Mainstream News Blog paints Volga Germans as Savages

The reason for the disgrace of the ethnic group of the Volga Germans is made out very quickly. Journalist Hans Hütt wastes no time and claims that they are lost for Merkel’s party CDU. They are more likely to vote for conservative party AfD.

Some may contest my description of the Volga Germans as an ethnicity. They are Germans who came to Russia with Catherine the Great and returned to their country of origin after WWII. As a consequence they share many traits of both cultures. Russlanddeutsche, the German name for the group, translates to Russia Germans.

‘Political neglect’, so journalist Hans Hütt, had created social ‘parallel worlds’.

The phrase ‘parallel worlds’ is common in German for ghettos or milieus hardly in touch with the outside world. Conventionally it is reserved for no-go areas or at least very problem-laden circles.

There are many ‘parallel worlds’. Neukölln in Berlin is one, Marxloh in the city of Duisburg is another. They all have in common that they are usually populated by Muslims. I can’t name one single area that can be considered a Volga German ghetto.

Still, we learn about them that they have deep connections with Russia, listen to Russian media and go to Russian supermarkets ‘to procure everything they know from Almaty’, so Hütt. Almaty is a city in Kazakhstan.

The Volga German community cares about its traditions, he says, and doesn’t he sound ever so nice here? Yet, he follows that statement up with, ‘they form their own social spaces of pre-modern living worlds, only with satellite dishes.’ The original sounds as awkward as my translation. Living worlds stands for ways of life. In other words, they are backwards and watch too much TV.

The talk show that he describes is interrupted with a video, a very strange feature of German talk shows, making it perfectly clear that we are spoon-fed with choreographed propaganda.

The video explained that in Volga German families the man is the father and the woman is the mother. I guess, the children are the children.

It is unclear if the article still describes the video or feeds us Hütt’s own opinion, but we should not be surprised that they are not so happy about immigration because ‘studies on the political culture of countries of immigration [I assume that he means the US and the UK] have shown’ that immigration is mostly objected by those who have not ‘arrived at the present time of their new homes’. In other words, immigrants don’t fear untethered immigration because of job competition and cultural changes in their very impoverished neighbourhoods, but because they are not modern enough.

The ‘modernisation of the CDU’ – he means the fact that they don’t care for a single conservative policy anymore – did not earn fans among the Volga Germans.

A question about retirement payments is lost on them anyway, Hütt explains and I must explain that our elites are to tell us what we have to care about. You are not respected as a thinking individual. We are to care about things that result in monetary redistribution and that give more power to the government.

In short, ‘Russia Germans’ are backward TV addicts who vote the wrong party and come from Almaty. Their lower value is the reason why they object to Merkel’s immigration policy. It is also deplorable that their families are not dysfunctional enough.

Such a characterisation of an ethnicity is punishable (§130 StGB) by up to five years in prison, but as Hütt voices the opinion of our elites he has nothing to fear. His very text just twisted a bit to target Muslims can land you in jail.