Poland Descends into an Authoritarian Regime – says German Media


For many Polish this is no news. The left claims justice reform will bring doomsday and state TV dismissals are a sign for an ‘authoritarian state’.

Sadly, it will also not surprise many Polish either that Germans have little to say about the claims. Yet, since all media is on the left, the charges voiced by the Polish left are taken for granted.

The media doesn’t even explain enough of the impending danger to allow the reader a fair assessment. Longer texts are hidden behind paywalls. If it was critical for them to get information out, that wouldn’t be the case.

Why is it a good idea to remain in the EU with an authoritarian state? To cover up the descrepency between the call to fight a dictatorship and the mandate to closely cooperate with one, we are taught some doublethink.

Poland is not going to be a dictatorship but an authoritarian state. The difference is that the first cannot be partnered with while the second can. Given the hysteria we witness, the difference does not lie in the human rights thingy. It is more … how dare you question Brussels, you authoritarian!

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