AfD’s Björn Höcke Gets Home Searched Over Hate Speech Allegation

Police officers made a visit at Björn Höcke’s home. The opposition leader in the parliament of the state of Thuringen is accused of having posted hate on social media. What is there to search in a home when the “crime” is committed on the internet? The officers just want to see if Björn Höcke’s words were his own words and not maybe … Lock, a squirrel! It is a classic example of intimidation and government overreach in Merkel’s “best Germany we ever had.” (note: That was her last election campaign slogan.)


US Coast Guards to Put up with ever Bigger Drug Influx

In 2016, the Coast Guard seized a record 45,000 pounds of cocaine with an estimated value of $6 billion, intercepted almost 7,000 people trying to enter the US illegally, and stopped a record-breaking six narco submarines. Coast Guard officials told The New York Times this week that their seizures helped bring about the extradition of…

über Coast Guard officials say they’re struggling to keep up with the drugs flowing to the US — Military

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