AfD’s Björn Höcke Gets Home Searched Over Hate Speech Allegation

Police officers made a visit at Björn Höcke’s home. The opposition leader in the parliament of the state of Thuringen is accused of having posted hate on social media. What is there to search in a home when the “crime” is committed on the internet? The officers just want to see if Björn Höcke’s words were his own words and not maybe … Lock, a squirrel! It is a classic example of intimidation and government overreach in Merkel’s “best Germany we ever had.” (note: That was her last election campaign slogan.)


EU Fights “Hate Speech” With Upcoming “Digital Services Act”

The EU is working on a new ledger of legislation to combat “hate speech.” By the end of this week they are expected to present a “Digital Services Act” that is posing potential penalties for non-compliance of something between 6-10% of a company’s turnover. This should concern all of us, no matter where we live, because the clout of the EU market will shape the behaviour of Big Tech everywhere. Additionally, President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen is starting a “Transatlantic AI Agreement,” hoping to reign in the dark magic of AI-driven search results and recommendation systems. Artificial Intelligence is the part of the already highly manipulated algorithms that will always remain a black box for purely technological reasons. The mere idea that there is a something that the EU cannot control is driving the Eurocrats absolutely BONKERS. Ursula von der Leyen has repeatedly stated that she wants Artificial Intelligence and the removal of black boxes from algorithms at the same time. She lacks the knowledge und the humbleness to listen to qualified people to deal with the technological issues she tries to mess with. Hoping that you spread my content as far as possible on as many platforms as possible, I will only say, and say it loud and proud, that this has nothing to do with her gender or Islam.

Merkel’s 89-Points Catalog Against The Far-Right (Episode 4)

Merkel has announced her 89 policies against the right. In this last episode I translate and explain the policies of the ministry of education and a slew of sinecure commissioners.

This is another load of projects and studies that claim to illuminate and combat racism. We have a commissioner for media and culture that is set to sedate the Jews with additional funding for some culture and arts activities. He will also supervise the expansion of a “diversity strategy.” He will also “strengthen media competence” and fight “hate on the web.” A Commissioner for Refugees, Migration and Integration(!) will research the “victim experience.” He will actively communicate (verbatim: “advertise”) the pathways to naturalisation (citizenship). And so on… The remaining points and commissioners are explained in the video.

Singer Herbert Grönemeyer Gives A Love Speech

The notoriously pitchy singer* crawled out of his London gated mansion to screech at the top of his lungs how everybody else should shut up. Critics say, he did not strike quite the right note at his Vienna concert. But then again he never does. Without much ado I let l’artist speak for himself.

*I know, this is rich coming from me.

German Police Harassment Day Against So-Called Hate Speech


Leader of Conservative Party AfD Charged for Hate Speech

Thomas Fischer, former head of Germany’s Supreme Court, takes Alexander Gauland, leader of conservative party AfD, to court for alleged incitement of hatred. The former judge opines that Gauland, who is a doctor of legal studies, must have know that his speech is illegal. Gauland, however, claims that the comments in questions were just made off the cuff.

But what are the horrendous words that should have never been uttered? Gauland said another politician, Mrs Aydan Özoguz of left-wing party SPD, should be disposed of in Anatolia. Özoguz is of Turkish descend.

Mrs Özoguz holds the office of an ‘Integration Minister’. You are probably scratching your head now. Yes, an Integration Minister is disposable and it is outright obscene that such an office had been created, but she surely had the right friends.

The hate speech offense in question is punishable by between three months and five years in prison. Until recently it was more or less a dead paragraph. It includes the wanton prerequisites that the offense must ‘trouble the public’ to be an offense and it must be directed at some groups or individuals who are members of such groups.

For its wantoness the very law can hardly be aligned with the idea of the rule of law. In the past these prerequisites were often used to ditch court cases, but in recent years actual verdicts on the basis of §130 StGB are handed down to alleged “perpetrators” more and more often.

source Jouwatch

Katie Hopkins on the Rubin Report

Dave Rubin has Katie Hopkins on to talk about her life, her work and the current state of Western society. Most shocking is her account on police harassment against her person.

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