror group flee in drag (queen costumes) or are caught.

Among the caught are currently four German women begging to get home to their families.

Many lives have been destroyed and the ultimate question is still never asked.

Who is responsible?

That sounds easier at first than it actually is. Wouldn’t you kill for what you belief? If the belief is strong enough? If you believe, for example, that you are physically attacked, wouldn’t you kill? You would!

So who is guilty? The suicide bomber who puts his very being on the line for what he believes or the people who make him believe?

What is with the very people that claim Muslims are under constant oppression, persecution, harrassment and violence by non-Muslims? What is with those who don’t stand up and clarify what is real discrimination and what is a hoax? What is with those that don’t care about the lies that drive some to violence? The truth is that many have blood on their hands. Maybe most of us.

The Migration Debate as Cartoon

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