The Wave (Starring Greta Thunberg)

After Greta Thunberg’s global climate march displayed quite a few obvious totalitarian elements I tried to find out what the famous class room experiment “The (Third) Wave” could tell us about it. Most people have come across the tale because the story of teacher Ron Jones who started a mock fascist movement that went a tad out of hand spawned a large variety of art products such as a novel, a cartoon, a musical, countless theater plays, and probably a lot more. But I did not want to compare the climate freak out with fiction and so I dug into the history of the real experiment and stumbled across a huge fraud. Not only was the project stopped with massive opposition from students and parents, it was also rather an anti-Vietnam war protest attempt of Mr Jones masquerading as an experiment after the fact. He made a second similar attempt a few months later and was ultimately dismissed (because of it – what he denies although it’s obvious). Like many anti-war leftists, Mr Jones is also far from a pacifist, very, very far from it, indeed. My video documents the inner contradictions in detail. The fraud may not tell us much about authoritarianism, but it tells us a good deal about successful leftist propaganda and dishonesty.


Waldsterben – The Return of The Dead Forest From The Living

Germany’s environmentalism had a craze peak in the 1980s when the krauts told everybody that even forests, yes forests, would die. Some areas like the Northeast of the US were partly drawn into the panic, but most parts of the world were not. However, with a fresh new drive the dead forest is rising up again from the kingdom of the living. While particles and acid rain are out, the new causes and effects of Waldsterben is the all-times-endtimes juggernaut climate change. A time to speak about the Greta Thunberg industry and how the UN is a part of it.

Interview with Ulrich Dohle on how we have to rework the forests:
Article about the groups and politicians begging for government intervention:

The Lutheran Church Day Woodstock

The Lutheran Church Day Festival (German: evangelischer Kirchentag) is a hocus pocus new age fair masquerading as Christianity. This year’s sermons were about the refugee crisis, climate change and right-wing populism. The motto ‘What a trust!’. But what trust? Trust in G-d or trust in the state? It is not clear. But if you are not lying passed out in the grass, you probably do it wrong anyway.

My video speaking about the exclusion of the AfD from the festival.

Endtimes Doom Reminds Me of Christian Gospel

I made a little cutting error yesterday, but I decided to post it now anyway.

Because Friday: I Support Greta Thunberg

Do We Have to Pretend That Greta Thunberg And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Were Any Smart?

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