What Became of … The AfD?

The AfD is in decline. Pollsters see the popular support for the party at under 10%. The reasons are a mix of hostilities, internalised accusations, infighting and more. But as the Phantom of The Opera knows love never dies, it simply fades. While the party is totally consumed with itself they are barely visible from the outside. For one they are muted and ignored by the big media outlets and only granted attention when the big wigs can be sure that it’s negative. But even conservative (video) bloggers and journalists are not talking much about them. We are yawning. The drive has run its course.

mentioned Youtube channels:
(Beatrix von Storch, The Whole Picture, Das ganze Bild) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuPigkaCdwWNXFXcIwVLFHg/
(Junge Meinung) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZszVs96K9zWwluInGJB_dQ
(weighted poll number provided by Jürgen Fritz):https://juergenfritz.com/2020/04/19/afd-faellt-unter-10-prozent/
(von der Leyen CO2 spending)https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/eu-unveils-trillion-euro-plan-to-meet-net-zero-carbon-emissions-goal-1.4139737
(mentioned court case)https://www.svz.de/regionales/mecklenburg-vorpommern/AfD-darf-Faschismusvorwurf-gegen-Oldenburg-nicht-wiederholen-id28115567.html


The Pattern Counter-Protest Foiling Original Protest

Last Saturday Generation Identity was stopped from protesting. A car was burned, a smoke grenade thrown and the police is investigating at least one case of bodily harm. Outside of that the counter-protesters also achieved that the group of about 200 could not walk the streets. They did not even come together. One of the attendants who was stranded at the trainstation was Martin Sellner, the husband of Brittany Pettibone. Sit-ins, strategically placed bikes and human chains blocked the streets. This is not a rare occurence. As far as I can remember we have been normalized to counter-protests stopping the original protests from speaking.

Main source:


Media Military Complex – The Case Georg Restle

Not long ago a local politician was murdered after he made the outrageous comment that whoever does not agree with his “values” should leave the country. One should think that his death would scare off the elites from stoking the flames more and more, but the exact opposite is the case. His death showed how valuable uncontrolled right-wingers losing their cool are to the left-wing cause. Georg Restle dares a lot to collect more death threats in a propaganda effort to portray conservatives as dangerous loons who must be suppressed by all means.

Generation Identity Officially Categorized As Right-Wing Extremists

The secret service agency expands its activity on the Generation Identity. With the new categorization of the group as “right-wing extremists” they are free to install moles within the group and monitor conversations more closely. In the video I speak about the given justification.

The original statement of the Verfassungsschutz:

Former blog posts and videos about secret service agency Verfassungsschutz:

Everything You Must Know About Merkel’s Harvard Address

The commented speech can be found here:

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