Britney Spears & How Society Drives Us Crazy

Britney Spears begs the authorities to free her from the controlling conservatorship of her father.
In her court hearing she spoke of forced sterilization, punishments for disobedience and loneliness. The whole world, left and right, wonders now how a woman that has left substance abuse and erratic behavior behind herself long ago and is now a tee-total dry (non-)alcoholic can be deprived of all her basic freedoms in the name of care.

It begs the question how a society that does not intervene in mental illness in the sprawling homeless camps across California and other Liberal places and that turns a blind eye to the BLM rioters, can put a high-functioning, hard-working American into a state of slavery. She is an extreme example of what we see at large: The by-and-large most stable folks are exploited and made feel bonkers by people who are actually crazy and far more dangerous.


Lutheran Church Sends Migrant Rescue Ship Into The Med

Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, the president of the council of the Lutheran Church, has announced that they will purchase and sent a “rescue ship” to the Mediterranean Sea. Various groups of the “civil society” are expected to join in and the Catholic Council of the Bishops has already signalled its support. The step follows a resolution of the Lutheran Church Day. A look at the other passed, not yet materialized, resolutions show the nature of the church today.

Link to the resolutions.

My video explaining the Lutheran Church Day Festival.

My video on the Hambacher Forst Woodland fights.

Ship of Identitäre held in Cyprus, Sri Lankans on board ask for asylum

Following text by Reuters with corrections of my own

Bildergebnis für Identitäre

A ship an anti-migrant group planned to use as part of its campaign to protect Europe’s shores from mass migration has been detained in Cyprus while the status of a group of Sri Lankans on board is being investigated.

Members of the Identarian movement, Identitäre in German, which says it wants to protect Europe’s identity from mass immigration, last week said they had chartered the C-Star which would set sail towards the Libyan coast to monitor NGO ships picking up migrants from the Mediterranean Sea.

But the vessel was impounded en route to Italy in Cyprus, because of conflicting accounts of whether the Sri Lankans were trainees or migrants, several Turkish Cypriot sources said.

Five Sri Lankans on board have since sought asylum, human rights activists said.

At the port of Famagusta, Turkish Cypriot authorities were told that the 20 Sri Lankans had ended their training period and would be returning to Sri Lanka via Ercan airport in northern Cyprus.

But Faika Deniz Pasha, an associate of the Refugee Rights Association in Northern Cyprus told Reuters, that at the airport the Sri Lankans said they had paid money to be taken to Italy.

“They said they were not seamen and had paid something like 10,000 euros,” she said.

Fifteen of them had left, but five said they did not wish to return to Sri Lanka and had asked for asylum, said Pasha, who said she was present at some of the encounters.

The Identarian movement, which calls its project ‘Defend Europe’, disputed that version of accounts.

It said NGOs had approached the trainees and ‘offered them to stay in Europe and apply for asylum, in exchange for promises and money’.

“Fifteen apprentices refused, five accepted this act of bribery and are now making false accusations against the owner of the ship,” it said in a statement.

The trainees were supposed to disembark in Egypt, but it was ‘ultimately impossible’, it said, without stating the reason.

via Far-right group’s ship held in Cyprus, Sri Lankans on board ask for asylum — The Crusader Journal

Lybia Given Money to Stop Migration

Italy demands that NGOs who effectively engage in human trafficking on the Mediterranean Sea should be forced to keep transponder signalling on to allow their location.

Furthermore are their ships expected to operate outside Lybian sea.

The EU is expected to hand 45 million Euro to the barely functioning Lybian government de facto only in control of the nation’s capitol so they can build up a border patrol.

That money will go straight into black accounts.

Italy asks her fellow EU countries to accommodate more refugees and take the ballast from them.

Slowly but surely EU conceives the idea that migrants picked up on sea may be sent back to Lybia and not be accustomed in Italy. However, EU still demands accommodations for refugees built in 3,000 places across Italy.

Umgang mit Mittelmeer-Flüchtlingen: Italien bleibt allein — –

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