Florida Considers to Ban European Corporation Unilever Over Woke Subsidiary Ben & Jerry’s

On July 19th, Ben & Jerry’s have announced that they would stop selling ice cream in the contested territories of Israel. The product is still available everywhere else in the country allowing residents to boycott it. The move is designed to … yes, well, what actually? It is designed to signal a purpose, a virtue, a moral. Ben & Jerry’s don’t just see themselves as morally superior to Israel, but also to Brazil (homophobic), Europe (xenophobic) and, most of all, America (all of it). Yet, even the kaleidoscope of madness that is their (activist) company website would not cause concern if they were just a wayward little business. They are, however, a node in the cobweb of the emerging ‘woke capitalism’ and a front-runner at that.

Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis stands up against the politisation of our major corporations and aims right at Unilever, the British-Dutch parent company. It is one step of many to reverse a larger trend. Fanatic companies everywhere pressure profit-oriented businesses into activism as well. More and more big brands feign an interest in all kind of left-wing politics. The climate is never cool enough, hate is never controlled well, police is never soft enough and prison times are never too short. Unless you bear the consequences and side effects of the agenda points, you can demand ever more and ever harder policies. The brunt will be borne by smaller businesses.

Ben & Jerry’s also donate to United4Rescue, the activist group operating the “refugee rescue ships” Sea-Eye 4 and Sea-Watch 4. They team up with organizations like ‘Science Based Targets Initiative’ that certify carbon emissions which will eventually establish a red-tape web strangling our economy. And this is the real danger. What looks liked an early hippie idea is likely to sweep away our prosperity if we don’t wake up to it.
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The Racism Allegations Against Soccer Club President Clemens Toennis


Clemens Tönnies is a successful businessman and the president of one of Germany’s wokest soccer clubs. In a speech the entrepreneur, who became a billionaire with meat factories, explained how CO2 reduction does not have to start and end with hempering the meat industry. The left argues that …racism, you bigot! Tönnies mentioned that power plants in Africa would probably do more to end deforestation, population growth and their damages to the environment than the symbolic, devastating Green policies in Germany. My only gripe is that he apologized. Few people even dare to explore the idea that a lack of electricity and power blackouts could be connected to spikes in child births.

audio of the speech, e.g. here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6mJeSNu5IE
Snopes’ claim: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/from-here-to-maternity/
The preliminary study of Alfredo Burlando at the university of Oregon: https://pages.uoregon.edu/burlando/Current_Research_files/BurlandoZanzFertility%209-3-12.pdf
The Soviet comrad court described by a former citizen: https://simplyjews.blogspot.com/2017/11/comrade-court-bit-of-history.html

Waldsterben – The Return of The Dead Forest From The Living

Germany’s environmentalism had a craze peak in the 1980s when the krauts told everybody that even forests, yes forests, would die. Some areas like the Northeast of the US were partly drawn into the panic, but most parts of the world were not. However, with a fresh new drive the dead forest is rising up again from the kingdom of the living. While particles and acid rain are out, the new causes and effects of Waldsterben is the all-times-endtimes juggernaut climate change. A time to speak about the Greta Thunberg industry and how the UN is a part of it.

Interview with Ulrich Dohle on how we have to rework the forests:
Article about the groups and politicians begging for government intervention:

Jana Hensel And Her Understanding of Democracy

The Erich Honecker bathwater-drinking article:
Her most recent piece:

Her bathwater-guzzling interview with Angela Merkel:

I pronounced her surname wrongly throughout the entire video. Of course, I do not apologize.

Take the Climate Challenge (rclutz.wordpress.com)

Climate alarmism, easily debunked by simple statistics. The weather was more extreme in the past, therefore claims of global warming/climate change are either wrong, because the facts are ignored, or they’re blatant lies.

Science Matters

Last night PBS aired the most impressive presentation yet of “Official” climate doctrine. I don’t say “science” because it mounts a powerful advocacy for a particular viewpoint and entertains no alternative perspectives. The broadcast is extremely well crafted with great imagery, crisp sound bite dialogue and sincere acting.

With all the invested effort, talent and expense, it is probably the strongest yet Blue Team argument for climate alarm and against fossil fuel consumption. As such we can expect that large audiences of impressionable people of all ages will be exposed to it. It behooves anyone who stands on skeptical ground, who wants to hold that position, to study what is asserted and decide what points are acceptable and what claims are disputed.

The telecast will be repeatedly aired this month on NOVA on US PBS stations. The website apparently blocks viewing in foreign countries, but the transcript is available and…

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Al Gore speaks the truth … sort of

All of it is felt most keenly by the world’s most disadvantaged people, […]” said Al Gore during his live broadcast on Tuesday, 12.4.18. Of course, he meant the most disadvantaged people of the world feel climate change  most keenly, but he didn’t say why: laws on climate change which set up a system of prohibitions to “protect” the environment and keep manmade CO2-levels low, which make it harder for the most disadvantaged people to earn a living without having to resort to any support of the welfare state, while at the same time enabling a system of financial support of “sustainability” via taxes like the Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG) in Germany. Or the UK Climate Change Act, its costs rising steadily -according to official figures presented by the Global Warming Policy Foundation – “from £327 per household per year in 2014, to £875 in 2030.”

If you take a look at different states worldwide which have adopted laws on climate change, you will notice that in all these states energy costs are constantly rising. It’s a vicious circle: rising energy costs increase fuel poverty, more and more people have no other option but to use bicycles and public transportation, the costs of expanding and maintaining public transportation also being on the rise, until even public transportation is too costly for the most disadvantaged people. You can see where this is going.

This is why “all of it is felt most keenly by the world’s most disadvantaged people.” This is why decarbonisation and degrowth of the economies of the world isn’t the solution, it is the problem. This is also what Al Gore and people of his ilk won’t tell you on purpose.

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