Poland Leaves The Feminist Istanbul Convention – I Read The Treaty

Poland is leaving the feminist Istanbul Convention. The country argues about the convention. I join in and read the treaty in 9 videos. It is possible that the EU may ascend the convention which could come with sanctions for countries that don’t oblige. As of today the Istanbul Convention has not been ratified by EU members Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, and Slovakia. East Europe is currently also battled by the Eurocrats for keeping some of their departments free of leaflets that advertise for queer pressure group talking points. Some Polish cities are currently cut out of EU city partnership programs because of that.

I don’t want to discuss the queer policy wars in this series, though.

Episode 1: The Preamble

Today, I run you through the Preamble of the feminist Istanbul Convention.

Episode 2: Chapter I

In Chapter I it becomes clearer how the pretext of violence prevention is used to usher through a whole baggage of ideological policy goals “against discrimination” and for the “empowerment of women.” It should be no surprise that violence is redefined to include obscure concepts like psychological and even “economic” violence. The self-righteousness is so epic that the treaty does not even shy away from suggesting constitutional changes.

Episode 3: Chapter II

Turkey is now also considering the exit. While many points touched, not tackled, in the treaty are still a considerable problem in Turkey, and much more so than in Poland, the vagueness and the focus of the treaty shows why other approaches are more effective. I read Chapter II which shows how the Council of Europe bundled its energy for the purpose of channelling money into feminist groups, sinecure offices and newly established bureaucracy.

I mention a previous video on the NGO funding through the German state. Additionally, you can see where such money probably turns up again in “chaz”-like autonomous areas like Rigaerstraße or Connewitz in my videos on Rigaerstraße and Connewitz.

Episode 4: Chapter III

Today I read chapter III which lines out the propaganda efforts from education over public to private media. All areas of life have to be mobilised for the eradication of all violence to the last case.

Episode 5: Chapter IV

Hotlines, battered woman shelters, trauma support, the wheel must be reinvented. The ladies touched a lot of issues that have already been solved. Yes, a legal system does exist and, yes, despite Black Lives Matter, a police force also does exist.

Episode 6: Chapter V

I read Chapter V which “solves” all the problems of Islam. For whatever reason feminists believe that committees, sinecure offices and tax payer money are what heals the wounds. It also “solves” all the problems, you thought, were already solved. Yes, it should be illegal to threaten people and countries should criminalise physical violence.

Episode 7: Chapter VI

Episode 8: Chapter VII

In this episode I read Chapter VII which deals with all matters of migration and asylum. Of course, barely any elitist writing comes without migration support these days. Even the ostensible topic ‘violence against women’ seems to offer a stage for that issue.

Episode 9: Chapter VIII To End

I run through the rest of the Istanbul Convention. It seeks to establish GREVIO the “Group of experts on action against violence against women and domestic violence.” It is selected by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and the obscure “expertise” is supposedly based on the sheer divinely supremacy of their pristine virtues.


The Diversity Questionaire of The Movie Subsidy Office of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein

Hollyweird is a SJW cult. True. They have hijacked brands and franchises and they squeeze the last bit of fun out of beloved characters and ideas. But the professionals in L.A. do it voluntarily. They exploit and plunder what their elders had left them. As dire as this image is it could be worse.

Cut to Germany: For decades everybody with a thought of his own has been shouted off the stages. The theatres and microphones are under the firm control of the mediocre. Barely anything of value is produced and the entire industry is uncommercial. They cannot stand international competition, but that does not mean they would not compete at all. They have to be accepted in the circle of the cult, and for that they need to produce content and raise funding. #Arts in Germany today is dependent on government #subsidies.

This year the movie subsidy office of the city state of Hamburg and the state of Schleswig-Holstein have compiled a mandatory application form for the inclusion of the inclusively included inclues, the diverse and multisexual. I run you through the questionaire so that you, too, can raise government funds to produce #propaganda garbage one day. Maybe you’ll be lucky and your work gets aired on the public broadcasters *gush*.

The download links:

Activist Kübra Gümüsay Does Not Want To Be Your Cleaner (Ep 7, The Definition of Democracy)

With so much things going on, too much to research right now, continue with my series on Kübra Gümüsay, the activist who does not want to be your cleaner.

Our favorite social justice warrior is sharing her insight on freedom, democracy, justice and nice. Because all these things are now one and the same and mean gay marriage, Islam or migration, it is a chance to talk about that sly shift of meaning. Also the villain of our self-governing system, racism, has a definition journey behind itself. Originating in pseudo-genetics it has arrived at today’s system-rattling Halloween-costume and accent-recognition trauma that we are familiar with.

