Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Deleting Popular Ex-Muslim’s Arabic Material Critizing Islam

Brother Rashid has a TV show on Al Hayat TV and is a fairly well-known figure in the Arabic-speaking world.

And the censorship goes on … Facebook, Twitter and YouTube officials have been actively deleting popular posts from an ex-Muslim who speaks about the truths of Islam — often, critically.

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Youtube’s Moral Compass

Conservative Tranny Blaire White on YouTube Censorship

YouTube Blocks Pamela Geller From Posting Videos

I have been posting videos to YouTube since 2006 and now, for the first time, I am banned for two weeks. It’s non-stop now – Facebook blocks and bans, Google AdSense permanent disabling my account, Paypal block (a decision that was reversed thanks to you good folks), and YouTube demonetizing my videos. But this is a first. And it’s not just the social media giants – internet filters are banning the site as well.

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Blonde in the Belly of Evil

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James Damore Interview with Stefan Molyneux


Alternatives to Google

Styxhexenhammer666: https://youtu.be/VqX5U5ViRjM

Computing Forever: https://youtu.be/YBu6p5vFMy4

Black Pigeon Speaks: https://youtu.be/AmaM-Mar_oA

Google kicks Gab.ai off Google Play Store

Gab.ai, the social media platform that was built as an alternative to Twitter, was banned on Google’s Play Store Thursday.

The move will make it impossible for users on Android phones and other Android-powered devices to use the app. According to Google Play Support, the app has been suspended and removed from Google Play as a “policy strike because it violates the hate speech policy” with links to the policy in question.

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Statistics Professor Salil Mehta Banned from Google

Statistics professor Salil Mehta, adjunct professor at Columbia and Georgetown who teaches probability and data science and whose work has appeared on this website on numerous prior occasions, was banned by Google on Friday.

What did Salil do to provoke Google? It is not entirely clear, however what is clear is that his repeated attempts at restoring his email, blog and other Google-linked accounts have so far been rejected with a blanket and uniform statement from the search giant.

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