The New German Law To Combat Right-Wing Extremism and Hate-Crime

This month the new hate speech law came into effect. I had made already a video on its limited impact because of its collision with the data protection laws (title: Germany’s vapid fight against speech). The user data on the internet remains rather well protected. In this video I’m talking about the changes to the speech laws themselves where had been altered by the new piece of legislation.

Germany’s New Vapid Fight Against Speech

A new data protection bill was accepted by the shared committee of both chambers of the German parliament (Vermittlungsausschuss, consolidation committee). The bill is therefore highly likely to become law. And as all newspaper articles pointed out immediately the effort serves one purpose and one purpose alone: to remove the legal obstacles to another hate speech law.
Fortunately the law will be unpractical for the purpose. in the video I will run you through the details.

The sources are in the description box on Youtube.

ISIS Struck in Vienna

A man of only 20 years committed a horrifying terror attack in the Austrian capital of Vienna. Two men and two women were murdered, another 22 victims were injured. The attack stands in a long row of Islamic threats and attacks over the past weeks. Many, but not all, touch on the controversy over the depiction of Muhammed. Does the new attack follow that pattern? Maybe. Maybe not. Vienna and the area around the synagogue had been the scene of many Islamist assaults. Two were directly targeting the shul (in 1979 and in 1979). The most recent one, last Thursday, right after the Islamist savagery in Nice, France, happened in a small church. Around 50 Turks entered the Kirche St Anton von Padua and started kicking benches and the pardon box while shouting ‘Allahu akbar’. The police arrived before anything got damaged, but the offenders could flee the scene.

But who is the killer? What is his family? His culture? How is it that even secular families cannot protect their children against Islamism? How can a society protect itself? How can we protect ourselves without losing ourselves? And what are we protecting? Who are we?

Activist Kübra Gümüşay Does Not Want To Be Your Cleaner (Ep. 6)

In the sixth episode I explore the weakling side of SJW narcissism. As Kübra Gümüsay presents us with the horror of G-rated nipple free quasi-“nudes” on Twitter, I wonder whether helicopter moms or child neglect in über-large famiiies yield the same result: people who skipped negative feedback for too long. This comes with an overall decline of our culture which drives the return of a long-forgotten, dangerous concept: the Cardinal sins.

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