The Nature of Nature

Multiple German farmers, interest groups and hunters have signed a plea (German here: Aktionsplan) that they want to do something about the return of the wolf. If you are backward and remember something, you might remember the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. Germany used to have a wildlife that included wolves and they ate men. Now, you know that. The question is: Does the left know that? And, of course, they don’t. We are protecting the earth now and the wolf is shy when he sees men. The shyness thing was at least true for the gene manipulation that dominated the German population after gun powder and gun use became a stable in Germany. It is not so much true for the wolves in Russia and India and elsewhere that just keep eating men. And quite often.

I feel reminded of a green success in Africa. It’s a long while ago that I read it, so I report from my memory. Environmentalists were enthusiastic that in one African region the lion population was growing healthily. These backward locals were not so happy about it. Why? A small group of lions had specialized in hunting men. The locals and the environmentalists were lucky and the family tree that showed the unusual eating habits had some fur markers and could eventually be taken out of the population. But …. who would have thought…I mean…aren’t they fluffy?

A few years back a bear appeared in Bavaria. It was just one bear and the media was all over it. Finally, the return of the bear. A great success for wildlife enthusiasts. Wonderful. Cheering. Then a local here and a local there saw the bear. Even Germans figured at some point, hm, yes, a bear. They decided to shoot it.

What this shows is that the gender-bending, urban left idealizes nature. Anabel Schunke, the video blogger in the German-language video above, has found some interesting explanation. She reports a number of observations that reflect the emasculation of Western society, hammering down on the point that also woke me up to the gender question: the Cologne New Year’s Eve mass rape… shouldn’t it have been a mass brawl?

I wrote about mass brawls yesterday. I just slip in one of today. In Dortmund 15 police officers have been wounded in an attack by masked assailants. The fray happened during a music festival. 80 suspects were arrested. Not eight. Eighty. Flashback to Cologne 2015/2016: No man got into a fight during the Cologne mass rapes. Chances are that we are speaking of men from different cultures. Wink wink.

The lowest point of the unnatural Western emasculation that I’ve seen so far is the story of Karsten Nordal Hauken. The Norwegian politician describes himself as a ‘young Socialist Left Party member, feminist and anti-racist’. After he was raped in the bum by a Somali asylum seeker, he “self-medicated” his depression with alcohol and cannabis. When he learnt that his rapist would be deported, he had a “strong feeling of guilt and responsibility.”

Schunke concludes her analogous line of thought with: I can see already who will win! The buff Muslims or the meek Germans? I can also see it. Who has the balls to win the fight? Not just the fists, the balls, the fists and the balls. She grins a lot when she conveys her observations. And she shows compassion for the German male. They have little to win defending women. Feminists have created a breed of ingrates. But they have to lose job, money, reputation. She understands. These rowdies don’t have something to lose. So she is a bit unsafe. She rests with a grin.

This pretty lady is still solo. Young men don’t just have a problem with their fists, right? There is also a problem with the balls. Not only does the sperm count go down and the testosterone level even faster, they don’t hang around.  I don’t mean their penises. They do hang. I mean, they are unlikely to support a family over the long run. There is no interest in protection and marriage has been damaged over the decades. The job situation is more than unstable, requiring both to work to pay the rent, insurances, taxes and the very basics. But there is the luxury of smartphones enjoyed in childless, single-room, single-life apartments.

Is it possible that we have degenerated like a pet, a dog, a cat, or a rabbit that was just bred into something too remote from its wild origin? We don’t recognize our genitals anymore and don’t know what animals would eat us. And the more politically insane Westerners are the less they are connected with nature. They eat pressed tofu schnitzels and have sex outside marria…let’s get real…they do something that they call sex. Still they have this urge to protect nature, find their roots again in most absurd terms. Now, plastic is going to be forbidden Europe-wide because of the – at most – ten percent of garbage in the oceans that originated from Europe. Nature.

And finally Anabel Schunke connects the dots for me, the line from nature exasperation to the noble savage syndrome. I mean Muslims, Native Americans, and blacks. The left does not look at them as equals. They are voting chattel, eternal victim and exotic fantasy. The actual contact with these people is minimal despite the local proximity. Green party leader Katrin Goering-Eckhard called refugees “a gift” and exclaimed that “yes, there will be change and I’m looking forward to it.” It didn’t quite help the urgency myth, but it exposed the nature of the left, or their desire to reconcile with nature. Blacks, Native Americans, Muslims, how are they nature? I’m painting with a broad brush on purpose and you must not say it, because it’s “racist”, but they are all closer to nature than … cough … to (white) Western culture. Test it! Go to a Muslim, an African-American or a Native American and ask him whether he really thinks that he’s a man! If you, dear reader, happen to be a Green party voter, pose the same question to a bear!

Now, who still thinks that Roseanne is racist? Today there is also some faux outrage about Alexander Gauland. No, he is not an anti-Semite. The story is even too stupid to bore you and me with it. The outrage machine goes on. There was a time when Ayn Rand called more basic cultures “savages”. It was decried then, but the machine was not strong enough to threaten anybody. Rand prevailed and, hopefully, so will we.


Cartoon: Gender Is a Media Construct


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