Countering The Vaccine Mandate Arguments

As Europe boils over in the face of aggressive anti-Covid policies, more and more nations add pain to injury and roll out vaccine mandates. Olaf Scholz, the prospective Chancellor of Germany, has already stated his support for this. But what are the justifications for it? How do unvaccinated people affect others? And more importantly are these externalities, the effects of the citizens’ decisions on others, big enough to warrant government interference? In my video I look at the heart of the controversy.

The study I focus on:


Orwellian Baby Talk – Are We Getting Dumber?

Hate, fear, worry … Basic human characteristics are used as a basis for a newspeak that makes us dumber. Our thinkiing relies on our conceptualization of the world. Instead of slander, threats and insults, we can only recoil from hate speech. The German citizen is dismayed as an “anger-citizen” or a “worried citizen”, the American as a “deplorable.” It is bad enough that our politicians seem to condition us to a language that a toddler could come up with, but society in general is trying to eschew “negativity”. Is this infantilisation? Are we getting dumber?

California Shul Shooting: Right-Wing Versus Muslim Terror


SHUL SHOOTING ATTACK IN CALIFORNIA: Woman Killed, Rabbi and 2 Others Wounded at Chabad of Poway [UPDATED]

The channel of Dr Edward Dutton:

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