Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen Nominated For President of The EU Commission

She is widely respected as the most lethal military leader in post-WWII Germany: Ursula von der Leyen. She has wrecked more troops and men than any man in her position would have. Now she set her eyes and wrecking ball on the leadership of Europe. A woman with balls. Here she comes…

The downing of the Eurofighter jets this week:

The downing of the helicopter this week:

Her nomination:

Death of German Soldiers in Mali Speaks Volumes

A special permission was necessary to allow the machine, a helicopter of the type ‘Tiger,’ to be deployed in the desert with its temperature limit at 42 degrees Celsius and not more. Gao in Mali is known for hard natural conditions: There is the sand brushing against the rotors; the simmering heat, the glazing sun.

As newspaper JF reports there are rumors that political pressure to participate in military missions abroad were mounting. At the same time the model ‘Tiger’ was considered too outlandish to find pilots to fly it. In fact pilots are so scarce that those who can fly are also needed as training personnel for future pilots.

Most annoyingly, however, is that Germany did not discuss the value of such military missions and the proper allocation of our resources. The media silence is again – deafening.


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